The strength of the crazy people was amazing, so Dou Saiqi was pushed out of the door and Yunxi was not scared.


"Huei-fang, what’s wrong with you? Let’s talk about it." Yunxi also has some worries.
Cloud foam smell speech eyes mercilessly stare big eyes are full of color in the red eyes after the cloud creek growled "don’t shed crocodile tears now that I am like this, you must be very happy? My Lord, it’s you. Are you proud? You are all selfish people and I hate you! " Say the cloud creek will also be launched together after the hard door.
Both Yunxi and Dou Saiqi look blue and white outside, and Yunxi’s eyes have changed when she looks at Dou Saiqi. She also thinks Dou Saiqi is selfish and not a great mother.
Yuntai just arrived at Yunmo Courtyard and saw such a scene.
This house is restless! Sin sin! ! !
Everyone in Yunjia is preoccupied, drunk and Xu Qinger are the most leisurely and comfortable people.
Yunzui took a nap in the Prime Minister’s office and woke up and went out to Xiaofu.
There are many things in the polar building that need to be busy or handled.
Extreme floor is to dig other people’s privacy handles and curtains, which is also suitable for searching for you class. In the file, Yunzui joined Chixuan to calculate the pool, and it was only after Chixuan and the bodyguard led the dialogue that they were added that they were saved and then closed the file.
Although Xiao Tian kept the accounts very carefully, Yunzui just didn’t like the ancient specifications and felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to find a time to teach Xiao Tian modern statistical methods, but Xiao Tian was too busy to deal with the extremely large and small things, and there was no time to finish them. Every time, the words came to his mouth and he finally interrupted and forgot.
Until now, Xiao Tian has not learned modern writing specifications, punctuation and calculation methods.
It’s getting dark outside after dealing with the polar building.
Yun was drunk and saw Chi Mi in the reception area? !
Chapter 221 She has a crush on someone.
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Yunzui was really surprised, but Chimie wanted to know where a person was, which was a piece of cake.
It’s normal to find her drunk, but I don’t know if this polar building is her drunk pool. Do you know?
And now that she and Chi Mi are boyfriend and girlfriend, it is even more impossible to hide something from him.
And even if Yunzui wants to hide it, she can’t hide it, because Chi Mi is sitting in this waiting room waiting!
What you say is drunk, choose to be honest.
Cloud drunk but only a few steps stairs brain has been running quickly flashed so many thoughts.
Every time Yunzui comes to the extreme floor, she is dressed in a man’s suit. At this time, Yunzui is very heroic and has a lasting appeal compared with a soft beauty.
Chi Mifeng’s eyes looked deep and looked at Yunzui’s mouth.
His woman is really strong! I actually built such a well-connected information building on my own.
Chi Mi’s appearance is almost known to the whole imperial city people. When Chi Mi arrived at this polar building, Xiao Tian was there to entertain him. But now, when he got drunk, Chi Mi immediately got up and looked at the two of them, which means knowing each other!
A Xiao Tian has drunk the cloud with a lot of background, but I didn’t expect it to be with Chi Mie!
"Busy finished? Is it sometimes now? Go to dinner together? " Chi Mie stood there and watched Yunzui walk the stairs step by step.
These words are common, but it is really rare for a man like Chi Mi to say such things.
Faint cloud drunk some moved.
You don’t need to be so vigorous, even if it’s a plain word, but it can make Yunzui moved.
It seems that her boyfriend is waiting for her class, which is not bad.
Yunzui was in a good mood and said, "Is this asking me out?"
"Huh?" Obviously, Chimie doesn’t know much about dating.
Yunzui’s eyes flashed for a moment and then he said, "Nothing means inviting me to dinner."
After cloud drunk will look to Xiao Tian immediately, "you have been busy all day and haven’t eaten yet? How about the three of us together? "
Yunzui’s voice just fell and suddenly he felt that something was wrong with the surrounding atmosphere. Yunzui’s mouth slightly evoked a flash of success in his eyes.
It seems that she really wants to have a two-person date with her. She just said that on purpose. She just wanted Doby to see his reaction.
"No, boss Xiaofu must have reserved food for you, so you won’t go with your report."
Yunzui immediately nodded with satisfaction, and she knew that Xiao Tian would not go because he knew how to look at the eyes and wouldn’t look at the immediate interests like others. I thought it was a golden opportunity to curry favor with Chimie, but Xiao Tian was very sensible and was satisfied with this Yunzui.
She is naturally not stupid when she sees people …
"My Lord, please" Yun Zui deliberately kept a polite distance and made a gesture of please to Chi Zui.
She is not angry, but because it is a polar building. Many people look at her and she is a toffee with a special status. Although polar people don’t know this, she still doesn’t want to show it in the polar building.
What’s more, she’s wearing a men’s wear, and she can’t show intimacy with Chi Mi!
Chapter 222 Like old men
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Those employees can’t help working harder because of the arrival of Chi Mi and the fact that Chi Mi is drunk and unusual.
Out of the polar pool, my face is very cold, and I don’t say it tightly, but I still walk forward without saying a word, regardless of the cloud behind me.