Yi Yuxiao smiled and said, "In fact, it’s nothing strange. If Innocent is just an insignificant person in his heart and not his wife at all, what does it matter if I take it or not?" He won’t be angry at all. Moreover, the words I just said that attacked him, although he seemed to grind his teeth and stare, may not be really angry. "

Yin Su-tang wondered, "Oh? How can you say that?
Yi Yu smiled and said, "If a man is really angry about something like this, no one can resist this resentment. If you run away with a pretty boy who is still telling me what to do in front of me, what am I going to do with him? Just go straight up and hack to death. And that Deng Yin is still talking with me. "
Yin Su-tang blushed and said with shame, "Bah! Even if people run away with others, it’s not your turn to fire … bah, I won’t kill you! "
Just when the brother-in-law and sister-in-law were flirting, they heard "Come on!" The golden plate in the south direction flashed with a crunchy sound, and the golden light flew out of it at nine o’clock, flying over the golden plate. Look at the core of the golden light. As soon as the thumb is round, crystal clear and steep, it will be fragrant and fragrant within 100 feet of Fiona Fang. It must be the legendary guangchengzi elixir, who can resist thousands of years’ achievements by taking one!
Although I have already felt the bloody danger of taking the treasure, now someone is finally unable to sit still under the temptation of then and Millennium Repair. See the crowd suddenly flew out of a blue light straight to the then prey. And when the monks saw someone taking the lead. Hula suddenly flew out and more than ten people followed!
Although this dozen people may not sound like much, there are more than 10,000 people at the scene today, nine of whom came with a watching attitude. Naturally, they won’t joke about their lives at this time. The rest of the masters know that it is not time to start work now. There are still some people who hesitate to see the situation again. And more and more people are determined to stare at the dozen people who rob then. If one succeeds, it will be forcibly robbed. Obviously, it seems much safer to grab things from people than from the gold plate.
Just when the first man was only about twenty feet away from then, he saw that dozens of golden lights were shot out of the golden plate. It seems that the person who ran in front of him opened his mouth at the sight of the golden light and seemed to want to laugh. But just when he thought then throw herself at him. Suddenly I felt a cold chest and a broken heart. stand
Lost his life. It turned out that the golden light was nothing but a golden shuttle!
Such a shock. It has already become a frightened bird, and all the people are frightened to disgrace. More than a dozen people who were chasing after each other were suddenly awake and quickly turned around and fled. But the speed of the gold shuttle is extremely fast and they need to turn around. It’s a little late. I heard "poop-poop …" A few times, it rushed to the front and turned around to a few people. It was no hurry, and it was already under the golden shuttle.
Those golden shuttles are all people who were hit in the heart. I saw the blood gushing from the thick blood hole in the bowl mouth splashing straight at the gold plate of hidden treasure. If normal people die, the spattered blood can’t fly 20 feet away anyway, not to mention these people are heartbroken and die. How far can the blood be sprayed without the pressure of the heart? But something is the blood of these people, and he really crossed the distance of more than twenty feet and sprayed it on the gold plate!
Yi Yu looked in her eyes and said coldly, "Hum! What a vicious hiroko! So much blood has been shed that it’s not enough to finally open the golden plate, and people have to sacrifice blood. What Jin Xian! I think it’s an evil fairy! "
Yin Su-tang was one leng, and she didn’t think so much at first. Now she didn’t notice it until Yi Yu mentioned it. Looking at the dozens of bodies that fell, he whispered, "It turned out to be Guang Chengzi! I thought it was only people’s greed that caused so much blood! Unexpectedly, it was Hiroyuki! Presumably, these killings and deaths should have been expected when he buried the golden boat! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "We don’t know what Guang Chengzi thinks, but no matter who he is, he can’t stand the temptation. It is inevitable that people die for money and birds die for money! So since we can’t stand the temptation, we must stay away from it. "
At the beginning of Ying Qing, I saw Yi Yu and Yin Sutang flirting there, and I felt resentful in my heart. Now I see him in that deep heart, and I am even more angry and angry: "Hum! Stop pretending to be a philosopher! Didn’t you just say you wanted those elixirs? But I’m coming out soon. Don’t cry if I miss it. I didn’t remind you. "
At the beginning of winning Qing dynasty, as soon as his voice fell, he saw that all the seven gold plates in the air were suddenly a burst as if the gold plate in the south was an introduction. After it was stained with human blood, it broke the ban on all the gold plates. I saw a burst of colorful light flying, and the sound of "snapping" was endless. Then the seven gold plates all gave off dazzling light that people couldn’t stare! When they were illuminated by the strong light, they heard a slight absence, and the seven-faced gold plate of hidden treasure was released at the same time. I saw a burst of confusion, and the seven treasures of Kongtong were all born and scattered!
