"ah! ?”


The younger brother exclaimed a consciousness back half step eyes staring at the Jiang Feng strange "jiang … jiang chief you … what do you want! ? I don’t have any special hobbies! "
Kong Liang was really scared this time.
Brother Kun was so strong that he went to Jiang’s chief mountain peak and lived there for half a month. The whole person was tortured and no one was like him.
How can I live in the future if I go to this small physique?
"Special addiction! ? What a special hobby! ?”
Jiang Feng was a little puzzled in my heart, but I was impatient before he asked the dharma keeper Yang more.
"You still walk not to walk! If you go late, you will be laughed at by all the big doors! "
Yang dharma say that finish in vain to a song followed by a giant eagle wings Zhang slowly fell in front of three people.
"Don’t be afraid! This is my spirit beast raised by Yan Xuzong. Come and let’s go! "
Jiang Feng in the face of this kind of thing, how could it make him feel afraid and deadpan? I was surprised to sit in the giant eagle’s back and watch the dharma keeper.
It seems that the chief of his own mountain gate is not as cowardly as he thought.
Such as Kong Liangdeng giant eagle Yang dharma will drive the giant eagle to fly away.
The giant eagle express is amazing, and there is a strong wind around the wings exhibition. Look at them, they have been flying for nine days.
In the face of this kind of Gao Jiangfeng, it is already normal, but Kong Liang is very nervous in his first virtual flight.
Yang dharma is also a little strange in my heart. It is reasonable to say that the first virtual flight can’t be as calm as Jiang Feng. He just can’t fly before the pulse condition is heavy.
"You sit down! I want to speed up! "
Yang dharma’s temper woke up, and he immediately ordered the giant eagle to speed up its flight.
The giant eagle blared its wings, and there was a hurricane around it. "Whoo!" Through the stab, others can’t open their eyes.
Kong Liang was so scared that his face changed. The whole person lay down on the back of the giant eagle and grabbed the giant eagle feathers with both hands to prevent himself from being blown away by the hurricane if he was careless.
On the other hand, Jiang Feng is still sitting quietly on the back of the giant eagle, not affected at all. It is also amazing to look at Yang’s dharma protector.
Three days finally approaching Wan Xuanzong.
In these three days, the dharma keeper Yang changed the pattern and wanted to give Jiang Feng a little ugly. Finally, he tried his best and Jiang Feng didn’t even knit his brow.
In the end, Yang Dharma’s protector made it clear that this noisy waste chief is not as simple as people think.
"Here we are! That should be Wan Xuanzong! "
Zi Xia at the peak of Wan Xuanzong Mountain is surrounded by precious light, and the surrounding flowers and grasses are full of vitality. This is the treasure house with great weather.
"What a rich aura!"
Kong Liang was also attracted by this scene and couldn’t help but look at it for a while.
The giant eagle made a light sound, and Xuanzong circled for a while and then fell in front of the mountain.
In addition to covering up the virtual cases, there are birds and monsters in front of the giant eagle mountain.
Golden back Peng, five-claw eagle, etc.
"This is yan xu kindred! I remember that you seem to be the protector of Yang. I’ve heard a lot about you. Elder Yan Xuzong didn’t come this time! ?”
As soon as Jiang Feng and others left, Wan Xuanzong came along.
The elder’s eyes glanced behind Yang’s protector and couldn’t help laughing when he saw Jiang Feng.
"This is yan xu chief! Sure enough, good looks! Ha ha! Good looks! "
It’s nothing new that Yan Xuzong has found a brother who is in charge of the pulse and is also a seal of heaven.
"Elder Wang joked that we elders have important matters and asked me to lead the younger generation to participate in this assessment!" Yang dharma embarrassed laughs
Being a dharma protector and an elder has already fallen in status.
