But it doesn’t help to realize your dreams at all.


Sometimes, we have to pay attention to some strategies on the way to realize our dreams.
It’s just that he is completely unfamiliar with the media ecosystem in Valencia, and he doesn’t know which media can be used and which media can’t be used.
It is even more impossible for him to wait for others to take the initiative to find you, as he did in getafe.
Getafe is a small place, a small team, with limited influence and few people concerned, which he can afford.
Valencia is different, and it is also a traditional strong team in Spain. It is a big brother in Valencia and a force to be reckoned with in Spanish football.
The longer this state of no mouthpiece lasts, the more chaotic the news and public opinion will be.
So this matter must be solved as soon as possible.
Changsheng finds himself as a head coach. The more power he has, the more things he will do and the more pressure he will have.
Before, he felt that only by grasping all the power in his own hands could he feel safe again.
Now it seems that this is indeed more secure, but the problem is that it is also more tiring. If he has someone he can trust, he can divide power.
In that case, some trivial things can be handed over to the men.
But the person in charge of this kind of thing, how could it be his men … Take this matter of public opinion control for example. Originally, this matter was the responsibility of the press officer, but the ever-victorious Javi Rodriguez, a person who didn’t know the details at all, was not at ease, so he took part in the power and stipulated that any interview with the team needed his consent.
As a result, Javi Rodriguez came to see him almost every day. The two people were strangers, and they are almost familiar with each other.
Everyone is busy. I can’t help it. I’m always worried.
To reassure yourself, it seems that only your own talents can do it.
But I am an airborne coach. What is my own?
And Javi Rodriguez’s position can’t be his own men, and he doesn’t have any direct management relationship with him at all, and he naturally has no binding force on Rodriguez.
By the way, speaking of Rodriguez …
Chang Sheng remembered that he was not familiar with the news media ecology in Valencia, but Rodriguez was familiar with it!
Ask him, maybe you can get useful information.
So Changsheng got through to Javi Rodriguez.
"Good media?"
Javi Rodriguez feels strange about the words used by Chang Sheng.
"Well, it’s … media with conscience." Changsheng explained. "I won’t expose the news inside the team like Super Sports. It is worthy of cooperation and can be entrusted to trusted media. "
Javi Rodriguez frowned on the phone: "Conscious media … I think, often, your request is too high …"
Chang Sheng rolled his eyes. It seems that he is not the only one who has this opinion about the media.
"Is there no way?"
Javi Rodriguez smiled: "I think you have entered a misunderstanding, Chang."
Because of Chang Sheng’s words, Rodriguez played down a peg or two in front of the swaggering reporters in Super Sports, so now he has a good impression of Chang Sheng and is willing to share some experiences.
"Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? "
"We don’t need conscientious media, we just need obedient media." Rodriguez began to talk about Kan Kan. "It is very simple to make them obedient and give them benefits, but at the same time they are strictly controlled. If they are obedient, it doesn’t matter, and everyone cooperates happily. What if you don’t listen? I think you are more experienced than me, Chang. "
Rodriguez at the other end of the phone said and laughed.
Cleaning up the media, Changsheng is really experienced.
The official cooperative media "Super Sports" has made him so embarrassed, so have other media?
Chang Sheng understood when he heard this.
Super Sports has been the cooperative media of Valencia Club for many years. They use the influence of Valencia football team to expand their influence in Valencia region. Naturally, it will occupy the market position of other media.
So in fact, there are quite a few media to replace it …
As long as you find a media with good reviews and great influence, you can do it.
Valencia is different from getafe, and getafe is so big, so he can help getafe Local Life seize the market.
Valencia is too big. If you really want to find a nobody, then slowly cultivate them. When they occupy the market share, it is estimated that the day lilies will get cold.
So in Valencia, we have to find a mature and large-scale media to support it.
"Then recommend one, Harvey. I know you are an expert in this field. " He quietly sent an ass over.
Changsheng, a person who doesn’t look like a dick at ordinary times, often has a better flattering effect, because the other party won’t think that you are deliberately flattering him, and it is easier to believe it.
Therefore, he seriously considered the constant success, and finally said, "Provincial Newspaper. In the past, Super Sports was the authoritative media to report on us, while levante Daily was the authoritative media to report on levante. There is only the provincial newspaper, which seems to be reported on both sides, but neither side can get an exclusive. However, he is a comprehensive newspaper, and his influence in Valencia is not inferior to Super Sports and levante Journal. "
In fact, "Provincial Newspaper" also reported the news of the team’s infighting, but they are purely playing soy sauce, and they are just reprinting it. The timeliness is still one day late, so they are considered "accomplices". Since we want to win over a group and attack a group, it is natural to let bygones be bygones. If we have to haggle over every ounce, then a suitable local media in Valencia can’t be found.
Chang Sheng obviously understood this truth, and he nodded: "OK, just this one. Please go and contact them. "
Changsheng directly decentralized on this. Anyway, he doesn’t understand, and he is very busy. It’s better to give it to Javi Rodriguez and sell him personal feelings, and maybe he will get his reward in the future.
Javi Rodriguez is also very satisfied with this arrangement.
Constant success in letting him do it shows that he trusts him very much.
Everyone likes the feeling of being trusted.
Chapter seventy-five White-haired reporter
"Super Sports" went to Sohler to cry, and Sohler flew into a rage when he heard that ever-victorious bastard didn’t even listen to himself.
But at least he hasn’t lost his cool.
He knows that although he is the second largest shareholder, he has no real power in the club, only the right to make suggestions and no decision.
Therefore, if he goes directly to find Chang Sheng, Chang Sheng can totally come back, because Chang Sheng is not in his charge.
He can’t control the winning streak, but he believes that someone can clean up the winning streak.
As the second shareholder, he still has a say in the board of directors of the club.
Even Jaime Oti, the president of the club, can’t ignore his opinion.
So he can put pressure on Oti to achieve the result of putting pressure on Changsheng.
It happened that the next day was the monthly routine board meeting, so Sohler patted his chest and assured Super Sports that he would help them get justice this time.
At the board meeting, Sohler put forward what he had observed recently. The team always refused to provide their media partner "Super Sports" with the convenience of interview, so that people could report all the complaints to him.
He thinks it is unreasonable to be treated like this by Chang Sheng as a media partner of Valencia Club for many years. "… in the long run, we will lose the support of the media and be surrounded by unfavorable public opinion! Gentlemen, this is by no means alarmist! "
Oti took a look at the manager pitarch, and pitarch just looked him in the eye.
Both of them think that there is something strange about Sohler’s sudden attack on winning-when did he care so much about media work?
Later, the board members who supported Sohler also stood up and spoke to express their concerns about this issue.
Originally, it was a board meeting, but it turned into a critical meeting for the ever-victorious.
Two people glances again, it seems that Sohler is prepared this time.
I’m afraid Sohler is not so simply worried about the team’s public opinion environment. He wants to attack the faction of Oti behind the winning streak by attacking the winning streak …
After all, in the beginning, it was Oti who supported Changsheng to take office.