"Shout! !” The 200,000 air combat troops on standby in the ethereal city were ordered by Shen Yue to accelerate instantly, as if a dark cloud had roared above Chengtou. In a blink of an eye, they collided fiercely with the 300,000 air combat enemy forces coming from outside the city, and suddenly shouted ShaSheng resounded through the sky!


Under normal circumstances, a guild attacks the main city of another guild, and the air combat troops of both sides are killed outside the city. The ground troops of the attacking side can support their own air combat troops to suppress the other air force!
But here in the misty city, this is a very difficult thing! The reason is that the walls of the ethereal city are too high, and the height is hundreds of meters. This distance has already exceeded the attack range of the mage forces. If you attack from the bottom up, you can’t help but attack. In the end, the magic will have to fall on yourself!
Only archers can barely support it, but how can Shen Yue give them this chance? At the same time, he ordered the city’s Air Riding Corps to take off to meet them, and immediately ordered hundreds of archers to suppress each other’s archers by fire, so that they had no time to support air combat!
The archer troops of the other side really wanted to support the air combat, but before they could support it, the suppression attack of the archer troops in hell on the city head had poured down, and thousands of arrows flew in surprises and fell into the war of the archer of the other side. Suddenly, shrieks rang like a string of beads, and a large number of archers of the other side were shot into a sieve!
As soon as the archers of the other side were attacked, they had to give up the idea of supporting air combat, and instead, they stopped the arrow troops of hell, or let the arrow troops shoot like this, not only themselves, but also the main mage troops in their array would suffer!
Archers from both sides are shooting at each other!
Although the number of archers of the other side is much higher than that of the archer troops of hell on the city head, but the archer troops rely on the ethereal city wall, commanding, occupying the overwhelming advantage, can not help but effectively evade the opponent’s attack, reduce the damage, but also rely on the height difference, get the blessing of gravity acceleration, increase the attack power of arrows, and cause greater damage to the archer of the other side!
Not long after the archers of both sides got angry, the main force of the other side finally moved to the gate. Because of the height, they couldn’t attack the hell-mad players above the ethereal city, so they could only vent all their firepower on the walls of the ethereal city!
And the main attack force of Hell Blossom on the city head is happy and comfortable. Under the dual protection of the city wall and the defensive forces, they have no scruples and enjoy themselves. All kinds of attacks converge into a spectacular waterfall, which flows down and falls on the ground!
The war is in full swing
On the head of the city, Shen Yue kept nodding while watching the battle. Based on the majestic pass of the ethereal city, even if the other side’s strength is three times that of their own, they will never take advantage of it!
"Ding-ding!" Just then, Shen Yue’s voice call suddenly rang, connected and asked, "What’s the matter? !”
"Yue elder sister, good, there are millions of troops outside the south side, and the other side has super force, a war beast! !”
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Cloud Mount Kui
"War behemoth? !” Hearing these four words, Shen Yue felt "thumped" in her heart, and at the same time, she could clearly feel the sound of "bang" tremor coming from her feet, which could shake the whole misty city, showing how huge the size and tonnage of this war behemoth should be!
"Yes, that’s the beast of war. It’s really huge. It’s bigger than the size of the dragon seen when the monster besieged the city! Sister Yue, you should feel the unusual vibration under your feet, right? ! That’s the effect of the war beast stepping! "
"Ok … I see, don’t panic, I’ll be right there!" Shen Yue hung up the voice communication and told the players in Dongcheng to continue to block the enemy. She called out her own mount beast and ran all the way along Chengtou to Nancheng!
Time is not long, Shen Yue came to the head of the misty south city. Before he reached the wall, he saw a huge head in the distance. There were two towering trees on his head, which seemed to be similar to the braids pulled up in the sky. The whole head was a small mountain with eyes, nose and mouth dotted on it, which seemed to be a fine mountain charm!
When Shen Yue came to the edge of the battlements and looked out through the gaps between the battlements, he finally saw the part of the war behemoth’s head!
Similar to the head, the limbs of this war behemoth are all piled up by peaks of different sizes. The trunk is a medium-sized inverted triangle peak, and the limbs are composed of four cliff-like peaks!
The height of this war behemoth is at least 100 meters away, which is even higher than the average adult dragon. Not only that, but also its body shape is much more vigorous than the average dragon!
The legs and feet composed of two small peaks vibrate violently every time they hit the ground as if a magnitude 7 earthquake had occurred. No one doubts its destructive power, which is absolutely devastating!
Under such a behemoth, even the ethereal walls with iron walls may not be able to stand it many times!
This war behemoth is slowly moving towards the ethereal city. Every step, the whole ethereal city is trembling, as if afraid of its incomparable power!
Behind this war behemoth is an army of players like Wang Yang, which is following behind this behemoth and approaching the misty city together!
Seeing the whole picture of this war behemoth and feeling its devastating destructive power, Shen Yue decided, "… it seems that I must use the killer left by the tiger! !”
Outside the south city, behind a million troops!
The prince, surrounded by the backbone personnel of the Youth Soul Club, is riding a mount beast and stopping in mid-air after the array to pay attention to the marching army!
A player said with a big grin, "Haha, boss, this Yunmo Mountain Chief is really a monster of war. It’s so fucking awesome. I’m afraid the city wall, which is known as the iron wall in the misty city, is also vulnerable. If you divide three times by five, you will be destroyed by this Yunmo Mountain Chief!"
