On the way, Li She first took Guo Jiajin into the downtown area, bought some rouge gouache at random, and prepared to give it to Bian Niang and them, and then walked towards the palace after getting familiar with it.


Hmm? I saw that the government door was closed, and Li was involved in some accidents. What happened? Full of doubts, he left for Kangfu, only to let the servant inform him. Kang Luo quickly greeted him and said anxiously, "You are back!"
"What happened? Why is the gate of Wangfu closed? Where has my brother gone? " Li has a bad feeling in her heart. As the secretariat of Jingzhou, Wang Rui should have a servant to take care of even if she wants to go out on business, but now the door is closed, which is very unusual. (To be continued. . )
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Woo
Li’s expression was anxious, but Kang Luo seemed to be awkward, and Li was even more anxious. "Kang County magistrate, you are quick to say it!"
"After I say it, I hope the duke can calm down." Kang said that he was worried.
Li She thinks of the fate of Wang Rui in history, and her heart seems to understand something. How much Li She hopes that this is not the case. "You say, I am listening."
"The king’s secretariat has passed away."
With a thump, Li’s heart seemed to have been punched hard, and he was a little flustered. "How is this possible? My brother, as a secretariat of Jingzhou, who dares to touch him!"
Kang Luo said, "No one dares to touch the king’s secretariat, but it’s a tiger, Jiangdong Tiger!"
It is no wonder that Sun Jian said some puzzling words when he met his first face. He should have thought of it. Li She laughed. "How could I be so stupid? I should have thought of it … Hehehe …"
Li She seemed crazy, kept mumbling, and laughed and finally left tears in her eyes.
"The duke?" Kang Luo let out a cry of concern.
Li can’t hear you. When Kang Luo is ready to shout again, he has been stopped by Guo Jia.
The original influence on Wang Rui was just a severe npc, but with the gradual understanding, Li She found that Wang Rui was a very good person, and he was modest and knowledgeable. Especially after Li She married a mother, Wang Rui was more concerned about Li She. Every time Li She had any difficulties, Wang Rui always tried to solve them.
This is a family affection, an unutterable family affection. Li She is the only child in the family. Since I met Wang Rui, I just know what is the warmth of my brother, which was given to him by Wang Rui, but now Wang Rui has left.
"Why, why!" Li yelled sadly, "Why haven’t you escaped the historical track!"
Just like in history. This was the time when the governors begged Dong. As a prefect of Changsha, Sun Jian decided to respond to the call and happened to pass by jiangling county, so he asked Wang Rui to send troops to help the alliance.
Wang Rui naturally wanted to, but Wang Rui had an idea at this moment. Cao Yin, the prefect of Wuling, had been oppressing the villagers and doing all kinds of evil. Wang Rui reported to the court several times and there was no answer. Wang Rui, who had no choice, wanted to borrow Sun Jian’s hand to kill Cao Yin, saying that as long as Sun Jian killed Cao Yin, he would send troops.
I didn’t know that the wicked in Cao Yin complained first. Already sent a greeting to Sun Jian. By the way, he fabricated a charge of Wang Rui, saying that Wang Rui was Dong Zhuo’s man and would not send troops. Instead, he would kill the foot soldiers in Changsha and prevent Sun Jian from going north.
Sun Jian then don’t know these tricks, with understand playing dumb nodded, patting the chest to ensure that will be in addition to Dong Zhuo’s minions.
Nature is another calculation in the heart, and Wang Rui, as the secretariat of Jingzhou, dies. Jingxiang is bound to be in chaos, and Sun Jian himself can get a piece of it, so he can eat into the surrounding forces without any worries.
"I swear to heaven!" Li involved face upwards roar, "Sun Jian! I will kill you! "
Kang Luo quickly said, "Don’t be impulsive, Duke! That Sun Jian is not only powerful. Even the influence is deeply rooted. The new Jingzhou Pastor is quite jealous of Sun Jian’s influence and intends to join hands with the Duke. I wonder what the Duke thinks. "
Li Sheben thought Kang Luo was out of kindness to Wang Rui. As soon as the words were spoken, Li Shecai realized that Kang Luo had come with his mind, and immediately kept a distance from Kang Luo. A trace of gratitude to Kang Luo also disappeared. "Kang’s adult, if you have something to say, I don’t like beating around the bush."
Speaking of business, the sadness on Kang Luo’s face has disappeared without a trace. He looks like an official. Where did he get half feelings? Kang Luo just talked about his own purpose. "The new Zhou Mu Liu Biao Liu’s adult is deeply afraid of Sun Jian’s power, but there are few soldiers in his hands. Although there are Cai’s family to help him, it’s a pity that after all, he can’t compete with Sun Jian’s good ministers. Liu’s adult knows that the duke has many talented people and excellent armor, so he wishes.
Li She sneered: "I didn’t expect that Lord Kang would join Liu Biao so soon."
"Please also ask the Duke to understand that officialdom is like a battlefield. If I don’t, I’m afraid I can’t sit still in this position." Kang Luo is helpless.
"What good can Liu Biao do for you?"
Kang Luo said truthfully, "Liu’s adult said that as long as I did this, I would be the prefect of Nanjun."
"Hum, this Liu Biao’s scheming is really deep. Do you want to destroy Sun Jian by my hand, and then slowly destroy me?" With a snort of cold, Li said that Liu Biao was incompetent, but have you ever seen an incompetent person pacify Jing Xiang just by riding a book boy alone?
