Fifteen minutes ago, Yu Xin’s live broadcast was no longer on the front page of the fast live broadcast, but some people were attracted by Yu Xin and stayed. Before coming, the maximum number of online viewers was more than 100 thousand, and now there are 50 thousand to 60 thousand left

Now more than one thousand people have paid attention to Yu Xin’s live broadcast.
Rewards are also constantly increasing.
This is a very good result for a new anchor.
These data systems are also updated in a timely manner. You can see the data panel at any time if you want to know.
Just then a Bentley and a Porsche stopped at the door of the clubhouse.
There are two men in casual clothes in the car, one of whom is Yu Xin’s target here today-Xu Ling.
"It’s really not easy for Mr. Xu to meet you. After about half a month, you secretly said you had no time."
"I’ve been really busy recently."
"Just now I made peace with you. What do you think? Now the overseas market is a big cake …"
"Manager Zhang, I will consider that we go to play ball first."
"All right, all right, let’s play first. I’ve long heard that General Manager Xu is very good at football, and today he just got a lesson."
"I’m not interested."
Xu Linggang walked into the clubhouse, and people already got the news workers in two rows. The managers saw Xu Linggang at the front and bowed "Xu Zonghao".
Xu Ling looked the same and said lightly, "Did I bring a guest to the playing field to arrange it?"
The manager hurriedly "has arranged the car and is ready"
Xu Ling nodded "well"
The manager thought for a moment and said, "Just now, the second young master of Shenyang came with some of his friends."
Xu Ling "Well, just say hello when you know it."
"Master Xu Shen is going to the stadium that you usually like to go to."
Just now, Master Shen saw the overview map of the stadium introduction and directly chose this one. At that time, I didn’t know that Xu Ling would come to the office today, so it was difficult for the manager to stop him.
Which know Shen Chu words in less than two hours Xu Ling came.
Two hours can’t finish a round of ten holes
Junnuo Mountain Golf Course has ten world-class golf courses, and dozens of golf stars have been invited to design them. One of them is Xu Ling’s favorite and he participated in the design of that course-Master Stadium is also Xu Ling’s most satisfied one. He usually comes here to go to Master Stadium.
This is also the most vast and magnificent stadium in Junnuo Mountain. The continuous narrow fairways and steep bunkers are very difficult, unique and can bring extraordinary visual enjoyment. Otherwise, Shen Chuyan would not have taken a fancy at a glance.
Xu Ling was silent for a few seconds, and the manager’s forehead was sweating.
I thought it was really unlucky.
"Go here if you have nothing to do. Since he’s here, I’ll just go and say hello."
Xu Ling didn’t want to play for a long time today. He has a dinner party later. Shen Chu said that it’s okay at the stadium. It doesn’t matter if there are so many people.
I was relieved to see that Xu Ling didn’t blame the manager and personally took Xu Ling with the guests.
When I got to the Master Stadium, Xu Ling got into the car and saw a group of people not far away. A closer look showed that several boys were surrounded by a girl.
"Those over there are Master Shen and his friends."
Xu Ling’s eyesight is very good. She saw Yu Xin at a glance.
Yu Xin’s face, which resembled Xu Susu’s, made him Zheng, too.
"What’s wrong with Xu Zong?"
See Xu Ling suddenly stopped next to the man asked doubtfully.
Xu Ling shook her head "nothing"
He took another look and found that the woman was not Xu Susu.
Except for the face, it looks like temperament and feeling.
But Yu Xin’s face also attracted Xu Ling’s attention.
Xu Ling whispered to the stadium manager, "Is that woman also coming with Shen Chuyan?"