"Yan xu zong! Ha ha! I think it’s your elders who are afraid of losing their talents and give you this lousy job! "
Suddenly, a middle-aged man came out and glanced at Yang’s protector. His eyes also fell on Jiang Feng’s body. "This is why you must run to death when you cover up the chief of Xu Zong and wait for the assessment. Haha!"
Yan Xuzong is destined to be regarded as a joke this time, and the elders are afraid to show up during the examination. The chief eldest brother is also a real waste.
Things have been laid out to give up the examination competition.
Elder Yang’s face was flushed, but he was afraid to refute it. After all, he was a dharma protector and his status was inferior to others.
More importantly, wouldn’t it be even more shameful to refute Jiang Feng’s assessment and defeat now?
"It’s not just an assessment, it’s not easy!" Jiang Feng didn’t bother to look at the middle-aged man calmly and said
"Hey ~ boring!"
Middle-aged people just turned away with a cold hum. After all, it’s disgraceful for a young player to bicker with him and win.
"Yang dharma don’t mind if I find someone to arrange accommodation for you now!" Elder Wang still left a few minutes of face for the custodian of Yang, and shouted at a Wan Xuanzong brother behind him and greeted others.
At six o’clock, I thanked yu, and the reward made me a little excited. My sister asked me what I wanted to kneel down and I said ten tubes of tranquilizers.
Chapter 154 Wang Jin shocked
A younger brother of Wan Xuanzong took Jiang Feng to a small courtyard, which looked very humble, but it was enough for a group of three people to stay.
When Wan Xuanzong’s younger brother left, Kong Liang looked resentful.
"Wan Xuanzong is really hateful. Why did he arrange us in this place? His younger brother arranged us in a distant hall!"
Obviously Wan Xuanzong didn’t take Jiang Feng and his party seriously.
"It’s not bad here, at least no one bothers!" Jiang Feng scanning a circle around also have no dissatisfaction.
"But …" Kong Liang was interrupted by Yang Dharma when he was indignant. "That’s enough. Don’t make trouble for me here. Find a room to rest for yourself. Take the assessment in three days!"
Yang dharma said and walked into a room by himself. He was also very upset, but he was able to keep calm and know that Wan Xuanzong and others could do nothing.
A day later, Wan Xuanzong invited all the major departments to arrive and waited for the examination.
At this time, Wan Xuanzong Hall gathered all the senior officials of Wan Xuanzong.
"This assessment is extraordinary, not only in the Metaphysical Pool, but also in the marriage of my living saint. We must be cautious!" The elder has a rich voice and speaks with great momentum.
"Yan xu zong people heard that also came to the king elders their chief brother, such as! ?”
Majestic king elders outside nervous at this time said "patriarch! Yan Xuzong is a protector this time, and even an elder didn’t dare to come. It seems that their first brother is really a waste! "
"As expected, they are ready to give up!"
There is no doubt that a dharma protector with his chief brother, the elders, suspected that they didn’t want to make a fool of themselves.
"In those days, we did cover up Xu Zong’s engagement once, and this time we broke it. We were really sorry for covering up Xu Zong’s side."
Patriarch nodded slightly hesitated for a moment and finally gave a long sigh.
"So! This assessment will give them a place to enter the metaphysical pool regardless of whether the chief of Yan Xuzong can pass the assessment! "
Yan Xuzong, the waste chief affirmation method, gave him a quota through the examination, which is also to make up for them.
"suzuying!" All the elders said with different mouths
Two days after coming to Wan Xuanzong, Jiang Feng was placed in the courtyard.
"Chief jiang … we came to Wan Xuanzong should go out for a walk! ?” Kong Liang is still a teenager. He came to Wan Xuanzong for the first time, but he couldn’t help but want to see it.
"Good!" Jiang Feng happened to be idle and promised him this proposal.
"You two go and see Coco. Don’t make trouble!" Yang dharma don’t know whether I heard their conversation and came out of the room.
"Yang Dharma can rest assured that we will definitely not go far!" Kong Liang still has great respect for protecting Yang.