It is true that moyers used to be his coach, but now Rooney is a star with a weekly salary of 30,000 pounds compared with his early salary of 8 pounds. He has been very different. He may have been obedient, and he may still be polite to moyers. But in his heart, it is impossible for moyers to have the same fear of Ferguson. Ferguson’s position in his growth is irreplaceable, and he is afraid that no matter who coaches Manchester United, Rooney will be able to return to Ferguson’s era.

Unlike Wolfsburg, where players have experienced a downturn, they are eager to swim and look forward to self-redemption. Manchester United players have experienced too many superior situations and are now out of supervision and are rapidly degenerating.
This is a very important blow to Manchester United. By extension, if you think about the psychological changes of other Manchester United players after Ferguson retired, you can understand what their achievements have plummeted. Maybe Manchester United players are still those people, but their mentality has long been different.
This is the worst case for Manchester United, but it is the best case for Wolfsburg. Manchester United’s weakness represents Wolfsburg. At this time, opportunity 1 is not safe enough, and the Wolfsburg attack will not end there.
Section 49 Degea
Man Zukic’s goal was about to happen at half time, but the Wolfsburg attack did not stop after the half time. Manchester United’s performance at half time made Wolfsburg see the victory. Maybe after scoring a goal, they naturally wanted to make persistent efforts to score more goals to ensure victory. The morale of Wolfsburg was high at home, and their attack was higher and higher. They wanted to strike while the iron was hot and create victory.
After the half-time, the Wolfsburg attack has never been interrupted. The upcoming group is the first, and they are also trying very hard to embarrass them. However, the Wolfsburg attack did not receive immediate results after the half-time.
Manchester United’s defense is still quite good, and they still caused great trouble to Wolfsburg, even at the half-time, which was too much for Wolfsburg, especially when Gao Shunyao was embarrassed to find that it didn’t seem that the opponent’s defense caused a lot of trouble in the attack, and the other players also caused great trouble.
Of course, perhaps it should be said that Degea is really too troublesome. In the half game, he is the defender of Manchester United.
In the half-game, when Wolfsburg’s attack became stronger and stronger, Manchester United’s defense line was also somewhat precarious. Ryan Giggs, a veteran, did not have a strong defensive ability. Although Rooney had this ability, he was reluctant to fight against the physical strength of the half-game. When they were good, they barely defended. However, with the game going on, Manchester United’s frontcourt anti-stealing base also collapsed. Without this first line of defense, Manchester United’s defense was naturally much worse.
It is precisely because of this that the Wolfsburg attack is also fierce. When Manchester United’s attack is intercepted, the Wolfsburg is easily handed in the backcourt. They can run to their desired position with little effort, and once the horse is in place, it is an attack.
For example, Wolfsburg is good at attacking from the side, so many of them are on the side. Rodriguez takes the ball forward and sticks to the side. He attracts Raphael’s defense, and at this moment he gives the ball to the rib of the restricted area. Perisic quickly inserts it from the left side, which is a better attack speed. He has no choice but to cut again. He directly kicks the ball into the middle of the road with one foot, where Gao Shunyao has quickly rushed to face the opportunity. He suddenly jumped up and successfully suppressed Smalin, and suddenly threw his head and attacked the door in the restricted area and blew the ball out!
In this way, Gao Shunyao can’t remember how many goals he has scored. He knows that this is the safest way to attack the goal for himself. His heading skill has always been excellent. What’s more, this ball is in a good position and Gao Shunyao is full of confidence.
However, this excellent opportunity was met at this time when Degea suddenly jumped up in front of the blocking door and lifted the football off the crossbar with one arm, so that the football did not score the goal.
In the restricted area, Degea almost took up the defensive function at half-time. He made all kinds of saves in front of the door to ensure that Manchester United did not lose a goalkeeper. Compared with the frontcourt, his will was obviously strengthened. Many Wolfsburg attacks were saved by him again and again, which made their attacks delayed and made the fans very depressed.
Although the goalkeeper is also very beautiful, after all, the goalkeeper is the last umbrella of the team and should not be a conventional weapon. For fans, it is not a good thing whether their fans are great or the other fans are great. The former means that their team’s defense is a mess, and the latter means that their team always tries to break through the last line of defense. Neither of them is so happy.
For Wolfsburg fans, their only hope is that Wolfsburg will not always be intercepted by Degea in this game. It is really uncomfortable to be blocked by an open goalkeeper.
It’s really a nuisance for a goalkeeper to hang up, but seeing a goalkeeper hang up generally means that the opponent’s defense can also be penetrated, and even the best goalkeeper will always be excellent in the face of poor defense, which is also an irrefutable truth
And the fans are now looking forward to when Degea can’t stop it.
