Fang Xuanling seems a little confused. After all, it is a well-known historical "Fang Mou Du Duan". Fang Xuanling saw the wrong place at a glance. "Since the king of Qin is so well-fought, Liu Heita has no unclear reason. He asked the king of Qin to send troops without success and there is no shortage of food. Why would he not hesitate to attack the city? What will appear so impatient? "


Li Shimin smell speech is also one leng, he put the cup in his hand and looked at Fang Xuanling doubtfully. "Xuanling, do you mean that he has already thought about a plan to break the city?"
Fang Xuanling nodded. "This is my guess."
"hmm!" Li Shimin’s eyes became deep after walking for two steps. He looked up at the drums of the Han Dong Army in the south and filled them with eardrums, which made Li Shimin’s spirit think for a while. He made a decision and said, "Tell Qin Shubao and Wei Chijingde to go to Leshou City with three hundred cavalry for investigation."
Fang Xuanling should leave in a hurry.
Chapter 729 Le Shou Zhan (in)
The rumble of drums and the deafening sky seem to be frightened by drums, and they become particularly afraid. It looks like a gloomy cloud is gradually pressing down, and something unexpected is coming.
Chengtou Dou Jiande narrowed his eyes and made his vision clearer. Hundreds of steps away, his beard fluttered with the wind in the strong breeze in Liu Heita, which made him very determined.
Dou Jiande sighed. He knew that Liu Heita was intent on destroying him. How deadly? Dou Jiande didn’t believe that Liu Heita didn’t know who killed his wife. If he knew, he would have decided to break up with himself long ago. That was just an excuse.
Dou Jiande thought about when the Han Dong Army drummed for the first time, and Zhang Junli led the Han Dong Army to slowly advance toward Leshou City, which made Dou Jiande puzzled that the pioneer of 3,000 people only advanced 200 steps and then stopped, and then the drum sounded again. This time, the drum became more vigorous and it lasted longer and oppressed him more.
Liu Heita was not anxious when he touched a face full of campus bars, which made Chengtou Dou Jiande very puzzled. Su Dingfang was also very puzzled. The red line of the two men was very angry. She went to her father in three or two steps and said, "Dad, I want to play, so they can’t look down on Xia Guo soldiers!"
Dou Honglian said that before Dou Jiande answered, he turned and ran towards the city. Dou Jiande couldn’t come to stop her.
"Stop her if you are confused!" Dou Jiande ran two steps and suddenly found that she couldn’t outrun her daughter. She quickly asked Su Dingfang to catch up.
Su Dingfang also didn’t answer, striding after Dou Honglian. Although she ran fast, Su Dingfang was better than her, and her legs were longer and faster. Su Dingfang Sanliang ran to the stairs and looked intently. Dou Honglian was rushing to Su Dingfang, holding the stairs with his hands, and looking at the soldiers guarding the gate, he shouted, "Stop the princess and don’t let her go out of the city!"
A soldier looked at each other and didn’t know what had happened. At this moment, the red line of Dou had run up the stairs. Su Dingfang saw that the genial smile was not good and rushed to open his arms to stop her. "Princess Liu Heita is aggressive and stationed troops outside the city. He is hoping that our army will not attack him!"
When Dou Honglian’s eyes stare and reaches out, he will push Su Dingfang. "Do you want to let me? Do you mean that they are so powerful that we will retreat to this city?"
"This is not a retreat but a strategy!" Su Dingfang retorted.
"Strategy What strategy? Since Liu Heita and Li Shimin arrived outside the city, there are 70,000 soldiers in Leshou City, but they have been trapped. Is this called strategy? No, this is not a strategy, but a coward! " Dou Honglian shouted that he was anxious for a long time and would lose what father didn’t play?
"Nonsense!" The two men pestered Dou Jiande and gasped and ran over. He looked at his daughter sternly and waved and said, "Cao Dan took the line back to the house!"
"Yes!" Cao Dan said that in the first two steps, he went to Dou Honglian and said, "The line war means that you are a daughter’s house and staying here is not suitable."
Dou Honglian looked at the gate, which had been closely guarded by soldiers, and knew that it was impossible to go out. I couldn’t help but cold hum and stomp my feet and turned around and left. Cao Dan took a look at Dou Jiande Arch and left behind Dou Honglian.