Yi Yu ignored the others. He just took a fancy to the nine then waved his hand and flew straight to that then. Yin Su-tang and Ying Qing immediately followed it. Of course, Yi Yu’s liking for those elixirs does not mean that they are really the best treasures. On the contrary, among the seven treasures, this elixir is a chicken rib. To say that he is useless, but this elixir can really be upgraded to make up the vitality, which is the only treasure of initial repair. However, although this thing is good, it is of little use to those who have the ability to seize him, just like the flow of Qi Shushi, even if you eat a hundred, it is still at this level. Yi Yu chose this elixir because it is the least difficult to seize it. Those real masters will not come to compete with them for elixir, but those who really need it can’t beat Yi Yu and the three of them.
Sure enough, as Yi Yu expected. The direction of this then there is no supernatural master, and the three of them have already rushed to the front and left others behind. See that nine then ten feet away are about to scatter Yi Yu, dare not neglect the slightest, and hurry to offer a memorial service and sweep away. That old woman is really a treasure to collect things. Although the nine elixirs have been quite scattered, Yi Yu collected five at a time.
Don’t have to command Yi Yu to win Qing Chu and Yin Su Tang and fly out immediately. Chasing each other for a moment and then leaving. Yi Yu also didn’t idle mind move to see his side golden light flash flew out of a huge golden retriever palm a also caught a then.
Yi Yu took out a white jade bottle from the Pure Land of Blissfulness and put it in it. At this time, Yin Su-tang and Ying Qing-chu came back with an elixir. Only two people still greedily looked at the last one that had already flown quite far.
At the beginning of Ying Qing’s anger, he said, "You little fool let one go. Just now, I clearly saw that those two are not far away, and I can definitely collect them at once! "
Yin Su-tang is also there to have them. Tao: "Really! At ordinary times, how do you look like an elf this time … "
Yi Yu is not angry. Smile: "You two lads are really greedy! There are nine elixirs in all, and we are not satisfied with eight. You see, I’m afraid there are 800 people who flew in at the same time just now, if not 1000! If we all accept it, what do you want people to do? Don’t those people stare at us with eyes wide open! Now they all go after that one. It also saves us the trouble. "
Yin Su-tang, as expected, where they are now is very clean relative to other directions, and the monks who followed then over there are fighting fiercely and have begun to fight. Yin Su-tang thought about it. Whispered: "Brother-in-law! Do you have any bigger goals? "
Yi Yu looked at Yin Su-tang’s cute appearance when the thief leaned in, and I couldn’t help kissing her face with a "BAR". This is also Yin Su-tang, who deserves it, knowing that Yi Yu is a color blank and sending her pink face to others’ mouths. If she is not kissed, who else will be kissed?
Yin Su-tang was one leng, but she didn’t expect Yi Yu to be frivolous at this time. When Yin Su-tang came back to her taste, she was angry when she saw Yi Yu sticking her forefinger on her mouth. "Shh …" She whispered, "Su-tang, you are so smart, and your brother-in-law can’t escape your eyes with any thoughts! I really have other plans and … I have a big plan! "
Yin Su-tang was not too angry. Anyway, Yi Yu was frivolous, and she was not once or twice. It’s just that today is the first time she saw Win Qing, and she was a little shy. Yin Su Tang said angrily, "Bah! Don’t flatter yourself. Who will read your bad guy’s mind? But what do you want? "
Yi Yu pointed to the gold plate that was slowly falling after releasing the treasure and whispered, "I promised Ziqin to give this plate to her the other day."
Yin Su-tang immediately changed color and said, "Hum! People have been here for so long and haven’t seen anything you gave them! You and Sister Ziqin have only known each other for a few days … Hey! But it’s no wonder that the ugly duckling like me can compete with Ziqin’s brilliant crown in the world! "
Yi Yu looked at the false sister-in-law who felt sorry for herself in Aidit, and couldn’t help hating her mouth for a while. Just now, I just said that I would just take the seven stars and set the sky plate. Why do you have to bring Chen Ziqin out? Yi Yu quickly calmed down: "Who said that my Su Tang is an ugly duckling? Su Tang is also beautiful, but …"
Yin Su-tang was unreasonable: "Just what? Hum! It turns out that the smelly brother-in-law who lied without blinking an eye actually got stuck! "
Yi Yu said with a bad smile, "You are really a tough girl! To tell you the truth, your sister Ziqin didn’t ask for this set of seven-star sky plates for nothing, and the price she gave was not low! "
Yin Su-tang asked casually, "Oh? What’s the price for Sister Ziqin? " If you want to know what will happen afterwards, please see the next installment of "Seven Stars Set the Sky Plate".

