They don’t understand, naming the first half with the lead and the scene dominant.

Why was it suddenly tied?
Like them, they are stunned by the players of Atletico Madrid.
They can’t accept the result that two goals lead to be equalized.
After losing a goal, they paid great attention.
Time is running out, and they will succeed.
In the end, it fell short …
Although they are tied now, they haven’t lost the game.
But they already have such a feeling in their hearts.
That is, they are likely to lose the game.
Because their morale has fallen to the bottom.
Every one of them has the game two seasons ago in his mind. They were scored nine goals by Lazio at home!
When morale was like a rainbow before, even if this memory was remembered by them, it was also the driving force for their revenge.
But now, thinking about this game again makes them shudder.
Because they will understand the game from another angle, which is no longer the motive force of their revenge, but becomes their nightmare.
They will reflect, in front of them is the devil who once scored nine goals for them!
They are ruthless, and they are extremely vicious.
At that time, the sense of humiliation reappeared, but it could not inspire their ambition of revenge.
In the last ten minutes, the morale of Atletico Madrid collapsed like a collapsed wall.
In the 88th minute, Lazio caught a low-level mistake in Atletico Madrid’s defense line and scored a goal to overtake the score.
At this point, the players of Atletico Madrid completely surrendered!
“3:2! Lazio did it! They made a great turnaround! In the case of falling behind two goals in the first half, they fought back in the second half and reversed the game! "
"Poor Atletico Madrid … they lost the game even though they were two goals ahead … Although they were tenacious, they were still defeated by Lazio … Maybe this is their fate, and their fate is irresistible!"
Amid the shouts of the commentator, the cheers of Lazio fans rang out from the stands.
This time is bigger than the previous two times.
Because they know that Lazio will win!
Compared with the excited Lazio fans, Atletico Madrid fans were all silent, and some even held their heads in pain.
Their silence this time means that they also know what will happen next to the team.
When Lazio take the lead, can they still turn their opponents over? That’s a fable!
Things that have never happened!
Atletico Madrid … lost.
Flores stood on the sidelines with a blank expression.
I had a good tone, just in time for Lazio to be out of shape.
He almost beat Lazio.
He knows that his team is actually very tenacious, although it is glorious to lose.
But people will only remember the winners.
A few years later, people will not say that Lazio, the European Super Cup champion in 2010, was very tenacious in the competition.
They will only say that Lazio won the European Super Cup that year, and they beat Atletico Madrid 3-2.
That’s all.
Losers are always in the wrong.
Flores sighed, then walked back to the coach’s seat and sat down.
The game is over.
Chapter two hundred and eighty Tactics of the new season
Although it experienced some twists and turns, the final outcome was quite good. Lazio beat their rival Atletico Madrid and won their fifth championship this season.
When the referee blew the final whistle, the Italian commentator shouted: "Five crowns! Often tied his achievements in Lazio! Now there is only one champion left in front of them, the champion of the World Club Cup! We have every reason to start looking forward to the six crowns in Serie A! "
After the game, Chang Sheng showed his demeanor as a winner. He took the initiative to go to the coach seat of Atletico Madrid and extended his hand to Atletico Madrid coach Flores.
He has a grudge against Atletico Madrid, but it doesn’t mean that he has the same resentment against Flores.
In any case, Flores also coached Valencia, and the two men are of the same origin.
Flores was surprised by this move of constant victory.
He didn’t expect Chang Sheng, who usually doesn’t care about anyone, to take the initiative to come up and shake hands with him!
He held out his hand hesitantly.
Changsheng shook it up and patted him on the shoulder.
"Well done." He praised.
Then, without exchanging pleasantries with Flores, he let go and turned away.
Flores didn’t say a word during the whole process.
Flores was stunned by this scene because he didn’t have time to say it, and he didn’t react at all.
After he reacted, Changsheng had already turned and left.
He just looked at the back of Changsheng, not knowing what to say.
In the end, he still didn’t say a word.
But he accepted the ever-victorious praise.
As a coach who has coached Valencia, he is very aware of the influence and status of the winning team and the achievements of the winning team.
As a person who once listed winning the game as surpassing the goal, Flores is more aware of winning the game-if you want to beat your opponent, you must first know your opponent.