"I was ordered to protect the young master with my life. From that moment on, the only person I am loyal to is the young master, for the sake of supreme glory …"


When the last word still reverberates in the void, an absolutely strong grudge rushes up against the pulse, and the discerning brilliance rushes straight into the sky from the cave of Tianling.
With the fall of Perseus’ body, the remaining dozens of people all chose the same way to end their lives. In their view, only in this way can they keep their secrets.
With their cultivation, since they chose to commit suicide, let alone Aubrey, it was too late to stop even if it was cold, until dozens of people’s bodies fell, and Aubrey didn’t return to absolute being.
For a long time, crystal tears slowly overflowed from the corner of his eyes, and Aubrey muttered to himself, "Why … why did the result become like this …"
"I thought they would choose to erase their memories, but …"
Chen Han was also shocked by this result. In the eyes of unsuspecting people, this is foolish loyalty, but he knows that only in this way can we be truly confidential.
Erasing the memory can really make the secret disappear, but the incomplete memory will also make people suspicious, and you will even get to the bottom of it-what is this lost memory?
"Aubrey, I …"
"Stop it"
Just as Fanny’s eyes were filled with tears and guilt, when she gave birth to some bad idea, Chen Han stopped in a hurry: "Do you want to learn from them, too? So, what’s the point of what Aubrey has done? That’s enough. And you, Aubrey, I’ll erase that clip for you. Nothing else is a secret. "
As long as the broken vanity posture is not exposed, the strong flesh can be made public, and today it is still in the bottom stage. Who cares about a few insignificant people?
"benefactor, what are you going to do next?"
"I have a name, my name is …"
Chen Han’s voice paused a little. The previous name could not be used any more. He had to take a western name. The tall figure suddenly appeared in his mind: "My name is Razer, Razer? Ronka, call it whatever you want, but I don’t want to hear the word benefactor. Next? Well … I grew up under the guidance of Master, and I don’t know anything about the outside world. This is the first time I left his old man’s house, so I need all the information of the whole celestial world, especially the detailed introduction of territory, resources and power. "
There is no reason not to believe in what he said, or Aubrey must believe in Chen Han now. Although he has lost everything now, including a small number of guards who are low in cultivation, his original identity is doomed, and he has a very detailed understanding of the gods.
Divine Divinity
A world similar to the celestial world is in the same space as the celestial world, but it belongs to different starry sky, separated by an extremely vast and undeveloped starry sky.
There are a total of 200 countries here, which are less in number than the level forces of the celestial world, but there is almost no difference in comprehensive strength. In other words, the average forces of these countries in the celestial world are stronger than the level forces of the celestial world, but these more than 200 countries also have strong and weak points
Another point is different from the level forces of the celestial world. The leaders of the level forces of the celestial world, that is, the emperors who are high above them, keep their word, but the celestial world is not completely like this
There are roughly two kinds of celestial kingdom, one is like the Raytheon Empire, which continues with the imperial system, and the power of the emperor is extremely amazing. Of course, the emperor is not absolutely centralized, and there are usually obstacles like Presbyterian church to contain the power of the emperor, but the power of the emperor in this empire is still extremely amazing.
Another system is the joint parliamentary system. There is no so-called emperor in the whole country, but the highest power core is composed of speakers of different numbers.
More than 200 countries constitute the main body of the celestial body, with hundreds of millions of planets, and then there is the expanding planet development area around. In the middle of the celestial body and the planet development area, there is a special area where the sky is high and the emperor is far away because the distance is too far away, and each country has no energy and manpower to station a large number of troops, which is the vast starry sky where they live.
"Master only taught me to practice, and hardly said anything about the outside world. Are there any other races of practicing in the celestial world besides these fighters and magicians I just saw?" Chen cold a curious appearance, in fact, his heart would have some questions.
"That’s …" After getting the affirmative answer, he was a little nervous.
"Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, darkness and space are ten basic mainstream magic and pissing match attributes, but there are also some variants and collateral magic pissing match."
"I know, what does this have to do with the question I asked?"
"For example, blood magic and quarrelling, this ability only belongs to the blood clan."
"Blood clan?"
"Yes, a number and comprehensive strength, far less than ten mainstream practitioners, but let any forces have a race to be reckoned with."
"It is said that hundreds of millions of years ago, the blood clan was once regarded as a heterogeneous group, and practitioners from all departments jointly prepared to kill, but do you know what the final result is?"
There was a clear flash of fear in his eyes, and Aubrey muttered to himself, "The blood clan is far from being an opponent of hundreds of millions of practitioners, regardless of the overall number or the number of masters, but when they saw that they were going to lose, a large number of blood clans fled in the boundless starry sky and released an overwhelming amount of JingXie, and countless mortals and low-ranking practitioners on the planet were infected and became their puppet descendants."
This is the special ability of the blood clan. Anyone who is invaded by the blood clan JingXie will become their loyal descendants.
To put it bluntly, if the blood clan is desperate to put all their eggs in one basket, it will turn countless people into descendants, which may eventually lead to few people left in the whole celestial world.
It’s like the level forces of the celestial world. If all the non-lineal wild repairs are killed, is the whole celestial world still considered as the celestial world?
"At that time, the mainstream practitioners of the Ten Dynasties had no choice but to give in and sign a series of treaties with the blood clan, which eventually became a situation of peaceful coexistence."
"What else?"
"No, there were indeed many other races in Archaean, but unfortunately they were all strangled, and the blood clan became the only surviving race with its special ability."
"So that’s it …"
Chen cold quietly on the surface, the in the mind is anxious going crazy, how can he not know the meaning represented by this news?
In the absence of the ascending platform, the practitioner who practices the fairy method will land randomly in any place in the celestial world after soaring.
On the other hand, races who practice magic and quarrelling will randomly soar to a corner of the divine world.
Of the more than 20 people who rose from the inferior universe, the vast majority were practitioners of fairy dharma. However, there was one exception. According to Aubrey’s explanation, the blood princess Avril could not soar to the celestial world, but soared to the celestial world, where she buried many dark chess to help find these people, and she could never find the trace of Avril.
Where is she now?