Because these people are not out for the first time, Naruto’s performance is not surprising. It is worth saying that Tazuna is curious about what? Curious about this pick-up team


Let’s talk about Naruto. He looks like a lout and careless, but he has no leisure for all kinds of training when he is on the roadbed. When he is resting, Tazuna also finds that Naruto is loaded. He also secretly observes that the other two kids are loaded, which surprised him.
Let’s talk about Sasuke, a kid who doesn’t talk much, but this kid actually practices printing all the way. Tazuna doesn’t know how many copies Kakashi Leidun Thousand Birds need. That’s scary. Compared with Naruto Yinfengdun Spiral Pill, it’s simply weak, so Sasuke keeps practicing this printing all the way.
In the end, the little girl with a wide forehead didn’t have any extra training, but she kept pestering her. The teacher kept asking something and even ran over to ask Tazuna some information. Tazuna herself didn’t know what was going on, so she just told her situation department.
There was something wrong with the road halfway. The little boy who practiced printing left the team directly and came back without saying a word. A man named Kakashi asked, "Is everything solved?"
The boy nodded and continued to practice, while others continued on their way.
This makes Tazuna very scared. If they don’t continue to do this, then …
"Uncle, you don’t have to worry about what my brother taught us to do. Besides, we’ve already received the payment. Now it’s annoying to want to go back and re-grade. So we still have to do this. You don’t have to worry so much." Uncle Naruto couldn’t stand it.
"You …" Tazuna now doesn’t know if he is thinking.
"Uncle, I know that you don’t look like a rich man. I can feel that Uncle didn’t mean to cheat us, but he didn’t have any money. We can all understand that even if we can’t get a penny, there are many people to do it. You have paid!" KINOMOTO SAKURA also gave his reason.
Tazuna didn’t know what to say. He turned to look at Kakashi. He knew Kakashi was the one who made the decision in the team.
"Mr. Tazuna, tell us what happened. We will continue this. Please rest assured."
"Well, then I will tell you something about it.
My name is Tazuna, and I am an expert in bridge construction. I just returned to China this time to build a bridge. Did you just lose the ninja? That ninja is a man named Kaduo. Kaduo is a bully in our side and can earn enough money. He has been blocking us from building this bridge. "To be continued."
Chapter 47 when going on
"What prevented him from building a bridge?"
"Because there is no bridge, it is very inconvenient to trade between the two sides of the strait. The small boat is limited in cargo. These are not the keys. He is the president of the shipping company (Cardo Company). Actually, he is doing all kinds of illegal drugs and is a heinous bastard.
He has always used his financial resources and violence to control all the sea traffic in Poland. If an island country like ours controls the lifeline of sea traffic, it means that it controls all the wealth, politics and people of our country. This is the main reason why he won’t let us build a bridge. If he fails to build the bridge, he will not be able to earn the money he wants to earn. Therefore, he will obstruct the construction of this bridge in every way.
And these ninjas have been hired by him. Their main purpose is to kill me. I am the main designer and architect of this bridge. "
"Ah uncle so much! I can’t even build a wooden house. I can make a grass nest. "Naruto said and touched the back of his head with a look of embarrassment."
"Ignore his uncle and continue to talk?"
"What else to say? I told you what I know. I don’t know those hired ninjas either, but if you meet, you should know. "Tazuna said with a black line on his face but still very seriously.
"Well, Naruto Sasuke KINOMOTO SAKURA put on a swastika, and I ended up with Mr. Tazuna in bring up the rear, so if anything happens, we can all react."
"Oh, good" killed himself, and Tazuna was still very cooperative
Kakashi, after they changed their formation, went on all the way back to the chat state. The original uneasy Tazuna also calmed down. He estimated that the bridge would be built successfully this time.
Don’t cut that side again
"Old Lotus, both of them are dead. It’s the first time for three students to come out and do it."
"Do you know who the other person is?"
"Copy Ninja Kakashi"
"It’s him, so it makes sense. He’s really good. I’ll take a trip."
"Hum, you scum, you’d better get rid of all those people, otherwise it won’t be good for everyone." Cardo came in at this time, but he was a little restrained when he heard the decision not to cut again
If you don’t chop, signal your younger brothers not to give up this pig, that’s just to vent their anger.
"Boss, why didn’t I teach him a lesson just now?" Wait until Cardo is out, and then sit behind the sofa and ask a person in a small way.
"You don’t know the truth. Others can kill him. We can’t make moves. Otherwise, who will hire us after you think about it? A bunch of mercenaries who killed the boss? When the time comes, no one will dare us even if our strength is high and our pay is low. "
"Well, it’s considerate of the eldest brother. It’s the eldest brother."
"All right, you clean up here. I’ll go out to explore Kakashi this time. If I can kill him, I’ll kill him. If I can’t, we’ll talk about it again. You’re also preparing for an ambush. Come out with me for nothing."
"Well, don’t cut again, sir."
"As usual, I’ll see if something is wrong, and then you can come out."
"Well, don’t worry!"
