Chapter 4. Chapter 4


"Well, it’s time to rest for a day and we have to hurry." The heavy fish gasped.
I don’t know if Xiao Yicheng secretly studied it. It used to be that if I said a few words to her, my heart would turn red and my heart would beat. Since I left Beijing, young people have learned a lot about kissing.
Moreover, the other party may have hit her on the wrong foot, and always know how to kiss her will make her more comfortable.
They have been on the road for several days these days, and Xiao Yicheng secretly pressed her to kiss for several days at night.
At first, Shen Yu felt quite comfortable being bewitched by the handsome little face of the other party, but she was not so patient when she was pestered by Xiao Yicheng for several days. She felt that Xiao Yicheng was a little too clingy.
It’s like when she was in Canglan world, she used to keep the civet cat. She played with it every day, but every time she finished practicing to tease it, it was anxious to stick to her body and always called "Meow Meow" to coquetry her.
Xiao Yicheng loosen sink fish was his lips, forehead against sink fish shoulder took a deep breath, nose gently smelling the girl’s body sweet, feel no matter what time is not enough to kiss each other.
But she doesn’t want to now, so he can’t force her.
Xiao Yicheng some regret straight up, sink fish after messy collar, he put the sink fish into the tent was inside.
"You go to sleep first" Xiao Yicheng said.
Then, when he was puzzled by the heavy fish, he lifted the tent curtain and stepped into the dark night outside, and the bonfire was not far away. Xiao Yicheng just sat outside the tent, until some cold night breeze blew away his impulse, and he returned to the tent and held the girl who had fallen into a sweet dream tightly in his arms, only then did he dare to close his eyes and sleep.
The next day, they slept until dawn and gradually emerged from the tent.
After washing, they simply drank the wild vegetable soup and cakes made by the cook, slowly put away all the tents and buried the dirt from yesterday’s fire, and then the whole team marched towards the side again.
After marching like this for half a month, talents such as Xiao Yicheng and Shen Yu finally arrived at this destination, called Lin ‘an City.
Lin ‘an City is located in the city that was attacked by Xiongnu, just south of Danyang City, which is only five miles away.
Danyang City is the main city where Nanyang fought against Xiongnu, while Lin ‘an City was his substitute.
When Xiao Yicheng and others arrived in Lin’ an City, Lin’ an City is now guarding the city. After seeing Xiao Yicheng’s appearance from a distance, people immediately opened the gate of Lin’ an City and came out to meet him in person.
Lin’ an City Shoujiang is a middle-aged man, and he is kind and strong, but his mind looks different from his appearance.
When approaching the motorcade, I saw General Xiao, who was sitting high behind the other side of Ma Xiaoyi City and tied up with flowers. The face of this man named Sun Fu Shoujiang did not show doubts.
He looked as usual and greeted Xiao Yicheng, the general of Xiao, and then took the initiative to lead the people into Lin ‘an City and went straight to the duke’s house.
Shen Yu, Xiao Furen and other women were led to the backyard by the duke’s mansion after they arrived. General Xiao Yicheng and aunt Xiao’s husband all went to the front yard of the duke’s mansion to discuss things.
Although Shen Yu wants to know what these people have said, she also knows that it is not convenient for her to listen to these things because of her female status in this world.
I can regret to dispel the idea in my heart and wait for Xiao Yicheng to come back later before she asks each other.
Sun Fu in the front yard of the duke’s mansion asked about General Yu Xiao.
Uncle Xiao sighed and told each other everything that happened in Beijing.
This Sun Fu is also a capable general of General Xiao. He knows General Xiao very well. Listen to Uncle Xiao’s words. Sun Fu can’t help but sigh. "I knew the general was good in other aspects, but he was always soft-hearted and indecisive when facing the court. Fortunately, the little general and you made quick decisions this time, otherwise I was afraid that you would be in born to die this time."
The affirmation in Sun Fu’s tone made Uncle Xiao frown. He looked at each other and asked, "What do you mean?"
Sun Fu looked up and looked around the house where several people were staying, and sent his side to follow his confidant to keep the door.
This just said with a dignified expression, "When the Xiongnu attacked Danyang City, I found that they seemed to be well prepared and were very familiar with the layout of Danyang City Yugoslav capital, and the choice happened to be the time when our defense was the most relaxed when we held a celebration."
The right place at the right time and the right place, plus he didn’t let the soldiers guarding the city of Danyang and the other party die, but retreated to Lin’ an City while fighting. Only then did Danyang City break the border and rush to the court to report the news.