Back to the three hundred and twenty-eighth seven stars fixed sky plate
Said yi Yu that fellow no matter what time and place, now that I think of it, I’ll make a mistake. Win early Qing looked at Yi Yu that a pair of grandma Wolf naturally know what’s on his mind. And she just ate the’ double price’ loss, but now she has some schadenfreude in her mind when she sees that someone has to be fooled again. What’s more, winning at the beginning of Qing Dynasty and Yin Su-tang is not too familiar, and naturally she won’t speak to remind her.
However, it is obvious that Win Qing underestimated Yin Su-tang’s wisdom and her attention to Yi Yu over the years. Now Yin Su-tang can say that she already has a good understanding of Yi Yu. At this time, as soon as she saw his bedroom eyes, she knew that she definitely didn’t want a good thing here. Yin Su-tang quickly said, "Hum! People are so rare! I don’t care who you send your broken plate to! Besides, Sister Ziqin and I are the best, and we are not jealous between our sisters, but let you be a bad guy. "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and didn’t care much about it, but it seemed a little depressed at the beginning of Qing Dynasty: "Yin Su Tang, this lad, is cunning! No wonder you can run away safely after being hunted for more than 200 years! " It’s a bad idea to win Qing Chu just because she was cheated by Yin Su-tang, but she didn’t, so she gave someone a sly hat. What a little woman!
Yi Yu’s acceptance of the elixir here is quite smooth, but others are not as lucky as him. The remaining six treasures are fiercely contested. For example, the Emei Sect and the Magic Sect have come with a lot of hands, but now all the monks in the world are here, and they dare not collect all the seven treasures. Now, people like King Xuanyuan, the demon corpse Guchen, and the East China Sea monster Cha Shuangying have all come, so naturally they will not return empty-handed! Therefore, the Emei Sect and the Demon Sect only chose to take a treasure light, but both of them secretly sent their disciples to make trouble everywhere.
It is said that the Huashan School, Wutai School and Kongtong School are all in harmony with evil. Originally, the strength of their side was the weakest, and there was no old demon in the previous generation. But now, as soon as King Xuanyuan arrived, these demons also had a backbone. Although the Xuanyuan French king has not yet made a move, the disciples of the three factions are no longer timid. They are all brave enough to surround a colorful light and take turns to act. It’s just that what makes them depressed is that whenever they are about to succeed. That magic weapon is always able to get rid of the bondage skillfully. Although these young players can’t see the mystery, how can the Xuanyuan French king not see that Xuanzhenzi’s old fox is a hindrance?
Originally, the Xuanyuan French king didn’t want to win the treasure. He just listened to the disciple’s report in the department and said that the momentum of taking the treasure in Yuanjiang was very big, and tens of thousands of monks gathered together. At this time, King Xuanyuan reflected the serious temporary decision of the matter and decided to come and have a look so as to avoid the danger of his disciples not knowing the depth. But now that Xuanzhenzi is deceiving others, he has some anger in his heart, so he flies forward and prepares to make a move.
Besides, the devil will not be idle. They are directly from the lotus princess sent directly to wu-tang clan. At this time, the spirit son also knew that someone would make trouble, and he was already ready. It’s just that the Lotus Princess’s cultivation is better than Lingling’s, but this time she doesn’t continue to fight with him. She just keeps giving wu-tang clan’s disciples some trouble so that they can’t calmly collect the magic weapon.
In fact, it is not difficult to win the magic weapon before Xuanyuan French king moves with Xuanzhenzi’s strength. It is not difficult for Princess Lotus to rob wu-tang clan. But now it is a limited competition. Besides the elixir obtained by Yi Yu, there are six magic weapons left. But these six magic weapons have now become props for the competition between the right way and the magic way.
The strength gathered here now is too strong. They nest, the Three Immortals of the East China Sea and the Seven Immortals of the Emei Sect. Coupled with a group of allies and monks from Zen temples, it is definitely an unprecedented gathering. And the magic teaching is not weak, the invisible venerable master, plus two princesses, King Xuanyuan, Cha Shuangying and the demon corpse Guchen brothers. Together with the evil spirits. Although the overall strength is slightly inferior, the nests of the old man with blood god, the old man with corpse and the bodhi old zu haha are all nearby and can be reached instantly.
