Damn, the speed of the rechargeable bomb is too slow, and the flight path is not straight, and he just learned this ability. Soon, he can’t master and change the flight path of the rechargeable bomb freely. Naturally, he knows that he can’t handle the crow, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t handle the sinking magic team. There are 20 sinking magic in the sinking magic team. He has three sinking magic wizards and 16 sinking magic, and there are two elite captains in the sixteen sinking magic.


"Burn it for me." Clary held up a "command knife" to direct the fallen wizard to release a fireball to the bird. This fireball technique is that the fallen wizard has a small number of elite fallen wizards to learn more about the number of flames. Most of them will not resurrect anything except this witchcraft. The fallen wizard also relies on this fireball to make the fireball technique quite powerful for a long time.
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter ninety-six Clary sword () Two more
The fallen magic wizard held high the staff, and a little spark condensed in the staff’s breath. As they waved the staff out, the fireball went to the crow like a shell. The crow flew in the sky, and then a sudden stop, followed by a change of direction. Three fireballs struck directly in the distant Woods, bringing up a air billow mixed with flames and earth and stone to splash around.
The crow turned backward and suddenly accelerated and flapped its wings. This crow can hover in the air like a hummingbird and turn to its wings. The flapping frequency is extremely high. When flapping, the air will hum. When flying straight, this frequency will shake its wings faster than all ordinary birds on the earth, especially its ability.
Zhi Li almost ate it that day. If it weren’t for this crow, this attack wouldn’t always make him attack it. When he attacked it, his red light fluctuated violently. The powerful energy was released in an instant, like a rocket launch. Generally, a flame tail was pulled out in high-speed flight. After the crow came to the dark world, it got the help of heaven and earth, and its strength rose again.
Seeing a fiery red figure, the speed is invisible to the naked eye, and it is directly inserted into the magic wizard who is about to launch a fireball again. Its strength is not strong, but with the charging speed and its sharp beak, it has more flame power and additional instantaneous output, which is comparable to that of a rifle bullet and is still an enchanted bomb. If it were not for touching Zhi Li, a pervert who can attach thick steel to fur, others would surely be killed by it.
The fallen wizard is quick to attack his roots so quickly, not to mention avoiding. He will be killed by crows on the spot, but Clary has flash reinforcement. After giving up flashy flash spells, he can directly operate the body flash power to stimulate nerves and body, which can be nearly twice as agile and powerful in an instant. Although the crow is very fast, its reaction speed is still in it. After a long period of fighting in hell, various demons have been resurrected several times after death, which makes it have countless fighting experience. Crows accelerate and instantly make it ready.
Clary firmly settled his body and held a machete in his right hand, which broke out on the left side of his body. The waist strength and rotation strength were radian. The machete was perfectly combined at this moment. When he saw Clary’s hand through the crow’s field of vision, Zhi Li could hardly doubt that he saw a fencing master and drew this "sword magic" power in a nearly perfect arc. At least, it entered the second order. What was even more frightening was that his control over power far exceeded those mercenaries in Rogge camp. This was the power of having a name to sink into the magic.
The blue radian is mixed with the flash force, and the crow’s beak collides fiercely. "When …" A long sound is pulled out, and Clary’s body shakes slightly, and the crow’s high-speed impact brings strength. The crow’s mouth is stuck on the blade, but its beak is not as strong as the material. I’m afraid it will be cut in half with its beak and body, and its body will be cut in half by the blow.
Clary disdains to laugh, so much for it. In front of noble Clary’s adult, this bird is dying. The crow’s body is inserted obliquely into the ground, and its head goes deep into the land, but half of it falls outside. Clary approaches slowly, even if he is eager to try, his machete does not shake at all, but he is always in the best attack position.
Seeing that the sun was about to be killed by his blow, at this time, a little blue light suddenly exploded on his body, and his eyes were suddenly shaken by a blue brilliance, and he could hardly see what was in front of him. A faint repulsive force made him naturally retreat back and quit this blue brilliance package area.
Clary closed his eyes and retreated outward along the repulsive force. His body was finally a little unstable. When the machete was ready at any time, if it could be perfectly inserted into the ground when the body was unstable, the crow suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, a high-speed moving figure rushed out of the blue ellipse and the blue claw blade directly grabbed his throat. There were two additional forces in the ice.