Dou Jiande looked at his daughter’s leaving figure and breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Su Dingfang, turned slightly and walked to the city head to the female wall. At this time, the second drum of the Han Dong Army stopped, and Zhang Junli led his troops forward again. This time, Zhang Junli advanced more than 300 steps, and it seems that there is a trend to continue.
Su Dingfang looked low and said, "They are going to attack the city!"
Dou Jiande looked at Keyra Liu, Fan Yuan and others and said, "Get the crossbowman ready!"
"hey!" Keyra Liu, Fan Yuan and others hurried away while walking, making the crossbowman raise the longbow and nervously put the bow and arrow on the bowstring. They filled the bowstring and waited quietly for your legend.
Outside the city, the Han Dong Army marched in neat steps, and soldiers dressed in armor came step by step, and their armor made people look askance, and the distance gradually approached 500 steps and 400 steps!
Many crossbowmen have sweated their palms, and some soldiers secretly wiped their palms with sweat, and then kept a close eye on the slowly coming Han Dong Army. As the distance drew closer, a few soldiers could not bear the great pressure and shot their bows and arrows out.
The arrow feather flew more than fifty paces and then fell obliquely to the ground like a broken kite. Fan Yuan glanced at the soldier who couldn’t bear the pressure and shouted, "Don’t wait for my command before shooting!"
The soldier was ordered to quickly draw out the arrow feather and build a bowstring.
Finally, the Han Dong Army has more than two hundred steps to enter the bow and arrow range. Dou Jiande’s original turbid eyes suddenly became clear. He raised his hand high and waited for the Han Dong Army to enter the range, and he was going to shoot this group of ungrateful guys.
However, when the Han Dong Army was about to enter the range, they suddenly stopped, and then the drums resounded through the sky again.
Dou Jiande wondered about the art of war, saying, Don’t Liu Heita understand this truth? He hit the drum twice to boost morale, but so the morale of the soldiers will be reduced to the lowest level three times.
Su Dingfang frowned and looked at Liu Heita coldly. The figure of Liu Heita, a black flag, stood like an old pine and seemed to be able to shrug off the third drum roll.
Most soldiers in Xia Guo were puzzled, but the crossbowman put his longbow in his hand. After all, holding the longbow for a long time consumed a lot of energy. Fan Yuan and Keyra Liu hurried to Dou Jiande and said, "Xia Wang".
Dou Jiande waved a hand to signal that the two were quiet. At this time, he had not thought about why Liu Heita would do this. After all, he knew Liu Heita very well and knew that he was not a man who did not move the art of war at all.
Liu Heita must have his reasons for doing so! But what is the reason? Dou Jiande frowned tightly.
In a huff, Dou Honglian galloped all the way back to the house. Cao Dan and ten Qinbing followed her for two miles. Dou Honglian suddenly stopped. She silently looked at the house in front of her. This is the house of Liu Heita, the king of Han Dong. After his rebellion, Dou Jiande, the king of Xia, did not give it to others, but will block it up. It seems that this is a memory of Liu Heita.
Dou Honglian stared at the three Chinese characters of Handong House and suddenly jumped out of the horse and walked quickly towards Handong House. Cao Dan and others watched and jumped out of the horse. Dou Honglian walked to the front of the gate and looked at the gate with a seal. Dou Honglian suddenly reached out and tore the seal.
"Line, who are you?" Cao Dan asked.
Dou Honglian didn’t talk. After throwing away the seal, he silently hit the door. Handong House was dusty for a long time. Every step aroused dust. Dou Honglian frowned, raised his sleeves and covered his nose.
"It’s too dirty here, besides, this is the Liu Heita residence, and there’s nothing to see," Cao Dan said again.
"It is precisely because it is Liu Heita Mansion that I have come to have a look!" This time, the red line of the sinus opened, and he walked slowly. The green flag of Handong Wangfu printed shallow footprints. Handong Wangfu once died, but the ground was still mottled with blood. It just happened.
Cao Dan knew that Dou Honglian’s temper was very stubborn. She said that if she didn’t leave, she wouldn’t leave. Although she didn’t know what Dou Honglian wanted to do here, she still took ten people with her to follow Handong Wangfu, which covered a large area of more than 30 acres. The specifications were no less than that of Xia Wangfu, when everyone wandered around a small half-column of incense.
Qinbing behind Cao Dan couldn’t help but roll their eyes and wonder what’s wrong with the princess. What does this Handong Wangfu do when you can’t even see the ghost? When the red line of Dou turned a wick, she finally sighed for a long time. She recalled too much all the way.