After observing for a while in the distance, this group actually formed a swastika array, so that it would be difficult to attack the target without cutting off one foot. Take a closer look at the three newcomers, although they are newcomers, but they can feel that they are not ordinary people who kill all the year round. Everyone is busy with their own things. It seems irrelevant, but they finally pay attention to the situation in Tazuna, and they feel murderous from them. It is doubtful that they also killed people in school. Didn’t I hear that Konoha didn’t ask for it?
Finally, when I stared at the team again, I felt as if there was a beast among them who wanted to choose the wrong direction by himself, and it was likely to be eaten directly by the beast, which surprised me. Is he really old? Or are they really that good?
Suddenly Sasuke stopped printing and Naruto stopped his work. He was chatting with KINOMOTO SAKURA, and Tazuna accidentally bumped into Naruto’s backpack.
"What’s the matter?" Tazuna touched his head and muttered to himself, What’s in this kid’s bag? How can it hurt so much?
"There is an enemy Naruto, and they have sensed the enemy’s breath!" KINOMOTO SAKURA herself felt it. She felt the enemy peeping at her eyes.
"I don’t know which friend it is. Please show up. It’s Konoha Hatake Kakashi."
"Kakashi teacher what is this? He is hostile to us, and his murderous look is coming at us. Who is the bearer? " Naruto is more sensitive to murderous look than Sasuke. Of course, this has something to do with practice in those days.
"Hey little good? How about I let you go if you hand over the old man? "
"Not so good uncle, you must be too ugly to see people, right? Otherwise, why are bandages everywhere? You must have been bitten by a dog when you peeked at the girl taking a shower. " Naruto’s sarcastic mouth is getting mad.
Sure enough, if you don’t cut and repair the opposite side, you will be angry with Naruto. Just picking up the dagger is like Naruto rushing over. Although Naruto is reckless, Naruto’s muscle wisdom is still quite high.
Naruto directly took out a knife bag and greeted it directly with one hand and one hand.
It’s very surprising that I won’t cut it again. You know, it’s very good that a rookie can keep his murderous face steady. He didn’t expect this kid to fight back.
As soon as Naruto raised his hand, he directly blocked the attack power and tried to hit the broadsword back.
"Uncle didn’t you eat? That’s all you need? Can’t even lift our dining car? "
Although familiar people know that Naruto is telling the truth, it sounds like a mockery of red fruit if he doesn’t cut it. Is your dining car? How much can that thing weigh?
If you don’t cut again, you don’t go back and tangle with Naruto. You go straight to Tazuna. He can see that this team is really very difficult. If you are not careful, you may not be able to go back today.
"What a fool uncle you and I don’t defend? Really when my teammates are parallel imports? Uncle, if that’s all you have to do, then go home. It’s too dangerous outside. It’s better to go home and drink milk. "Naruto broke his mouth and just broke the point. Even Kakashi didn’t know that Naruto still had such a sharp talent.
Towards Tazuna, I was just about to give Tazuna a heavy blow, only to find that there was a blue kid around me. After the kid came out, he directly kicked the crotch and didn’t cut it. On the spot, he felt chilly and didn’t dare to pick up the knife. I changed the direction of chopping to Sasuke, and Sasuke also took no time to print directly.
"Fire dun Hao fireball!"
These days, I’ve been practicing printing, and Sasuke’s printing speed is very fast.
"Water escape and waterfall!"
A waterfall falling from the sky directly blocked Sasuke’s fire, and when the fire and water met, a lot of fog immediately rose.
"Water Hiding and Fog Hiding"
The original smile happily Kakashi put away his smile. By the way, if you don’t cut the knife again, the weapon of seven people is called beheading broadsword. Being good at ninja is a prelude to assassination, but fog concealment is the prelude to assassination.
Kakashi took Tazuna and flew directly out of the fog to the treetops. Tazuna was obviously scared by his heart thumping in his hand.
"Why don’t you support them both?"
"It’s okay. The three of them are not the strength."
"ah? Oh "
"Asshole is really a bully?" I feel that I won’t cut the attack and come to KINOMOTO SAKURA for an instant.
See KINOMOTO SAKURA left hand pulled the right glove, and then I can’t see what’s special about KINOMOTO SAKURA. I swung the broadsword directly with one fist, and the violent strength directly hit the broadsword away. I can’t hold the broadsword again, and I can watch the broadsword being hit away.
"Hey, uncle, don’t be silly. My attack is not easy to pick up!"
"Wind Dun Spiral Pill!" With the appearance of the spiral pill, the fog around it was directly sucked into the spiral pill, and the spiral pill gradually became bigger.
I didn’t dare to notice that Ninjutsu behind me turned around and looked at Naruto. When he saw Naruto’s spiral pill in his hand, he instantly froze. Is this kid Ninjutsu so strong?
Although it’s not too much to kill if you don’t cut yourself off, he kills many people. He knows that if this kid hits himself, even if he doesn’t die, he will almost die, so he made a seal without saying a word and then thought of Naruto.