At this time, I saw two dodging lights flying from the northeast. A mature woman who looks like Shen Wusu is naturally the elder sister of Xiaoxumi Mountain. Another pink boy is, of course, Li Jingxiu, a blissful real person. Two people are very tacit understanding at the same time to two sword light just hit Yi Yu and Shen without blame.


"Cheep …" A very harsh sound of gold and iron paddling "bang" Yi Yu and Shen Wuji were finally separated.
Shen Wu grabbed his second sister’s hand and hurriedly drew a few French seals into Shen Wu’s neck. The eyes are full of seduction and murderous look, and the witch turned back to a noble fairy in Shu Ya at once.
While Li Jingxiu caught Yi Yu over there, but he was not so gentle. An explosive millet was hitting Yi Yu’s head, and this boy was honest. Looking back, it was Li Jingxiu. Smiling, he said, "Uncle Shi, you’re here."
Li Jingxiu laughed: "I really didn’t see that your boy was really cruel in the past! I cann’t believe I’m so determined about your aunt. If anything really goes wrong, let’s see how your little witch can spare you! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "granduncle! Do you think I’m such an ignorant person? I just had a discussion with my second sister. Although that move just now seemed dangerous, I think there is still room for the blameless fairy, and I can accept it at any time. And as soon as this move is over, I’m going to go home with my hand. Nothing will go wrong when the cat gets up. "
Actually, Yi Yu didn’t say this to Li Jingxiu. But deliberately told it to Shen Wu over there. It will not be easy for the elder sister to think that he is a reckless and careless person who wants to get along well in the future. Sure enough, Shen Zhen’s eyes are softer after hearing these words. But "no blame" was ungrateful and gave Yi Yu a bad look. It’s just that she didn’t dare to be too presumptuous now that Shen is here.
Yi Yu added, "granduncle! Didn’t you compete with the big fairy in fencing? How did you get here so soon? I wonder what the result is? "
Li Jing secretly hates with an open mind: "Yi Yu, this jerk, just now, why didn’t he let Shen Wuxue stab him to death with a sword! What’s the point of bringing this up? Don’t let me fight that crazy bitch again! " Strong smile: "this! Divide equally! Besides, if you make such a big noise here, we won’t come and see what will happen if there is a big mess. "
People look at the chaos around hundreds of miles and the aftermath of thousands of miles. If this is not a big fuss, I don’t know what is a big fuss in Li Jingxiu’s place.
After appeasing my sister, Shen took it easy, and the relaxed temperament has never been seen before. It seems that she is already a fairy, although she has never really risen, but she has a state of mind that is even more detached than a fairy. Only this state of mind can show such temperament.
Shen Wu looked up and down in front of the boy lightly: "You are Yi Yu? I have heard of your name for a long time, but it seems that the real person is more obscene than the rumor. It is a pity that this body is cultivated. "
Yi Yu never imagined that this elder sister with a fairy temperament had uttered these words with her mouth open! Moreover, the temperament of the whole person seems to have changed from an inviolable fairy to a Jianghu daughter with harsh words and unrestrained temperament. Obviously, she is much better than Shen without blame, and she has been able to control her own changes at will.
But Yi Yu doesn’t like her. No matter how powerful you are, you must never let Innocent be wronged. Yi Yu always thinks that these two sisters are sorry and innocent, otherwise this time they wouldn’t have fought with Shen Wuxue as soon as they met. Now it’s natural that I won’t submit to humiliation when I see that Shen is innocent and so wordless.
"Hum! It’s a pity that I don’t have to be judged by others that women will always be women. Only men have always judged women, but no women have told men what to do. Except, of course, a great empress Wu Zetian. Obviously, you are not Wu Zetian. On the contrary, I have to say that it’s a pity that you are a delicate skin. Why don’t you give it to a kind-hearted daughter’s house? "
You!’ Yi Yu’s understatement made Shen Wu even more angry, and his eyes seemed to be flashing at any time.
Li Jingxiu is also nervous. Now Yi Yu has been listed in a very important position in his heart. Being able to compete with Shen Innocent is an important force for today’s Qingcheng School, and Shen Innocent must not be ruined. Li Jingxiu doesn’t mind fighting with her again if Shen Wuxiang dares to make a move, although he really doesn’t want to fight with Shen Wuxiang.