Although she doesn’t like Liu Heita’s son, after all, the two families are family friends, and they still play with Xiao Pang when they were young. Their feelings are very good, but they are like brothers and sisters, not men and women. It is naturally sad for him to die.
After remembering some time, the red line of Dou sighed gently, and again, I remembered Yang You. Where was he? Maybe he really doesn’t care about himself? The Hebei War began in early summer. During this period of more than four months, she felt that Yang You should be able to respond.
At worst, I will tell my father when reinforcements will come back and where they will come from, instead of letting a security guard run in and get a simulated ambiguous message, which makes people feel uneasy.
"Bastard, where the hell are you?" Thinking about when DouHongXian couldn’t help but say it out.
"I am here!" A faint sound to DouHongXian is one leng, she looked around doubtfully and there was no sound.
Maybe it’s because I think about it day and night that I have an illusion. Dou Honglian thinks about it so much that he doesn’t get angry. Does it mean that I really met a ungrateful man? Is he a Sima Xiangru? When Dou Honglian thinks about it, Yang You comes to mind again.
"I am here!" Another faint sound sounds a little dull.
"Did you hear something?" This time, Cao Dankou didn’t wait for Dou Honglian to speak.
Ten QinBing looked at each other and shook their heads. Just now, they each had their own worries, so Cao Dan looked very confused, but when he saw QinBing shaking his head, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seems that he was too oversensitive.
Dou Honglian’s hands and ears are in a circle, listening carefully to Cao Dan’s appearance and listening to her. After listening to half a ring, there is no sound.
"Let’s go" said DouHongXian stepped out.
Chapter 73 Le Shou Zhan ()
"Knock, knock, knock!" Drum continues to reverberate in the sky. Liu Heita frowned.
Pioneer Zhang Junli has reached more than 200 steps outside Leshou City, and then he can enter the range of Xia Guo crossbowman in dozens of steps. Liu Heita narrowed his eyes and looked at Leshou Chengtou coldly, hoping to see what he hoped to see from Leshou City.
But there is nothing strange about the whole Le Shoucheng in the dark clouds, so Liu Heita can’t help whispering. Is the plan a failure? It doesn’t make sense. Judging from the information, Dou Jiande obviously doesn’t know the secret.
Liu Heita pondered briefly. He knew that after the third drum, he must make arrangements, otherwise the morale of the three armies would be seriously dampened. At the last stage, Liu Heita finally reached the attack order.
Zhang Junli saw this scene and waved coldly and said, "Attack!"
Three thousand Han Dongjun was ordered to keep the original formation and attack Chengtou towards Le Shoucheng. Dou Jiande stretched himself straight and Liu Heita besieged the city! He immediately jumped up and shouted "prepare the crossbowman!"
Su Dingfang was slightly surprised to see that Xia Wang, who had always been calm, bit his teeth and patrolled Chengtou. Fan Yuan, Keyra Liu and others were also assigned to Chengtou, and crossbowmen bowed their bows and arrows in succession as Xia Wang ordered the arrow feathers to shoot out.
At the moment, the bowstring sounded at the head of Leshou City, and the arrow feather flew across the Han Dong Army. Soldiers kept moaning, but Zhang Junli urged the soldiers to speed up the siege. Then, the closer the distance was, the greater the casualties of the Han Dong Army. After paying more than 200 casualties, they approached the moat. At this time, because the Ya River was cut off by Li Shimin, the Han Dong Army crossed the moat relatively easily and then besieged the city!
The sound of Chengtou’s fighting entered Dou Honglian’s ears through the air. She looked up at the north and hesitated in her eyes. How much she longed to share her father’s worries, but … When Dou Honglian thought about it, her ears just moved.
A sound points into her ears. This time, she was sure that she didn’t hear wrong Dou Honglian suddenly sensed something. After all, Yang You stayed around for some days and was particularly sensitive to some things. She immediately squatted down and put her ears to the ground regardless of the dust.
The clear sound suddenly entered the eardrum, and the red line changed. Suddenly, a piece of Shi Zhuan was suddenly uncovered not far away, revealing a familiar face on the ground.
"Liu Shishan is you? !” Cao Dan was shocked and reacted very quickly at the same time. He immediately recognized that it was Liu Heita’s younger brother Liu Shishan who came out of Shi Zhuan.