Because J Luo’s performance is the most topical


Driving a Ferrari to the finish line, no matter who its driver is, is not a surprise to people, but when an old car suddenly rushed to the track, it was once neck and neck with Ferrari, even if it failed to reach the finish line at one time, it was already the biggest surprise to the audience.
Knowing well how florentino might give up such an opportunity, J Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s biggest prey so far this summer, and his influence exceeded that of Cross, the core of German double midfield who joined Real Madrid Bayern Munich with two dazzling auras on his head.
Transfer 10 million
Perhaps when Monaco introduced J Ronaldo from the black shop Porto at a high price of nearly 40 million yuan, they didn’t expect that they could become a bigger black shop one day.
It can be said that the biggest beneficiary of the whole World Cup period is that Real Madrid’s 25 million won Kroos, which is cheap and good compared with J Ronaldo’s sky-high media. He said that Real Madrid can earn half of it before the game. Although it is somewhat exaggerated, it can also be seen that Real Madrid introduced J Ronaldo’s ideas.
The defending champions of the Champions League are even more horrible, but the World Cup does not mean the transfer period. In fact, the World Cup means that the transfer market will start to accelerate when it is squeezed.
On July 17th, Manchester City announced their second transfer of Richards to Fiorentina, with a follow-up of 2 million linked to the player’s performance.
On July 19th, the third transfer of Manchester City was born. Nastasic joined the Bundesliga Schalke on loan, and it was not mandatory to buy out 20 million on loan of 2 million.
Richards and Nastasic’s departure also means that Manchester City’s defense signings are imminent. Linsen did not let Zheng lead the team to warm up in the United States before the season. How long did pellegrini wait? Only two days later, a young Argentine appeared at Manchester Airport accompanied by his agent. He was a group of journalists who had already got the news.
Manchester City is a great team, and this is a fantastic opportunity for me.
Speaking exactly is actually a post-nine Musacchio.
Matteo Musacchio was born in Argentine riverbed club and was bought by Villarreal in 9 years. He played for team B at first, and then he was successfully transferred to the first team. First, Villarreal dared to sell the season, which was called Atletico Madrid’s anchor. Godin was because of Musacchio.
The introduction of La Liga players can not be without a clause, that is, the minimum termination fee clause. Conveniently, because of this clause, many players’ worth base has been set, but the trouble is also this clause, because for many La Liga clubs, this clause is also a shield.
Tomlinson didn’t want to bring in Musacchio at first. Villarreal President Hernando Roig declared early on that he needed 50 million yuan to want Musacchio, which forced many clubs interested in Musacchio, including Manchester City Tomlinson, to play for Stoke City at first.
Born in Manchester United, Shawcross did not gain a firm foothold in Manchester United, but gradually occupied the position of the main central defender in Stoke City with his own performance. Although his performance in recent seasons is not the best in the Premier League, it is also the most stable defender in the Premier League. A pair of Nastasic returned and hoped that Linsen did not really intend to introduce a defender to replace the former position, so his age and ability are in line with pellegrini’s positioning, and Shawcross became a suitable choice.
However, Lin Sen’s plan was quickly shattered by the lion’s big mouth in Stoke City. After several counter-offers, the gap between the two sides was still huge. Lin Sen decisively changed the target. This is now Musacchio.
It is equally difficult to negotiate with Villarreal, but finally Villarreal is not as "stubborn" as Stoke City. After Lin Sen put another Manchester City central defender Boyata on the negotiating table, the gap between the two sides has been very small.
In the end, the price paid by Manchester City Musacchio is 15 million Gaboyatta. Of course, there is a buyout clause, and this buyout clause is only 5 million. In other words, Musacchio is worth 10 million Gaboyatta.
In the afternoon, Musacchio passed the medical examination in Manchester City, and then Manchester City announced their second signing in official website. After successfully signing Manchester City, Musacchio will get three days off to deal with personal affairs, and then he will fly to the United States to join the team.
Musacchio signed for Manchester City and one person was depressed.
Leonardo is not interested in Musacchio. However, the signing form of Manchester City is tantamount to telling everyone that they have completely withdrawn from the "competition" in Mangala. Ironically, after the actual transfer from Paris Saint-Germain to Mangala, Manchester City has never really competed with Paris Saint-Germain.
Only now has Leonardo come to his senses, and the other side has never moved in Mangala at all.
Think about it. It’s not surprising that apart from Suarez’s transfer, Manchester City made the biggest noise this summer. Although it is the defense line, in fact, their defense line is still the most stable link, especially the central defender Kong Pani and David Lewis. Even if it is said that Europe is one of the best configurations, not to mention that they also have English international Cahill on this basis. Although Rodrigo is angry with Manchester City’s offer, Manchester City needs only a fourth central defender.
And Musacchio in place is equivalent to announcing that the transformation of the other defense line has been completed
This is obviously not good news for a man bent on digging David Louis Paris Saint-Germain.
It can’t be said that the strategy is wrong, it can be said that Leonardo is in the wrong direction. The current situation is that it is difficult to ride a tiger with Porto on the transfer of Mangala, but the actual gap between the two sides is not that big. Porto asks for 30 million, while Paris Saint-Germain offers 25 million, but Porto thinks that this gap is just a trivial matter for Paris Saint-Germain, so he will never let go.
I don’t know that Leonardo’s goal is not here
Shortly after the announcement of the signing of Manchester City, Leonardo held an urgent consultation with head coach Blank, and then just arrived at Manchester City headquarters the next day, Linsen received an offer
A generous offer
50 million
Paris Saint-Germain formally buys David Louis.
Lin Sen’s first reaction after receiving the quotation was that he really didn’t give up!
Then immediately, the second reaction was not that Ma refused the other party’s offer, but picked up his mobile phone and called David Luis, who was treating the World Cup in Brazil for "heartbreak".
In my memory, there are many opinions about why David Lewis will leave for Chelsea. At the club level, half of the reasons why Chelsea will let David Lewis leave are because they already had an ideal partner in the central defender position at that time. The annual salary and positioning of David Lewis are doomed that he will not be willing to substitute, so Chelsea chose to let him go after receiving the offer from Paris Saint-Germain.
But this possibility is not in the eyes of Manchester City, because David Louis has a solid position in Manchester City in recent seasons. He and Kong Pani are partners, so there is no reason for Manchester City to let David Louis go.
Just because the club doesn’t let go doesn’t mean the players have no ideas.
Actually, as early as the inquiry in Paris Saint-Germain, Lin Sen had an exchange with David Louis on this issue, and David Louis did say that he would not leave.
However, this time is different. The World Cup has been
From the player’s personal point of view, according to the original trajectory, according to David Luis’s own statement, he chose to leave at the beginning mainly because of persuasion from one person, and this person is Diego Silva, the captain of the Brazilian team who plays with Paris Saint-Germain in Brazil.
Never underestimate the power of "pillow breeze"
After being a roommate for a summer, no one can be sure that nothing will happen if Diego Silva tries to persuade David Luis to change his tune.
Ps has been pushing the phone for more than half an hour ~ ~ ~
Chapter 22 Selection
For David Luis, the World Cup just passed is like the emperor playing a joke on him, not just him, but on all Brazilians.
This joke is one to seven.
This is a difficult score for the team, let alone Brazil.
Brazil, which was hit hard, lost to the Netherlands 3-3 in the third place battle, which is another scar, but it is nothing to many Brazilian fans who have been numb in a game.
Like Tomlinson, David Lewis also didn’t go to the World Cup finals.