However, Yi Yu is not afraid of this elder sister. Although she can’t see the depth of Shen’s innocent cultivation, she is obviously better than Shen’s blameless. Yi Yu saw something truly different from others in Shen Zhen, which is a powerful force that does not belong to the world at all!
Think that year when Li Jingxiu faced a generation of tianjiao long-browed real people, he still waved Fang Qiu away without fear. And can rival each other, and finally forced it to the celestial world by its own strength and wisdom, and finally ruined the great ambition of the Emei Sect and the Changmei reality to unify the realm of fixing the true. But now
But it is not difficult to show Li Jingxu’s fear of Shen’s innocence.
Yi Yu smiled faintly: "Elder sister wants to kill me? I can see that the elder sister’s cultivation is better than that of the second sister. It is not difficult to kill me. But I want to remind elder sister that now I live with Innocent, and if I die. You can’t live alone without dirt. Therefore, please think carefully before you start work, so as not to regret it in the future. "
Look at Yi Yu’s dead mouse feels no cold appearance. There’s nothing I can do about it. Originally, she felt guilty when she was innocent with Shen, because she was innocent with Shen. Didn’t go looking for her. Even after Yin Su-tang came to ask for help, she didn’t pay attention to it, but they didn’t know that Shen Wu-su had lost her body and suffered from skyfire for 300 years, thinking that she was trapped in one place and could not be free. Besides, something big was happening in Little Sumi Mountain at that time. They are too busy for him to simply want Shen Wuji to suffer some hardships to save his temper from being disobedient. In fact, it’s not much better for them to be sisters, but it’s always hard for them to be disobedient. The two hit it off. I will throw Shen Wusu in that three hundred years. When Yi Yu rescued Shen Wuji, they didn’t know how painful her sister was. I didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter until Shen Wuji came back to apologize and repair the sisterhood, but Shen Wuji didn’t come back to Xiaoxumi Mountain for a long time. It’s just that they have another relationship between life and death, which has been delayed until today.
Shen Wu stared at Yi Yu savagely and said, "Give me the innocence. I want to talk to her."
"no!" Yi Yu denied it without thinking.
Shen Wu’s eyes were wide open, and he suddenly pushed Yi Yu in front of him and said angrily, "I want to see my sister. Why don’t you let me!"
Yi Yu didn’t give in, but instead of retreating, she bullied her. Their noses almost stood together! And because Shen’s innocent chest is really large, Yi Yu has even felt a slightly soft touch on his chest! However, I feel nothing when I am extremely innocent.
"Clean is my wife! Why do you have to show it to you when you say it? Third, among the four virtues, only a married daughter who has never heard of marriage has to listen to her sister! "
"You! I’m so angry! Bastard! I will kill you! " Although Shen Wu can’t really kill Yi Yu, there are also many tricks that can make people feel very painful when they can’t die. At the same time, he swung his powder fist, and according to Yi Yu’s eyes, it was a tongtian cannon.
"ouch!" With such a close distance and Shen’s innocent shot, Yi Yu can’t escape. Don’t wait for him to react, but he also ran over and shook his fist. "Woo" came to another eye socket with a fist wind, and Yi Yu became a national treasure panda after seeing arrogance.
But it is hard for Li Jingxiu to reach out while watching. After all, Yi Yu and Shen’s sisters are still close, and they can’t kiss their relatives any more, and it seems that their lives are not in danger. How can he help as a granduncle? You can’t go up there and swing your fist! What’s more, with his small size, he may not be the opponent of his sisters in this barbaric way.
Yi Yu never imagined that these two human fairies, who have been famous for thousands of years, would be this virtue! Now he understands why the Shen sisters can become close friends with Chen Ziqin and Xin Ruyu, who are essentially the same person. Chen Ziqin and Shen Innocent are just like a witch’s brand to rush out. However, the elder sister and the second sister of Shenjia’s family are a treasure, which hides their witch nature under the elegant and graceful fairy skin.
"No blame" seems to be not enough. A wry smile shows the seductive and dangerous eyes again. She didn’t expect Yi Yu to be beaten after so much effort just now, and now she can achieve her goal by waving her fist. I was about to pursue the 56-point attack again, but I was caught by Shenwu. She whispered, "Second sister pays more attention to her image!"
