Meng Fei micro-motion in the heart, although he has never seen the strength of the shattered territory, you can imagine that they are powerful from the respected tone of Kerviel


God read a condensate Meng Fei facial expression, a slight change in the busy suddenly showed a green light spot.
This sudden discovery puzzled him.
This is the first time he has sent such a light spot with different colors.
Brother Ke, I found a strange thing. Meng Fei sank a green light.
Kewell heard this eyebrows a wrinkly face slightly changed way may be mutating dead creatures.
Meng Fei big move in the heart, he has killed more than one hundred golden dead creatures. After seeing more strength for these guys, there is no initial shock. At this moment, he has some expectations for the mutant monster.
Seems to be feeling the Meng Fei’s heart, square, didn’t discourage is Meng brothers each of these variation monsters hold at least one kind of special ability, if you meet them, be careful.
Meng Fei heart a fiercely this sentence KeWeiEr but took pains to told many times he for those mutant monsters have long been terrified.
Of course, he will not shrink back because of this, but is full of expectation.
I want to see what it is that can make a heavenly monarch value it.
The two men walked forward at rest, and they moved carefully without disturbing anyone.
Turned several channels. Although two large-scale monsters were found on the way, one of them was a group of four golden monsters, but Meng Fei held back his hands.
So he couldn’t wait to see what the powerful monster was like.
The more the passage goes, the more twists and turns it becomes. Even if people want to remember it silently, it is impossible.
But Meng Fei two people don’t worry about the cave stone wall method under Shinto strong attack here, and they want to be able to fight from the surface at any time.
The closer you get to the green spot in the dark pupil, the slower Meng Fei becomes because there is a faint sense of danger in his heart.
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled up dark pupil ability he is quite clear before he didn’t start work these monsters root is impossible to detect, but at the moment this strange feeling is more and more intense let Meng Fei heart some uneasy.
Gung, there is a strange croaking in front of you, and this sound is usually scary.
Meng Fei’s eyebrows were blown up. He walked slowly through the curve ahead and finally saw the monster that Kewell had mutated many times.
This is a monster covered with green fur balls. Its size is very different from those of compound-eyed apes. The roots can’t be the same kind, but at this time, there are two golden monsters and some monsters of all colors beside the green fur monster. They surround the green fur monster.
And even more to Meng Fei’s surprise, these monsters are keeping a close eye on him. This direction seems to be guarding against something.
Meng Fei heart a cold he immediately white these guys turned out to be aware of his trail will be ready.
Meng Fei didn’t immediately realize that although these monsters were posing in a defensive posture, they showed no signs of attacking, and the compound eyes of these monsters were going round and round, so they didn’t lock the target.
He suddenly realized that these monsters knew that they had come, but they were hidden in the iron sheet and they didn’t see themselves.
Gung is loud sound rang from the monster group Meng Fei this just know to the green spherical monster called unexpectedly is this chic.
Hand, sound behind him without hesitation.
Meng Fei wrist shake mutation life and death ray immediately to sell and in half a flash straight toward the green ball.
There was a sharp sharp sword to break the two golden monsters’ eyes with extreme fear.
It seems that after millions of years, they are quite afraid of the effectiveness of this weapon.
However, something unexpected happened to Meng Fei.
It was in this certain life-and-death thunder that passed through the two hesitant golden monsters and saw that they were going to be green monsters. At that moment, this life-and-death thunder actually stopped in the middle and stopped abruptly in front of the monsters several inches, and a sharp and cold gas suddenly spread.
Meng Fei’s figure has flashed, and he’s surprised. He feels incredible that he missed this time.
He felt the mutation in the life and death thunder unexpectedly with an evil full of gloomy cold thoughts to force the life and death thunder to block up.
This turned out to be a mental ability, and it is still this powerful.
Anger hum a that shining mutation life and death thunder suddenly burst from it.
It’s a general life-and-death thunder, so don’t say it’s a midway detonation. Even if it’s successfully exploded, the pure light force condensed inside is not enough to purify a golden or green monster from its outer shell.
However, Meng Fei’s variation in life and death is different. In this case, the seal turned out to be a powerful light and dark qi.
That kind of power is hard to find even in a thousand worlds.
In an instant, the fragments exploded from the center, and the golden monsters on both sides were the most unlucky. Their bodies were full of fragments from light and dark power.
The squeal screams were enough to cover up all the sounds, and when they finally stopped, they had already lost their lives.
Of course, it is also very important that their larynx suddenly has a fatal wound.