Fortunately, however, his mind was fine and he didn’t defend himself in Danyang City at that time. His soldiers didn’t die in vain.
Sun Fu continued, "Of course, these were all my guesses at first, which really made me realize that it was wrong. Later, after all of us retreated to Lin ‘an City, the Qin army directly went to the duke’s house with people and found those letters."
Sun Fu refers to those private letters between General Xiao and Xiongnu.
Xiao uncle smell speech great anger "this is not nonsense? General, it took him so many years to completely beat the Xiongnu out of Nanyang, and they were afraid of us. He almost died several times. How could he betray Nanyang? "
Sun Fu: "Of course, I believe very much in the Qin army supervised by the General. Now I have taken control of them. Unfortunately, I was a little slow at that time, so I let them get the news out. Later, I sent someone to give the general a message, and I was already a little slow. These days, I have been worried about you. Fortunately, you came back safely today … but I think Mrs. and they all came to this capital with you?"
Xiao Yicheng nodded. "Someone in the palace gave me a message. The emperor has decided to operate on the Xiao family, so we actually ran for our lives this time."
Sun Fuwen knew, "General, he doesn’t want to?"
Xiao Yicheng "It was because I knocked him out that he took him out of the capital smoothly."
Sun Fu couldn’t help admiring Xiao Yicheng when he heard this sentence.
"The little general is very decisive."
He was a little sad. "It seems that the emperor really wants to kill us this time, but even the general’s weakness is calculated very accurately. I had hoped that he was fooled."
He is a close confidant of General Xiao. If General Xiao is accused of treason and something happens to him, he can’t be lucky.
Uncle Xiao "How do you say this?"
Sun Fu: "I found a eunuch beside Qin Jianjun, and from this eunuch, I found Wang Tingli’s things on the Xiongnu side."
The eunuch was naturally sent from the palace, and it was clear to several people present that he obeyed the orders.
Xiao uncle smell speech shocked "ridiculous! They’re … They’re totally heartless! This is his country, his people are calculating the general, and he actually hooked up with the Huns. This is simply a child’s play with the lives of hundreds of thousands of sergeant beside us. "
Sun Fu agrees and nods, and naturally he thinks so. He will let people control Qin Jianjun and his party. In recent days, he has been waiting for General Xiao and others to return to the side without thinking about it.
But he wanted to be tied up when he just entered the city. General Xiao couldn’t help but worry. "So what should we do now?"
He also planned to wait for General Xiao to come back, but he pointed to a way forward. I didn’t expect the other party to be so stubborn that everyone else had figured it out. General, he wanted to continue to endure.
One side of the original listening to the conversation between the two Xiao Yicheng timely said, "Sun Shu, please don’t worry. Father, although his brain is not clear at the moment, please believe me, Sun Shu, Yi Cheng will definitely say that his father and even his father really can’t figure it out. Isn’t there Yi Cheng there? As long as I am alive, I will never let the two traitors blame me. "
Sun Fuwen was stunned. "Do you want to?"
Xiao Yicheng’s lip angle evokes a smiling face, but he is confident to the extreme.
"Yicheng thinks that the people of Nanyang know the truth of this matter, don’t they?"
Water can also overturn a boat.
The people may not care what the name of the man sitting in the Zhang Long chair is, but they will never want to sit in that position as a ruler who plays with their lives.
Xiao Yicheng tone cool thin "Since he doesn’t want to sit in that temple and doubt that our Xiao family is disloyal, I don’t want to be slandered in vain and I can follow his wishes."
Xiao Yicheng turned his eyes to Sun Fu and Uncle Xiao.
The two middle-aged men hesitated a little, then made up their minds. The expression was firm and they told Xiao Yicheng that "May the general render his services".
They have a tacit understanding to remove the word "small" that was originally added before the word "general"
After this incident, Sun Fu and Uncle Xiao also understood that General Xiao was at war, which may be more mature than Xiao Yicheng, but when dealing with his relatives and their families, he was obviously more emotional than Xiao Yicheng.
Or maybe General Xiao doesn’t really ignore them, but the word loyal minister is far more important in General Xiao’s heart than them.
And Xiao Yicheng this time, in just one day after getting the news, he can take advantage of the fact that people in the court haven’t reacted yet and escaped smoothly from Beijing with so many people.
This is enough to say that the other side has already had the determination that a general should have, and that the other side came here with General Xiao in the past five years has also proved his talent in marching warfare.