The Wolf Castle attack is still going on. This time, Rodrigues cut the flank and made a rib match with Gao Shunyao in the penalty area. He rushed to the front of the penalty area, where he directly kicked the ball to the goal with a long-range shot and tried to break through the door with his own long-range shot.
But this time the shot was saved by Degea again, and this time he jumped up and caught the ball with both hands, and there was still no accident.
Rodriguez’s shot was saved, and this time the Wolfsburg attack also came to an abrupt end, but when Degea kicked the ball out to Evans in front, the change happened at this time
Having got the ball, Evans wanted to throw the ball forward and give it to his teammates in front, but Gao Shunyao didn’t shrink to his own half at this time. He still stayed in front of the penalty area and tried to make some interference, which was not a big threat, but no one thought that Evans had a problem with the ball.
Evans hit the ball right on Gao Shunyao’s leg. Instead of rolling forward, the football bounced back and forth.
This sudden change surprised both sides of the game. Evans didn’t expect the football to go to Gao Shunyao’s feet, and Gao Shunyao obviously didn’t expect that he would touch the ball. The football was kicked out by him so directly. Both of them were surprised by this sudden change at this time, but after the surprise, both of them responded immediately.
The football bounced to Evans, and Evans was the first to respond. Ma Xiangqian grabbed the ball at his own feet. Perhaps it was because of a mistake just now that he had a certain psychological shadow. He didn’t dare to go forward again. His horse turned to protect the ball with his back and then gave it to goalkeeper Degea for a safer ball.
But at the same time, Gao Shunyao has responded. Naturally, he won’t allow Evans to make such an excellent ball. When Evans tried to protect the ball quickly, Gao Shunyao also rushed forward. Although he said that this opportunity was not in his plan, since the opportunity has already appeared, he naturally refused to let him go. When Evans tried to control the football, Gao Shunyao also rushed to his side. This time, before Evans got out of the ball, he reached out and kicked it directly on the football surface.
If Gao Shunyao wants to steal the defender’s ball at ordinary times, of course, it’s not so easy for a striker. Although he is strong on his own and has the ability to snatch it, after all, he is not a professional defender. His stealing skills are naturally not particularly good. It’s not particularly easy to try to steal someone’s foot ball forcibly. But this time, it’s different from Evans, who just caught the ball and just made a mistake. He was also a little scared when he controlled the ball. It’s not very good for Gao Shunyao to handle it. After Gao Shunyao rushed from the side, Evans was unable to avoid the football
In the restricted area, the football was kicked out. It was not controlled by Gao Shunyao and Evans, nor did it fall in the direction of the goalkeeper. Instead, it rolled out of people’s control on the ground in the restricted area.
Such a mistake in the penalty area is extremely fatal for a team. Although Gao Shunyao didn’t control the ball at his feet this time, he still made it appear in the penalty area. It is impossible for a player to have an opportunity, which can be said to be a great contribution. The only pity is that he has been sprinting after Evans just now, and now he has no way to chase the ball at the first time.
But he can’t do these things, but his teammates will do them for him.
At this time, Pericic has also rushed in. Just now, when Gao Shunyao steals the ball, Pericic has already inserted his own team. This is an opportunity. The attacking player Pericic also knows how to cooperate with his teammates to launch an attack. He is a little close to the sidewalk, and he wants to open the sidewalk to visit Raphael by himself. But when the football is out, he sees the opportunity at a glance and naturally no longer thinks about Raphael.
He cut directly from the side to the middle, stepped on the ball and firmly controlled the opportunity. Then he took the ball and rushed to the goal. The ball had become a single knife since it landed on his foot. Of course, he would not miss this godsend opportunity.
Degea is indeed a strong goalkeeper, but in the face of a single-handedly strong goalkeeper, he dare not say that he can win 100%. Worse, the shooter has outstanding skills and excellent psychological quality, and he knows how to take advantage of opportunities. At this time, the goalkeeper can also hope for luck.
But unfortunately, the luck of this game was obviously not on Manchester United’s side. After Pericic approached the goal with the ball, he made no mistakes. The football was swept out by him and flew directly to the far corner of the goal.
Degea jumped up high, but he stretched out his arm this time, but it was not enough to touch the goal. The close shot made Pericic control the angle very sharply, and it was impossible for Degea to touch it.
With the wind, the football went into the goal, and Degea fell to the ground, and he was also exhausted for a while. He tried his best, but he still stuck the defense line with holes.
Manchester United have already lost this game, and the victory and defeat have been divided in Wolfsburg.
The fourth quarter a little embarrassed
If Wayne Rooney’s absence in the half-time game made Manchester United lose the chance to win, then Evans’s mistake in the half-time game really made Manchester United lose its last fighting spirit. After Wolfsburg scored the second goal, even Manchester United had been insisting that Degea gave up fighting to will at this time. The game was completely won and lost.