If in this case, if the two sides fight hard, the loss can be imagined. But now, whether it’s the Emei Sect or the Demon Sect. Everyone is not ready for a formal war, but they all want to put pressure on each other. That’s why there seems to be some child’s play in this competition. There are six magic weapons left, two for good and evil, and three for each family. If one family finally takes one less, it will be a disgrace! ——
Said the demon corpse GuChen and snow mountain old charm at this time is still standing on the top of the hill without the slightest intention of moving.
The old charm of the snowy mountain is already impatient. Look at the color of anxiety and the trembling fingers on her face. It should be unbearable. But the demon corpse GuChen still looks calm, her eyes are as calm as water, her body is as steady as Mount Tai, and there is no trace of anxiety.
After another moment, the old charm of the snowy mountain finally couldn’t help but rush: "Big Brother! Now that the Ziyun barrier has been broken, what are we still doing here? You see where there are people around here! Even if we don’t reach for the treasure, we don’t have to stand so far! If we were seen by fellow travelers, we would think our brothers were timid and afraid to fight! "
Gu Chen, the demon corpse, smiled indifferently: "What, are we still afraid of losing face? Back in those days, I was imprisoned by a real person with long eyebrows in the vast Cangshan Mountain, and everyone knows it. If it’s embarrassing, I’m afraid I’ve already left it at home. What’s there to worry about? Besides, whatever those fools say or do. You see … "
As he spoke, Gu Chen pointed to the sky above the golden boat in the distance and said, "You see, the sky above the golden boat now is the place where the bloody rain strangles people! If we don’t want to be killed, you must kill someone. At that time, there were many life and death enemies for no reason, and even some people didn’t know who it was. Do you think it was worth it? "
Snow mountain old charm looked at the air as follows: jiaozi generally "scratching" to the whereabouts of the dead and wounded people also really can’t say anything to refute the truth. In fact, he doesn’t have any idea. He just looks at the excitement over there and has one’s fingers itch to get involved.
The demon corpse Gu Chen glanced at the old spirit of the snowy mountain, which was a little anxious, and said indifferently, "I don’t know your mind yet! Don’t worry, today things are far from over! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to fight in a while, and I am afraid that we will not be able to beat others! "
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"But by that time, those magic weapons …" said the old spirit of Snow Mountain.
GuChen laughed: "A magic weapon? Do we still have to have those magic weapons? You see, the Qingcheng Sect didn’t come and rob us, so why do you have to seize the treasure? Besides, sometimes. If you don’t fight or rob him, you will come to you. "
The old spirit of Snow Mountain wondered, "Isn’t that Yi Yu coming? And it is still so rampant. How can you say that the Qingcheng School has not come? "
The demon corpse GuChen smiled and said, "What? Seeing that child is a little unpleasant? "
The old spirit of Snow Mountain didn’t answer, but it was obvious that he was resentful.
Gu Chen said, "Brother Mangdu (the old ghost of snow mountain), I remind you that you’d better not provoke him. Maybe you just went through customs and didn’t know his deeds and details. He is very dangerous! "
The old charm of the snowy mountain was puzzled: "What’s remarkable about an afterlife? Isn’t it a disciple of Zhu Mei? I heard that parting is very prosperous recently.
It’s just a junior! "
The demon corpse Gu Chen waved his hand and smiled: "If you think so, you will definitely suffer in the future!"
Although GuChen didn’t elaborate on how Yi Yu was, the old charm of Snow Mountain has remembered that it is not difficult to find out the details of Yi Yu after careful observation in the future.
The demon corpse Gu Chen went on to say, "Besides, Yi Yu at this time can be said not to be a member of the Qingcheng School! Although the Qingcheng school is somewhat declining now. But the starved camel is bigger than the horse and Li Jingxiu is in charge. If they really want to win the treasure. It is also a force to be reckoned with. But now, Yi Yu is the only one, and he’s got mixed up with the people on the big jump. Obviously, the Qingcheng school has given up this time to get the treasure. I just don’t know what can make Zhu Mei’s stingy and greedy old thing reluctantly give up Yuanjiang treasure? "
At this point, the Qingcheng Mountain School has done a good job in keeping secrets. Now everyone still doesn’t know that Zhu Mei is taking all the elders of Qingcheng Mountain School to clean up the door and surround and kill the Styx.