Therefore, Liu Biao is by no means incompetent, on the contrary, he is also a lean man, which can be seen from Liu Biao’s achievements.
In history, when Liu Biao was alive, Jingxiang took a hundred thousand troops and the people were rich. As a tiger in Jiangdong, Sun Jian had to live in the land of Jiangdong, and Sun Jian finally died under the seat of Liu Biao. Jiangxia was in the hands of Huang Zu, the satrap, so that the tiger in Jiangdong could not lift its head and had to live in a corner.
The Jingzhou rebellion also happened after Liu Biao’s death. It can only be said that children and grandchildren are incompetent, and without Liu Biao’s ability, Jingzhou has naturally become a big cake that everyone wants to carve up.
What is most similar to Liu Biao’s life experience is Liu Biao’s clan brother Liu Yan. It can be said that Liu Yan is better than Liu Biao.
Liu Yan, who has the ambition to claim the title of emperor, has long predicted that there will be chaos in the world. He also heard that there is a dragon spirit in the wild in Sichuan and Sichuan, and immediately played the role of state animal husbandry. Liu Yan himself naturally became an Yizhou animal husbandry, and he set his sights on the Central Plains. He even sent his confidant general Zhang Lu to guard Hanzhong, and he made dragon carts, robes and dragon chairs himself, which seemed to have made him an emperor.
When Liu Yan was alive, no one dared to commit crimes in Yizhou, but he was unlucky. After a serious illness, he died in the west, and his position was handed over to his son Liu Zhang.
Liu Zhang, who is not too rich for Liu Biao’s son, first killed Zhang Lu’s parents and brothers, turned Zhang Lu and Liu Zhang against each other, and then recited the way of enjoyment, which naturally led to Liu Bei’s hand.
Kang Luo quickly put in a good word for Liu Biao. "The duke thinks too much. How can Liu’s adult do such a thing when he’s down?"
"Does Liu Biao do such a thing less?" Before Kang Luo could speak, he gritted his teeth and said, "But I am still willing to promise Liu Biao that I must kill Sun Jian myself!"
Li She immediately turned and left with Guo Jia. Now that Wang Rui is dead, Li She has no reason to stay, and I don’t know how sad the mother should be. I have to go back and have a look.
Kang fell behind and shouted, "Please wait for my news at home."
"The sooner the better!" Without looking back, Li Shetou went straight out of the city. Zhang Xiu and others were still arranging the foot soldiers to camp, but they saw that Li Shetou had come out with Guo Jia, and his face was very ugly. He came forward and asked, "Master, what happened?"
"Nothing." Li She looked somberly at Zhang Xiu and said, "There will be a tough battle in a while, so be prepared."
Zhang Xiu immediately handed over the gun and said, "The sound of your master’s horn is where Zhang Xiu’s pike pointed."
"good! Give orders, let the brothers stop tossing and prepare to return to the territory with me to prepare for this tough battle. " Li involved immediately ordered the horse.
Zhang Xiu didn’t know why Li She was suddenly like this, but Li She had a life, so Zhang Xiu naturally had to obey. He thought to himself, Seeing your master’s behavior, it seems that it is really going to be a tough battle. I hope this battle is hard enough, and my pike can’t help but be excited.
The pike in his hand buzzed from time to time, and Zhang Xiu himself was even more combative.
On the way, Li she thought a lot about what she had done these days. She used to say that she was trying to conquer the barbarian country that had invaded China, but now she thinks it is funny. At that time, she was too naive to protect her relatives, let alone conquer other countries.
Now there is only one belief in Li She’s heart, that is, the people she loves don’t get hurt again, and she wants to build a protection circle so that they can live happily in it all their lives. Li She clenched her fist and secretly vowed: I will definitely not let you get hurt again!
Tianmen Town needs military commanders and counselors. Although there are no ministers, it is just a small town, which can be solved by Bian Bing alone. Therefore, the development situation of Tianmen Town today is good, and the people are alive, moist and happy, but there is only one place full of sadness.
"Mother, have some food. You often don’t eat these days, and you are all thin." Bian Shi caring said.
The nun threw herself into Bian Shi’s arms and burst into tears. "Boo hoo … Sister Bian, I miss my brother."
Bian Shi sighed: "Alas, this is Wang Rui’s life. I believe that Wang Rui would not want to see you so haggard."
"Meowed, brother, I want my brother …"
Zhang Ning, who was on the side, was also touched by the sadness of the mother, and she felt a little sad in her heart. She comforted: "Mother, stop crying, I am so distressed by you."
"Sister Ning, don’t hurt. I’ll just cry for a while."
At this time, there was a sudden noise outside, and the cheers of the people broke out one after another. Bian Shi said, "It should be Li Lang."
"Boo hoo …, Dream Lang!" Mother immediately ran out with rain and pear blossoms.
"alas." Bian Shi sighed and followed up with Zhang Ning.
Li She didn’t have the heart to greet the people at all. After barely showing a few smiling faces, Guo Jia dispersed the enthusiastic people. Just a few steps later, she met a tearful mother who threw herself into Li She’s arms and kept beating Li She’s chest. "Meng Lang, my brother is gone, you can find my brother!"
"Meowed ….., I want my brother, I want my brother …"
Li She stood still and had to let the beautiful woman cry. "Coco, don’t cry, you still have me."
"No, I don’t want you, I want my brother, meowed …" (to be continued. . )
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Liu Biao sent someone