"When" his machete flashed his hand and the long knife cut his breath without making a sound, as if the root was not in the air, so naturally there would be no resistance. The claw blade and the long knife handed over instantly. Zhi Li felt a flash of force directly forced to it, and then his hand ring and the claw blade stick also made efforts together. Two forces were faintly washed away, but one side was gaining momentum and the other side was suddenly attacked. The shape was already unstable, especially Zhi Li still made the werewolf change. Both speed and strength reached the highest, but Zhi Li took the blow.
And the druid has an animal partner, Zhi Li, who didn’t come here alone. Although there are a group of fallen demons, most of the fallen demons can’t be reflected when Zhi Li attacks suddenly. The only two elite fallen demons are reflected. Although they are not far from here, many things have happened in an instant.
Clary’s knife, on the contrary, lost his balance and fell to the side after Zhi Li’s impact. He tried to twist his body and wanted to bring the balance back into control. On the other hand, he was ready to go out again to deal with Zhi Li’s claw blade brought by his other hand. When he swung his knife again, another high-speed figure saved his mouth from the blue ellipse and bent over his shoulder with a knife.
The bite force of a wolf is extremely amazing. An ordinary wolf’s bite force will reach an astonishing 700 kilograms, not to mention the mutant Lao Huang, who bites his shoulder and his body collides with him. At the same time, his hind legs stare at Clary’s body and drive it to bounce off in the opposite direction.
Crash, rebound, tear Clary felt a heart-rending pain coming from the right shoulder. It suddenly lost its perception of the right hand. Old Huang fell to the ground in reverse. Clary fell to the ground with a knife and his right hand. Clary also fell to the ground next to him. Clary tried to fight back with a sharp pain, but he lost his right hand and machete. His combat effectiveness was directly weakened by most, while the enemy was completely damaged.
Even in this case, he is not desperate. He is a fallen demon, even if he is advanced to a sword demon, he can’t change this quality. A fallen demon wizard can resurrect his body after his death, but will return to normal when he is resurrected again.
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter ninety-seven Clarie sword () the night
It was unexpected that the enemy didn’t continue to hunt him down after knocking him to the ground. "Bad" Clary became a sharp-edged demon, and his wisdom was much better than that of the usual fallen demon. He is not a brainless fool. How can he not figure out what the enemy intends to do if the fallen wizard dies?
"No," he screamed and looked at the giant humanoid wolf mockingly, and his machete had fallen into the hands of the werewolf. "No!" At this moment, his cry was not "Lakanius" but a simple word "No". His most precious sword actually fell into the hands of the enemy. But Lord Lakanius once used a weapon. It is a rare weapon. A knife master lost his long knife and was seriously injured. Zhi Li has formed an overwhelming advantage over him at this time.
"jump" the head of a fallen magic wizard exploded into a mass of blood fog. The crow stuck in the ground didn’t know when it appeared in the forest again and launched an attack. This is of course Zhi Li’s strength. After he obtained the ability to summon crows, he can call this ability directly from a distant place to his side at any time, and he can also put it back. Just now, the crow stuck in the ground and couldn’t get out was liberated by his summons.
The crow appeared together with a green figure. The snake vine burst out of the ground with a green mist and spread around. In an instant, the fallen demon was dyed with a layer of green. This layer of green is a supernatural power to build poison with strong destructive and corrosive power. Although this poison gas will be corrected only for a few seconds because of supernatural power, it can kill an ordinary fallen demon in just a few seconds.
The blue claw blade broke, and another fallen wizard died. Old Huang avoided the fallen wizard and released a fireball. He bit the fallen wizard’s neck in one bite. He also fit his hind legs and slammed the fallen wizard’s body, which formed a reverse tear. The fallen wizard’s neck was actually torn apart by her, and his head and body were separated.
As soon as the "Lakanius" fallen wizard died, those ordinary fallen demons fled in all directions. When the elite fallen magic captain saw this situation, he began to escape. There was no way. The enemy was too strong. Lord Clary was wrong, and the fallen magic wizard was dead. Don’t you escape at this time? Will you die completely here?
But when faced with enemies with high speed, the meaning of their escape will be divided by one. Instead, Lao Huang immediately stared at the two elite captains of the fallen demons and began to pursue them. In addition, the sun took a break in the sky to absorb the vitality and replenish it. Every ten seconds, he would pull out a Flametail in the middle like a shell.
Zhi Li slowly approached Clarie with a machete. Although his strength is first-order, the core strength of his will is not bad because of his perfection. He is not afraid to face this second-order sword demon alone, but he still dare not take it lightly. He doesn’t want to capsize in the gutter.
