"So what should we do now? !” The dark baron asked.


"Alas …!" Bing Wang’s expression is unwilling to sigh. "Even if this victim of the plague already knows our plan to send troops, we can send mixed soldiers to harass us. We can March as usual because of the containment of Japan. Even if he knows our plan, he can’t concentrate his troops against us! But now, without the containment of Japan, we have to travel so long to attack Huaxia … I’m afraid he’s already been waiting for us with the big fiend forces in Russia! "
"That you mean to …? !” Hearing the soldier’s words, Baron Diablo has guessed the decision of the soldier’s king.
"… can only temporarily retreat, take a long-term view, and then seek Huaxia District after a new round of pre-war deployment is completed!" After that, the soldier king once again passed the temporary channel, but he gave the order to retreat to the whole army.
The military orders fell like a mountain, and the soldier king gave the order, and the mighty super fleet at sea turned its bow and returned to the United States.
"You were right, they withdrew!" Big fiend three people looked at the holographic image like a flood of recede, some worried about nine heavy way, "that we how to act next? ! Although the soldier king has withdrawn his troops now, he may send troops again at any time, and with our naval blockade this time, they are bound to understand the relationship between our alliance soon! In this way, the target of Bing Wang’s next crusade will not necessarily be your Huaxia area. Although I don’t want to admit it, your Huaxia area is indeed the most difficult bone in our four war zones, and any one of our three war zones may become his target! "
"Ha ha, that’s not what I should worry about. At least I can sit back and relax for a while in the short term!" Nine heavy quite some schadenfreude.
Pacifism smell speech expression a stiff, "… are you serious? !”
"Of course …!" Nine heavy brightly a smile, "is false, just kidding! You this boy is really white long such a small white face, have no sense of humor, you must have no ladies’ favor! "
"… I have a good relationship with women!" There are three black lines hanging on the pacifist forehead.
"Hey hey …!" Please listen to me. The funny clown’s face shows a scary smile. "Seriously, do you have any definite plans for the next development?" !”
"You’d better not laugh and look more comfortable!" Nine heavy to please listen to me, this face is really too much, although I also know that this is not his intention, "plan, of course! Want to hear it? !”
"say it!" Three people’s ears are bristling up.
Nine heavy a face of smile, "let’s go to pay the soldier king’s lair tonight, raid the headquarters of the freedom alliance war fortress? !”
Three people smell speech eyes suddenly big five times, almost filled with, fell to the ground, "are you kidding? !”
Nine heavy face plate, "do you think I like joking? ! In a word, will you do it or not? !”
"This …!" Three people all fell into hesitation, which made them not hesitate. After all, this American area, the king of soldiers, but the tiger’s ass, is not something that ordinary people can touch. They are all weighing their own weight and are qualified to touch it.
"… are you really sure? !” Hesitant three people, finally decided to seek some courage from nine heavy here, "you know, let’s play this is too big! If we play well, everyone will be happy, but if we play badly, we will definitely get more than we can bear! "
"I know this better than all of you!" Nine heavy hook hand let three people leaned over, will own ideas and detailed plans with two people about it again, and then asked with a smile, "three, now you have the courage to make a decision ~? !”
Chapter seven hundred and eleven A madman
“……!” The three men pondered for a moment and slapped their thighs hard. "Throwing caution to the wind, although it is high-risk, it also means high return. Done!"
"Then hurry back and gather strength!" Jiuzhong smiled brightly. "Let’s be there at night!"
"Ok, let’s go back and prepare now!" After that, the three men got up in succession, bid farewell to Jiuchong, left the Winter Palace, and led their respective marine forces to return to their respective war zones to make intensive preparations.
"Oh, 6 ground war, it should be less than our marine forces ~? !” Just nine heavy dialogue with big fiend, Wang Baobao heard loud and clear, can’t help looking at nine heavy asked a face of hope.
A curl of nine heavy mouth, buttoning nostrils, "your boy want to beautiful! Although it’s none of your business to raid the war fortress, you have to be responsible for holding off the allied war zones of Britain, France and the United States for Lao Zi, so that they have no luxury to support the soldier king! Do you understand? !”
Wang Baobao smell speech smiling face suddenly collapsed, a pair of dead fish eyes staring at the nine heavy, "are you kidding? Don’t you want me to die? ! How can I be able to hold so many war zones by myself? !”
"That’s not what I want to consider!" Jiuzhong patted Wang Baobao on the shoulder with a smile on his face. "Be good, or I’ll report to my younger sister jian law, Empty Valley and Youlan, and expose all your previous contacts to you!"
Wang Baobao gnashed her teeth and pointed to Jiuzhong. "… you are cruel!"
"Wow, haha ~!" Jiuzhong left the Winter Palace with a smug smile and moved back to the misty city in Huaxia District to prepare for the shocking action at night.
"King Kong, what happened to your things? !” Back to the misty city, Jiuzhong immediately got in touch with the iron-blooded King Kong and others in the United States.
Most of the day passed in the blink of an eye, and at night.
Before the three major leagues, the fighting players who were asked by Jiuzhong to go offline to rest and keep jing sharp continued to return to the game, and under the overall arrangement of the upper commanders of the three major leagues, all jing sharp players gathered in the ethereal city for standby, while the rest of the players rushed to the guild city near the coast of Huaxia District to hoard and station, in order to prevent foreign invasion.
In the United States, the troops in each war zone have temporarily returned to their respective war zones in the discussion hall of the War Fortress Guild at the headquarters of ziyou Alliance, while the brain figures in each zone have gathered in the discussion hall, waiting for the information sent back by the intelligence personnel at any time, while discussing a new round of invasion plan.
While they were discussing, an intelligence officer hurried into the hall and whispered in the soldier’s ear for a while.
Bing Wang listened, gave a hand, and let the intelligence personnel go down. Then he said to the people at the conference table, "There is a new trend in Huaxia District. The combat troops of the Holy Alliance, All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance have been mobilized on a large scale, and most of them have been transferred to the coastal cities for protection, while the rest of the jing sharp troops have all rushed to the ethereal city to stand by, as if to have any action! What do you think of this? !”
"Garrison coastal map … hum!" Baron Diablo is still ahead of others, the first word, "obviously, it is in case we don’t know when to invade them again! Unexpectedly, when this sacred person is actually afraid, I really thought that he was not afraid of heaven and earth! "
Bing Wang nodded and agreed with the view of the Dark Baron. "There is no doubt that they are stationed on the coastal map, and it must be to guard against our invasion! So what purpose did he deploy jing Rui’s troops from the three major leagues to gather in the ethereal city? !”