Another player is worried: "Boss, even if we have the help of the war monster Yunmo Shankui, it may not be able to break through the misty city!" This ethereal city is not a vegetarian. The city wall is known as an iron wall, with a height of 100 meters and a thickness of 50 meters. The players who are crazy in hell are not vegetarian. Under the sacred training, each one has extraordinary combat power and is very powerful! "
The prince smiled and said, "Hum, this ethereal city is indeed an iron wall, but as long as you give Yun Motian enough time, even the iron wall will be destroyed in the end!
As for the players who spend a lot of money in hell, there are indeed two brushes, and the people who train them are very fierce. If they greet us with a golden lineup, our chances of winning will naturally be greatly reduced!
But it’s a pity that I got reliable information that there are 2.5 million regular troops in Hell, and 1.8 million of them were taken out to attack the Heavenly King City. Now there are only 700,000 troops left in the ethereal city, and now it is fighting on two fronts. Optimistically, the defenders on the head of the one-sided city are only about 350,000. Even if they can supplement some one-time soldiers from the Nine Prefectural Offices, they are not afraid and pose no threat to us! "
The prince’s eyes showed a strong look, and his face was a little ferocious because of extreme excitement. "Today, the crazy flowers in hell are doomed to be doomed, and they will be buried in the hands of Lao Tzu, and this ethereal city will naturally be named Yan in the future! !”
While the prince and others are talking, the war behemoth Yunmo Shankui is less than one kilometer away from the ethereal city, and its step is a huge step of hundreds of meters, and it will take only a few steps to come under the wall of the King of Heaven!
"Wow, what a big mountain!" A voice as clear as an oriole sounded.
Shen Yue twist a head a see, "Luan son, how did you run here? !”
Luan smiled mischievously. "Hee hee, I saw Sister Yue coming over and knew there must be something interesting here, so I secretly followed ~!"
"Then you can be careful, it may be very chaotic later!" Shen Yue helplessly touched Luan’s forehead, then turned around and asked all the people present loudly, saying, "Who among you can use the magic crystal cannon? !”
"… ah? !” They didn’t react at the moment!
Shen Yuelai approached a magic crystal cannon above the city, pointing to the magic crystal cannon like a steel behemoth. "I said, who among you can use the magic crystal cannon?" !”
Everyone finally confirmed this time that they didn’t hear wrong. A group of more than a dozen people in the crowd raised their hands and said, "Sister Yue, we haven’t used magic crystal cannons, but we have all worked as artillery in reality. I wonder if it’s ok?" !”
"Get out of the queue! !”
The ten players who raised their hands came out of the crowd, ran to Shen Yue and stood still!
From their actions, Shen Yue keenly noticed that these dozen people are indeed people who have undergone strict military training, and their behaviors are very different from those of ordinary players. "Have you all worked as artillery?" !”
One of the players laughed: "Hehe, we have all been, and we were all in the same class!" "
Another player said excitedly, "Sister Yue, you asked who can use the magic crystal cannon. Can we use this magic crystal cannon now?" !”
Shen Yue nodded, "yes! This magic crystal cannon is not the same as the real cannon except for its fuelling energy. Since you have operated the cannon in reality, you can definitely use the magic crystal cannon! Before it’s too late …! " Shen Yue opened the backpack and poured out six square wooden boxes from the inside. "Here is the magic spar of the suggesting magic crystal cannon. Each of you carries two boxes, on your marks! !”
"yes! !” A dozen people were immediately divided into three groups, two of which were carried on two boxes to get in place before the other two magic crystal cannons, and the rest of the group was in place before the magic crystal cannon nearby Shen Yue!
There are twelve magic crystal cannons in the misty city, three on each wall! At the beginning, Jiuchong usurped power to seize the ethereal city, a large part of the reason was for these twelve magic crystal cannons. After mastering the sovereignty of the ethereal city, Jiuzhong wanted to use these twelve magic crystal cannons to show off in an ostentatious manner in the monster siege war. Unfortunately, after negotiating with the system game company, all the magic spar as the energy source of the magic crystal cannon was taken back, so this magic crystal cannon was useless and was placed as a decoration until now!
After the dozen players took their positions, their faces were filled with excitement and excitement, as if touching the magic crystal cannon in front of them: "Tut tut, this is the first time to operate the magic crystal cannon in the game, and I don’t know how powerful it is than the real cannon." ! I’m really looking forward to it ~ !”
"Magic crystal filling! !” Shen Yue ordered.
After three magic crystal cannons, several gunners heard that they quickly opened the magic crystal shaped charge tank above the magic crystal cannon, and then opened the big wooden box that Shen Yue gave them, constantly filling the colorful magic spar inside into the magic crystal shaped charge tank, and then pushing the magic crystal shaped charge tank!
These colorful magic crystals are Jiuchong’s private field, and the spar in eighteen layers of hell is abundant everywhere, because they said that these colorful magic crystals are the best energy-supplying magic crystals for magic crystal cannons, so before this expedition, Jiuzhong specially asked underground workers to dig more than a dozen boxes for Shen Yue to eighteen layers of hell, as the last killer to protect the ethereal city!
"Filling is complete!"