"No" Clarie’s eyes have been fixed on Zhi Li’s machete, and his body is constantly shaking, and then he rushes to Li Zhichong crazily. At this time, no matter what the master of knife and posture and pace are, he has ignored the long knife in his eyes. Oh, my God, Lord Lacanius’s reward actually fell to a man who can’t even handle a knife. The snake vine broke through his side and the green poison gas wrapped him layer by layer. Clarie felt that his body life was losing rapidly. His eyes were tightly fixed on the long knife and he was desperate to rush forward.
After the snake vine broke through the ground, it didn’t go in again this time, but it leaned forward and fell headlong in front of Clary’s feet. The snake vine wound around his body like a python, and at the same time it kept condensing poisonous fog and eroding his body.
Clary wouldn’t be afraid if he had two hands wrapped around this snake vine, but now that he has broken one hand, he is not so good at exerting his strength. "Are you finally going to die?" In Clary’s long life, he faced death several times and witnessed many lives die, but it has been tenacious and advanced to the sword demon, and it is valued by Lord Lacanius because of his powerful knife skill. If he can continue to live in the future and continue to grow to the advanced demon level, it is not uncommon, but this time he can’t hide.
"If you die, die," Clary thought. Even if he closes his eyes fiercely, he can’t die easily. He devoutly called Lakani to unite before the flash of power. "Bad" Zhi Li keenly felt the change of his body and directly called Snake Rattan to loosen Clary’s body and went straight to the depths of the earth.
Zhi Li saw that the situation was wrong. He remembered that in the game world, these specially enhanced demons would have all kinds of explosive actions when they died. The powerful force was that the characters in the game would lose most of their lives, but in this real dark world, the situation might be far more than that.
There was a howling in his throat, a sharp change in his spine, and the werewolf became a complete wolf. Clary Baodao was held in his mouth, and he ran wildly far away on all fours. "Boom" a burst of light flashed in an instant, and nearly a hundred rechargeable bombs were scattered. Ten meters of land in the center of Clary was overturned, but in the process of charging and delivering, the power destroyed the earth and did not extend so far.
The body is completely broken, and the soul loses its attachment to the body. Because his strength has stepped forward, his will is relatively condensed. At this time, his will stands next to his remains, and his vitality is constantly condensed to his will. If he wants to, he has the chance to transform into the vitality of the undead and form an energy-materialized ghost.
But he didn’t want to count the fallen demons far away in his will perception. Raqqani Hugh screamed loudly, which was the soul destination of all fallen demons after their death. He would fly to that world without hesitation. It was a physical force that would stop him from moving forward, making him unable to pass. He was a little desperate, but soon he realized that his sharp knife had long been the same as his body in the process of his long-term use. He made a sudden decision and the core of his will suddenly plunged into it.
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter ninety Soul armed generation (4)
Far away, Zhi Li looked at the messy land. If he didn’t run just now, he would be torn to pieces by that violent force. But soon, he felt that there was a sudden change with a long knife in his mouth. This long knife was originally an enchanted armed force. The special force was to attach flash attacks and speed up the hand. In addition, there was a more interesting ability, that is, self-repair. At this time, the core of this machete was dramatically strengthened in an instant.
Zhi Li sensed the core change of machete. Just now, the core in the instantaneous blade body was sharply strengthened. He lifted the werewolf change and immediately grasped the machete. It was the machete that faintly gave a force of resistance, but the core of his will did not resonate with him. He extended his will to the core of this knife and saw the image of a sword demon holding a sword.
This sword demon’s will is not clear. When Zhi Li’s consciousness came up, he was indulging in waving a machete. He looked slightly thin and short, and his body closed with his long knife in his hand, and he kept wandering in the virtual space, pulling his machete out of a series of flashing arcs. At this time, when he saw Zhi Li’s consciousness coming up, he immediately cut it at him with a knife.
Armed with souls? Cleaning the devil’s breath? Zhi Li soon realized what was going on. At this time, this sharp sword has been transformed into a soul weapon. It usually takes mana to clean its core, and the devil’s breath can be used freely. This soul weapon is troublesome because the core inside is not like those ordinary enchanted weapons. The big deal is that there is a little will contaminated by the devil’s long-term use. There is a soul with a strong will in this soul weapon. This is the powerful root of soul armed forces.