Shen Wu glanced at the people around him and put away his savage look. He said faintly, "Fellow Taoist friends, let’s settle some family matters here. If there is nothing else, how about asking you to leave?"
Haha, the bodhi old zu also knows that there is nothing wrong with him here. Now Zhushan religion has been destroyed, and nothing can be done if we try hard to grasp this matter. It’s better to give up and wait for a long time. And now Li Jingxiu in this plus Yi Yu that family they also absolutely can’t take advantage of. What’s more, the attitude of the sisters in Shen’s family is uncertain. Anyway, they are all relatives. If he and Shen Innocent are one, as Yi Yu said, then Shen Innocent and Shen Innocent cannot really kill him.
Haha, the bodhi old zu threw his fist at everyone and said, "Since the fairy told the old lady to leave first." After that, he said to the other people, "You guys are good at what you want to do. Please think carefully about where to go."
Li Jingxiu said with a smile after seeing that the bodhi old zu left, "Since the two fairies want to solve the family affairs, it is naturally inconvenient for outsiders to disturb them. It just so happens that I have something to talk to my Taoist friends in Hugh and Ling Hun. Why don’t we find another place?"
B Hugh and Ling Hun exchanged an eye tunnel: "Now I’m waiting for a large number of people. Even if Li Jingxiu is a master, he can’t play any tricks. Just listen to what he has to say."
B Hugh said, "Good! Just as I have something to say to the blissful real person! Just this time, let’s open the skylight and say it clearly, so as not to guess each other’s thoughts again. "
Li Jingxiu smiled and said, "That’s very nice! All of you are just men in the field of repairing the truth, and you are the mainstay. If we can untie the joints and get back together, wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds? "
Seeing all the people flying swords leave here, only Yi Yu and Shen Wu and Shen Wu are left. Yi Yu raised her hand and gently rubbed the purple in her eyes. "How dare you two savage bitches hit me!"
Shen Wu said coldly, "How about hitting you! Hum! I knew that Ziqin and Jade are in your’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ now. If you think that one enemy and two suffer some losses, you can call them all out and see who they will help! "
Shen Wu-chiu rushed up again with a powder fist, hating, "You son of a bitch, give me my sister back!" " ——
How to deal with Yi Yu’s two annoying wives and sisters? For the time being, Li Jingxiu and B Hugh said that they flew and chose to fall on a mountain three hundred miles away.
Ling Hun looked at Li Jingxiu and said to his wife around him, "Aunt Wu, you should take everyone to the next place to wait for a while. Only I and Hugh will stay here."
Although everyone is curious about what the three of them want to talk about, Ling Hun has said so and can only retreat. And even if there is no word to fight, it is not easy for the bliss real person to win the two of them together.
Li Jingxiu quietly waited for everyone to leave and smiled: "It seems that the two Taoist friends still don’t trust being original!"
Ling Hun said, "I don’t trust real people. It’s just that what I’m saying now is not the same as class. It’s not time for them to know. Besides, it is not certain whether we will be friends or enemies in the future, and we have to be careful. Taoist friends forgive me. " If you want to know what will happen after the funeral, please see the next time "The Secret of the Shock"

Back to the four hundred and eleventh amazing secret
Back to the Shen sisters want to talk to Yi Yu alone, while Li Jingxiu and I have something to discuss. It happens that everyone is divided into two ways, one for each table.
Li Jingxiu doesn’t mind coming straight to the point and saying, "All right! Speaking of it, it seems that my Qingcheng Sect has not sinned against two Taoist friends! And the last time in Yuanjiang, if it weren’t for Yuer’s reminder, I’m afraid you still don’t know how many people will die by the sword of the Emei Sect! How can you bite the hand that feeds you today and plan my Qingcheng Sect with others? "
Ling Hun said, "We were really indebted to you Qingcheng School in Yuanjiang. But at that time, you and I were both competing with the Emei Sect and were like-minded. But now that you Qingcheng School and Emei School have stood on the same front again, we are already two opposing parties. It is a bit too much to say that it is biting the hand that feeds you! "