The female ghost said, "Pretend to be a gas worker or a plumber to check the water meter?"


I pursed my lips and said, "What age is it to check the gross water performance? How much water is charged in most water cards? It is not credible to check the water meter."
The female ghost said, "What should I do?"
I said, "Don’t worry, there will always be a way. Let me think about it."
As we speak here, a car stopped at Zhao Yalin’s house.
From that car came an old man in a white coat and glasses with a box and knocked at Zhao Yalin’s door.
The door was pulled, and Zhao Yalin’s parents warmly welcomed the old man in.
I asked, "Who is that old man?"
The female ghost shook her head. "I don’t know any of these memories."
Ma Xiaoling said, "I think he looks like a doctor in a white coat."
I look at four people and want to go to the old man’s car just now.
Ma Xiaoling stopped me. "Where are you going?"
I pointed to the driveway. "The old man’s car might have some business card to confirm the identity of the old man."
Ma Xiaoling nodded.
So I went over and looked at my face against the car glass.
Otherwise, there is a business card box in this car, but I can’t take it out!
I then waved to the female ghost and beckoned her to take out a business card from the car and give it to me. The female ghost heard the words and went in wearing the car door, and then handed out a business card.
I took a good look at it and confirmed that the old man was an old professor of psychiatry in the city hospital
I went back and handed this card to Ma Xiaoling again.
That’s when the old man just entered Zhao Yalin’s house came out and shook hands with Zhao Yalin’s father to say goodbye. "If this doesn’t work, there’s really nothing we can do. I haven’t seen it for so long, but I can’t see what the problem is. It may not be possible to rely solely on nursed back to health. I think going to see a psychiatrist should improve something. Perhaps psychological reasons have led to these things."
Zhao Yalin’s father nodded off the old man.
Xiao-ling ma wanted to think at this time, suddenly have a way.
She said, "I have an idea!" " Diao mu sui Hao
I said, "What?"
Ma Xiaoling said, "If we want to ask Xiao Mei, we need to use her witchcraft to help us."
I said, "her?"
"hmm!" Ma Xiaoling told me, "You forget that she is a fox demon, and what she is good at is bewitching and illusion. Let her help us ask these questions with the influence of illusion."
Do, Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Fantasy
In that case, I will rush up with a word from fox and small flattery.
Tell her the address, and then the place waited less than half an hour to get there.
Ma Xiaoling asked her, "How long can you keep your witchcraft?"
Fox Xiaomei thought for a moment and said, "If it is an ordinary person, it will last for about half an hour."
I said, "Half an hour should be almost enough."
Ma Xiaoling nodded. "It won’t take long to ask some questions."
Now that it was ready, we went to the door and knocked on the door.
The door was hit. Zhao Yalin’s father leaned out from the inside and looked hesitant when he saw us. "Who are you?"
Fox Xiaomei smiled and said, "We are Professor Sun’s assistants"
She said that this Professor Sun is the old man who just entered Zhao Yalin’s house and then left with a white coat.
Fox small mei talk when bewitching technique has made Zhao Yalin father suddenly one leng.
When he came back, he was obviously influenced by bewitching, accepted our identity and looked at us with suspicion.
He thought about it, although he may feel that he has never seen us at all, but he was subconsciously influenced by bewitching and didn’t have much suspicion about our identity
He said, "Oh, Professor Sun just left. You …"
I said, "Professor Sun said when he left just now that he forgot to ask something, but now he has something else for us to ask."
Zhao Yalin’s father nodded and welcomed us in. "Then come in and sit down."
So we entered the door.
At this time, Zhao Yalin’s mother just walked into the living room and was surprised to see us strangers coming in. "Are there guests?"
Zhao Yalin’s father said, "They are Professor Sun’s assistants."
"Professor Sun’s assistant?" Zhao Yalin’s mother asked, "Isn’t Professor Sun’s assistant a little girl with glasses?"
Fox small mei and twist a head smiled at Zhao Yalin mother her line of sight to fox small mei eyes suddenly also in the recruit.
She said, "Oh, it’s Professor Sun’s assistant. Sit down and I’ll pour you a cup of tea."
This when fox small mei is very proud to raise your face at me.
I walked over and said, "OK, you still have something to do at this time."