"Qiong Qi is a four-fierce beast, not an ordinary monster" Ru Xiaonan explained nervously staring at the face. "And the biggest problem is not to save Chen Daochang, but to whom it will be attached after forcing Qiong Qi out of his body."


"Will it be attached to us?" Han month show nervous expression.
"It won’t be attached to you because you are four-spirit sacred animals," Ru Xiaonan comforted, "but it will choose to be attached to ordinary people like us."
"What should I do?"
RuXiaoNan bit her lip.
I’m afraid many people except her know this method.
The way to get rid of Qiong Qi once and for all is to directly kill Chen Daochang and imprison Qiong Qi in his body so that it can escape.
So Chen Daochang can be rescued again.
Because of Chen Daochang’s identity, everyone hesitated and dared not start work.
"You don’t disposal it will escape" green ink yan don’t know when I walked into the venue.
People wake up from a dream and each releases a spell in the venue, and each circle shines brightly.
Green ink Yan strolled to the center of the venue and looked at Chen Daochang.
"You … are all because of you …" Chen Daochang’s eyes are burning with hatred. "I can become the most powerful teacher of Yin and Yang …"
"That’s just your dream." Qing Mo Yan disdained. "You’re just a running dog. You’re just barking at your master’s power to disturb people’s peace."
"You shut up!" Chen Dao grows a mixed double tone and his hands form a spell.
"It’s the fire spell!" The crowd exclaimed.
The fire spell was made when I was a child, but it was as powerful as bomb blasting in the hands of a man of profound cultivation like Chen Daochang.
High-ranking Yin and Yang masters can release spells without the help of spells.
The crimson flame burst into a deafening sound and shattered all the glass around the venue.
On the second floor, Lingxiaotian pressed Ruxiaonan’s three heads to let them hide in the sand.
However, the power of the fire spell has not gradually diminished.
Because the body was manipulated by Qiong Qi, Chen Daochang’s spell power rose to an unprecedented height
Burst into flames and black flames appeared.
It’s like a red and black fire dragon hovering in the venue.
The venue was devastated by the impact.
RuXiaoNan hiding in a safe place can’t help but look up and look out. She’s a little worried.
But as soon as she looked up, she saw Ling Xiaotian take off her coat and cover it on Su Baitong’s head.
RuXiaoNan suddenly remembered that Ling Xiaotian said Su Baitong was afraid of fire.
She leaned over and hugged Su Baitong’s shoulder. "Sister Su, don’t be afraid. We are all here."
Su Baitong’s face was covered with clothes. She couldn’t see each other’s expressions clearly, but she could feel her shoulders shaking slightly.
The fire dragon once again passed by.
RuXiaoNan surprised that now she can’t feel the hot fire.
What’s going on?
"With me here, how can the fire hurt you?" Ling Xiaotian bent his peach eyes. "All flames belong to Suzaku. Am I right?"
RuXiaoNan hanging heart to put it.
As Ling Xiaotian said, the four sacred animals will produce certain attributes when they are in the body, and these attributes are like their natural strength. Those Yin and Yang teachers can’t get strength in terms of practice.
Qingmo Yan is very close to Chen Daochang, but he is still in place when others are fleeing.
"Qinglong Xingjun, let me kill you and taste your delicious food." Qiong Qi screamed with the help of Chen Dao.
"Sure enough, there is nothing left in the fierce beast’s mind except greed."
It never sounds forced and is not affected by the flame at all.
Chen Daochang has an incredible face.
How can you be safe and sick in such a powerful fire spell?
The flame suddenly burst, just like being washed away by a huge torrent and disappearing instantly.
And after a pause Chen Daochang.
There’s no water coming. Is everything an illusion?
No, he did see the torrent coming towards him just now.
"It seems that you still don’t understand the reason for your failure." Qing Mo Yan waved and threw the Fu Qi to call out his long sword.
Chen Daochang did not notice that there was a man beside him.
Shoulder width and back width are calm and calm.
His body was faintly shining with light blue cyclone residual flames, which went out as he passed by.
"He … he is …" Qiong Qi recognized his ferocious face in Chen Daochang’s face.
That’s Xuanwu Xingjun.
Communicate with Yin and Yang, Xuanwu guards the northern main storm messenger.
Chen Daochang’s eyes reflect the blue ink and raise a sword in Yan’s hand.
"I won’t die here. If I have to die, you will accompany me to hell!" Chen Daochang roared and rushed to the distant crowd.
Just then, I don’t know where a whirling white light flew straight over Chen Daochang’s neck.
A thin blood line flew up. Chen Daochang’s body and head split up in an instant …
Cyclotron white light falls to the ground and the tip is inserted directly into the smooth marble floor.
They didn’t see the white light was a silver cross.
Chapter 636 Magical Story She is no longer alive.
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A silver cross went straight into the smooth marble floor.
All qi qi one leng.
Chen Daochang’s body fell to the ground, and a black gas was pouring out from the wound where his head fell. It seemed to want to diffuse, but it tried several times but could not rush out.
"We are in the Heavenly Father, may everyone respect your name …" I don’t know who threw out a small glass bottle in the crowd and broke it to the ground.
The bottle is half full of water and spilled on the ground.
Black gas emits smoke instantly when it meets that water, just like smoke when water is overheated and boiled.
"Ahhh ….." Black gas gives a dull cry, and the volume of smoke is getting smaller and smaller.