Xiao Yu around many demon race look for a dull look toward the central Xiao Yu Huo Ran reaction to come over to follow to prostrate.

"Thank you, Gong!"
"Xie Gong doesn’t kill En!"
Xiao Yu slowly grew up from the crowd, wearing a chain, clattering, and bleeding at the pipa bone. He was also completely penetrated. No one in his previously hidden crowd could see that this was the real cruel person.
A group of innate creatures actually obey his orders!
This is simply unimaginable!
Is it an ancient giant reincarnated and reborn?
These remaining demon race blanched one by one in the heart secretly speculation.
Suddenly, Xiao Yu’s eyebrows flashed in black and flew out along his body, brushing his chains and all disappeared, and the wound healed automatically and the blink of an eye returned to integrity.
A black mosquito buzzed and shook its wings and gently landed on his shoulder!
The lion with nine heads puzzled and looked up to see the mosquito’s eye pupil shrink in an instant, which was even more frightening.
"Is this a bloodthirsty black ant mosquito?"
He lost his call way
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty Take the bow
Xiao Yu’s eyes looked cold and gently at the bloodthirsty black ant mosquito and glanced at the nine-headed lion ancestor. "You have some vision."
The nine-headed lion ancestor was even more afraid.
Is this gentleman waiting for a figure? Hundreds of congenital creatures plus a flood, five insects and a bloodthirsty black ant mosquito swept the whole Yangxian world in this way.
Even the immortal emperor will make a detour when he meets it! It will be easy to subvert the heaven when this group of innate creatures grow up completely!
In an instant, the nine-headed lion ancestor’s mind turned around and started to knock again.
"The lion with nine heads is willing to serve and hope to receive it!"
Nine-headed lion Zukou said
In accordance with such a statue of backer, no one in the whole demon world dares to endure himself until he returns to the demon world, and those jokes that his asshole will die all the way!
This time, the demon demon sun in his territory was arrested, and dozens of demon kings came to ask for help. He was furious and wanted to unite the old antiques in the demon world to wash the heaven. Who knows that none of them are willing to come out and wait to see their jokes?
In this case, he will take these hundreds of monsters directly back to the demon world this time!
Nine lion ancestors hate thinking in their hearts.
If this man hadn’t spared his life, he would have been alive and hated. He had made great contributions to the demon world. These old fogies treated themselves like this.
I am very satisfied with seeing Xiao Yu, the direct minister of the Nine-headed Lion Zu, and it is also the intention to accept each other in my heart.
"Get up, I’ll play for you in the future, and I won’t treat you badly. Remember that I’m afraid of speaking only."
Xiao Yu insipid way
"It’s your master!"
Nine-headed lion Zukou said qR1.
Behind him, many demon families all knelt down again and cried together, "See the master."
Xiao Yu will look at the battlefield. At this moment, hundreds of monsters roar in this area. When it’s really a brotherhood of the Wolf, no one can escape. Four days will be swallowed directly. Three people are left, and one is struggling to escape.
Nine Yao Xing Jun was killed, and the remaining two were all bloody and bloody, and they fled to the distance.
Yang Zongbing’s face was shocked and angry, and his hands were dripping with blood. As soon as he turned over the ancient emperor’s bow, he appeared in his palm again. He rose to the sky and was full of light. He pulled the mysterious bow and roared, "Die!"
A golden light of terror burst out, and a huge Changhong slowly took shape. A loose Changhong in his hand ran out in an instant, which seemed to quickly surpass all the tracks of heaven and earth, even though this group of innate creatures could not react.
Terrible Changhong went out on the spot from the chest of a congenital creature, bringing up a large piece of black blood and evil wind to freeze the whole Xuan Bing directly.
This congenital creature let out a piercing scream and was shot flying out on the spot. There was a big blood hole at the mouth with an open mind.
This Changhong has penetrated this congenital creature, and it continues to rush out and sweep Gankun. If the comet hits the earth and runs through two congenital creatures one after another, it will directly collapse.
These two congenital creatures were also shot and screamed.
However, although their bodies were punctured, none of them were blown up, and none of them died. It was a blood hole in their bodies that made them cry painfully.
"It hurts. It hurts so much. Who dares to stab me in the back?"
"Eat him when you are old!"
These monsters scream hysterically.
Yang Zongbing’s face changed to reveal a deep earthquake. I believe that he made an arrow and failed to shoot each other. How tough is the life source of this group of congenital creatures?
His body disappeared in a flash.
Moment directly appeared in another direction, and the whole body was shining, pulling the Xuan bow, and once again a golden yellow Changhong emerged, which he aimed at a congenital god.
Xiao Yu flashed his eyes and shouted, "Take his treasure bow!"
The bloodthirsty black ant mosquito on his shoulder disappeared in an instant, like a black flash, directly pouncing on Yang Zongbing and drilling towards his eyebrows.
The speed of terror is unimaginable, and it seems to be comparable to that of the next emperor’s bow!
Yang Zongbing felt a chill and his face was frightened. His body instantly receded, but he was faster and harder than the bloodthirsty black ant mosquito being worn by it.
This bloodthirsty black ant mosquito turned to his eyebrows in an instant, and suddenly blood splashed and made him miserable. One by one, a horrible raven directly rushed at him, and the purple mansion rushed towards him.
He was shocked by the Yuan God in the purple mansion.
"Bloodthirsty black ant mosquito. This is a black ant mosquito. This is impossible!"
He yuan god turned and walked hurriedly fled to the purple house.
The bloodthirsty black ant mosquito’s ten eyes were red, and its wings showed bloodthirsty light. When it shook, it caught up with it.
However, just after rushing out of the purple mansion of General Manager Yang, a large area of horrible glow appeared, forming an ancient font.
This bloodthirsty black ant mosquito violently hit this font, and suddenly it shook its body upside down, dizzy and seeing stars.
Buzz, buzz!
This bloodthirsty black ant mosquito got up again and gave a burst of hoarse voice in his mouth. Suddenly, his body was brushed, and Qian Qian was so dense that it was like a black wave.
This group of horrible bloodthirsty black ant mosquitoes directly rushed to drown and ate the ancient font crazily.
Click, click, click!
This terrible font was immediately chewed by this group of bloodthirsty black ant mosquitoes, and the cracks were densely covered and disappeared a little bit. It was like what nutrients were directly chewed and eaten by them.
"Damn it!"