Generally speaking, soul armed forces can only be made by recognizing the Lord, that is to say, the soul can’t recognize others even if it has a long sword in its hand, which is the real power of the weapon. If it is recognized, the soul armed forces will far surpass the enchanted armed forces at the same level and have magical power, such as some skills and power of the armed soul dependents before their death.
If the soul denies the will of the Lord to forcibly destroy him in the soul armed forces, it will turn this soul weapon into an ordinary enchanted weapon, which will become a soul armed force because of enchanted weapons, that is, the soul with a strong will will will merge into it, and without this will, the magical power of the soul armed forces will naturally disappear.
In Clary, with a sharp sword in hand, a green whip shadow suddenly appeared in the void and struck Clary. Clary screamed and even couldn’t hold the knife, as if to dissipate. The green whip shadow was a snake vine. The snake vine’s will core appeared in the void, greedy and looked at Clary. On the other hand, it stared at Li Zhi and asked Li Zhi to make it eat it alive to deal with the will soul. It was the best at it.
Clarie looked at the snake vine in fear. The snake vine is not stronger than him. It is the snake vine that is born with strong damage to the soul. At that moment, he felt several kinds of strong and extreme negative will shocks, which will almost blow him away in an instant. "Life or death …"
Zhi Li said a word coldly about the innate timidity of the fallen demon. At this time, he finally showed his legacy. Clarie finally stopped resisting Zhi Li’s power. This knife was in contact with the core. Finally, he completely brought this knife into control and attached to it. In Clarie’s future, he was born and died. However, if he was strong enough, he might have a chance to fight against the enemy and master, but he didn’t have a chance to be honest in front of Zhi Li. If he could die instantly, he would not be afraid. Anyway, after death, it would be a total solution. The extreme negative will power impact of
Grasping the core of machete, Zhi Li began to "read" the power of this long Dao, which is regarded as an appraisal. The original three attributes of this long Dao are: one is the additional flash attribute attack, the other is to speed up the hand, and the third is self-repair. Now, with the integration of Clarie’s will into Incla, the attack power of the additional flash attribute is nearly twice as strong as that of the original natural attachment, and the hand speed is also strengthened. In addition to these two attributes, it is the highlight.
This knife is not only stronger than before, but also comes with two abilities, both of which are Clary’s specialty. Clary’s core will condenses and forms strength. One is flash explosion, and the knife holder can mobilize the flash force in the blade to stimulate and strengthen the body to burst into super agility and speed in a short time. The other is Clary’s ability to make this machete more like a flash knife, which is called dominating machete.
The unique power that dominates the machete is that the wielder can share all the experience of Clarie’s machete fighting when he makes the weapon against the enemy, that is to say, an ordinary wizard is not proficient in hand-to-hand combat. If he gets the sword as his master, he can immediately become a master swordsman. Of course, how much strength he can exert depends on his physical strength.
Quite good. Although a long knife is a blue weapon, its actual effect is better than many golden weapons. Zhi Li held the machete in his hand and connected it with the werewolf’s core. The local change and flash burst at the same time made Clary dominate the machete. The light flashed. Zhi Li seemed to have left three flashing blue arcs in the middle.
"Great!" Zhi Li sighed in his heart. He felt that he was the embodiment of the world of Gu Long martial arts. There was quite a master of Dao Dao. I had a knife in my hand, but this ability was attached by the core of Dao after all, not by Zhi Li himself. On that day, he learned the language and writing of Candelas very easily.
I don’t know if this can be the case. Zhi Li tried to get in touch with two kinds of energy cores, and soon a lot of information poured into his brain. The flash burst was not complicated, even simple. He could mobilize his extraordinary power himself, but he couldn’t. But at this time, the wild heart moved to absorb this information in the past and returned a bit of information. Zhi Li suddenly knew that if he was strong, he could have a greater ability than this flash burst. This ability root did not need to be combined into an avatar brand to unite his own strength, and it also occupied the core resources of his will.
However, it is not so simple to dominate the machete. Zhi Li gets more information like a knife, but he can’t remember it by himself. In addition, he won’t have the thinking and reaction of Clariknife. If the ability of branding and the effect of information memory are greatly reduced, it will be the core resource of his own will.
Soon Zhi Li gave up his efforts, and the actual wild heart battle can be quite manageable. If he can wake up this battle until he breaks through the third-order power, he will wake up, the wild and violent flash burst and dominate the machete. However, it is not necessary for him to add this machete now, which is the best machete for him to exchange for this weapon as a martial arts master. It feels good.