If I had known today would be the first time?


This just where where haven’t into the public security bureau.
"What is true is that you smuggle food out to buy it, and finally you are afraid that we will catch the food you are burning. It is false that someone assigned you, right?"
Understand the ins and outs of Momo peach finally asked.
"Well," Lao Yue nodded with a wry smile, "I was lucky that the farm has strengthened its defense recently and I thought of such a move after hearing what you said."
"When the time comes, we can clear our suspects without bearing any consequences. I think if that’s the case then, if we get hurt again, most of you won’t drive us away."
"I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence that it would be better in half an hour instead of ten minutes."
Momo peach chuckled. If I saw it with my own eyes, it would be true.
Although they will be angry, they are also injured, which seems to be an accident. They are more glad that people are fine and find them an unimportant salary and less leisure work.
But who makes the fact so coincidental?
Momo Tao pursed her lips and said with some inexplicable emotions, "I am lucky."
This words say Wu Manzhu several can’t help but look up face look strange.
Good luck.
Forget it, just say it’s okay. It’s really a kind of luck that nothing really happened after so many unlucky things.
In this way, this matter is basically solved.
Old Yue was in the room.
They went out again and walked to Lao Yue’s house.
"It’s still Momo Taocong who confessed when he said this."
"If he really doesn’t talk about taking money, he can’t leave flowers." Qu Dabo was a few bold.
Thousands of years of money for Momo peach is really not a lot of money, although it hurts now.
But for those of them who earn dead wages, if they lose their lives, they have to lose half of the money, so they praised Momo’s peach idea
Momo peach looked weird and soft and said, "You are really me. I will do this. I am a fool."
"Ah," they were shocked. "But so much money."
Momo Tao sighed with some nai and said, "Although it hurts, money can be earned again. If you do this, it will be uneconomical for a generation."
A few people are passive.
That’s true.
But that’s thousands of dollars. They can’t do it desperately.
Talking about the farm all the way, talking about recent things, several people came to Laoyue’s house.
And show what all don’t know the old yue daughter-in-law said hello indeed as expected found the money under the bed.
"What happened?" Old Yue daughter-in-law said
She’s not in good health, and she’s soft-spoken
Their family had a hard time the day before yesterday, and they didn’t eat at ordinary times. It was only after Lao Yue entered the farm that the family got better every day.
The family wore new clothes and had meat every once in a while, but they envied many people.
Next to Jiajia, her health is not very good, and she looks sick. She is seven years old this year and just in the first grade.
Momo Tao sighed and said, "Nothing is just asking him to help us put things before we come and take them away."
"When will Sister Taotao’s father come back?" Jiajia said happily, "My exam results came out and I won the first place."
Taotao’s mood is complicated. Touch Jiajia’s head and mingle.
"That’s amazing. After Jia Jia, you must study hard and take the university assignment to lead your parents to a good life."
"I can" Jia Jia patted his chest but was proud. "Sister Taotao, don’t tell dad that I will tell him when he comes back."
After a while, Momo nodded at him and took out ten dollars from her pocket and handed it to him.
"Jiajia read it carefully and remember to take the first place in the exam."
Jiajia’s eyes are bright, but she still turns to look at her own mother.
Old Yue’s daughter-in-law has found out what’s wrong again. She smiled and hesitated for a while, but she still let him take the money.
If something really happens, they need money even more.
Momo Taochong nodded at her, and the party gradually left in the dark.
Old Yue’s daughter-in-law is even more uneasy because she is a pillow person. What can she hide?
Director Lao Yue knows it, but she also advised and stopped, and now she doesn’t know what happened.
"Mom, mom, do you think this is my money?" Jiajia came running excitedly with money. "I will definitely make more money after studying hard."
"Yes," Lao Yue’s daughter-in-law gritted her teeth. "You must read."
My heart is full of worries and prayers that nothing bad will happen.
And here, Momo Tao, when they go back, they just sit at home and cook a bunch of people before they have time to have dinner.