Yang Tian is unbelievable.


Of course, xianjietong
The old horse proudly said that he obviously believed in his craft.
Yang Tiangan bet that if the old horse makes money by this craft, it will make a lot of money.
From this, Yang Tian couldn’t help thinking that in the future, the eldest brother Xuan Yuer Yiyi Jules will be refined into a fairy body, and then they will also find an old horse to do a fake fairy book, which will be safe.
God, you are a genius with seven yuan, and your future achievements will be a Taoist figure
Dugu often than praise way
Dad, I wonder if I can live to that time.
Yang day intentionally sighed
Dad can keep you safe in one day, but you’d better not leave Wucheng when your strength is weak.
Dugu often without hesitation way
Thanks, dad. I’ll stay here with peace of mind
Yang, as a heavenly heart, is really grateful to know that it is always good to be alone.
Well, this is dad’s token. You can play whatever you want in this martial arts city, but you should also pay attention to your promotion.
Dugu often nods and throws Yang Tian a golden token.
Yang Tian took the token and looked at it. On the one hand, it was the Lord of Wucheng, and on the other hand, it was a big token. Although it was ordinary, it was better than any magic weapon.
For a period of time, Yang Tian was also feeling the change of physical cultivation when he stayed in the Lord’s mansion and enjoyed a lot of living treatment.
What makes Yang Tian wonder is that he has reached the peak of the Great Immortal, and he has absorbed enough yuan Jing Hua, but he failed to feel the slightest breakthrough.
Doubt Yang Tian went to ask Dugu, who is always so cheap, and he didn’t ask questions.
But after getting the answer, Yang Tianli was dumbfounded.
Because he is all seven yuan, if he wants to be refined into a true element, he must absorb all seven yuan of crystal into one yuan.
That is to say, when Yang Tian spends seven times more than others, he consumes seven times more crystal, and it costs seven yuan.
At present, Yang Tian’s body is at most one yuan, followed by one yuan, but it is far from one yuan, at least half, and others are even less.
Yang Tian still has a large number of wooden Yuan Jinghua goods, which came from a few short-lived ghosts in Qingxu House. Who told them to hit Dugu Chang?
The other five crystal Hua Yang Tian didn’t prepare the Dark Lord of the Rings at all, although there were still some bodies of Xiaotian H novels, but that was not enough.
Cheap dad must have a lot of goods to know that I need a lot of crystal, but it’s really stingy not to give it to me. Alas, my stepfather won’t kiss me.
Yang Tianjing China worry when the heart is not dark scold a way
He doesn’t know that as strong as Dugu Chang, it is hard to imagine that the number of crystal flowers needed to be upgraded is huge.
Hey, by the way, I’m also a gentleman in the duke’s mansion now. It’s not a piece of cake to get some crystal.
On second thought, Yang Tian slammed his head and scolded himself. It’s a blessing that won’t be enjoyed.
It’s cheap. Dad has made it very clear that you can play anything in this city. Isn’t that interesting?