In the fight, the demons raised their heads in horror, and their sharp teeth were cold.


The dragon loosened its grip on the demon and held its head high.
The people who were crushed to play half a dragon also looked up and looked at the top of Karazan.
The Red Dragon Queen, Ai Gewen and the night elf priestess also have clear ecstasy in their eyes.
Everyone recognized that Sargeras was caught in this heartbreaking sound, which set off the magic loss of each delivery door in the battlefield. The Karazan mage tower has never weakened the magic light and disappeared since the war.
Everyone realized that Sargeras was finished!
Although I don’t know who did it, it’s obvious that someone gave Sargeras a fatal blow to Medivh!
Lothar’s pupil suddenly shrank, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.
The man behind Medivh holding the hilt turned out to be Duke!
Not a ghost of Duke, but a living Duke.
Is it a ghost?
Or is it that you are already a dead man and your soul is preparing to accompany Duke?
Lothar’s heart is messy in the wind.
Lothar didn’t believe what Duke’s ghost could do.
I’m a dead horse, but now Lothar is a dead man, so believe it! Anyway, Duke is on his own side, and his situation is too bad to be beaten again.
A true hero never lacks courage and is more willing to give his hope to someone he trusts.
It is this mentality that Lothar cooperates with Duke.
Who would have thought that Duke had come up with a series of tricks to kill Sargeras possessed Medivh in one fell swoop?
Here! This is beyond imagination!
Isn’t Duke dead?
It seems that Duke has been completely frozen, but he is cold and has not relaxed. It should be possible for Lothar, a descendant of Thoradin the Great, to make generate, the king’s sword, shine more brilliantly than before.
This is human power!
Soladine the Great and other sages will!
It represents the indomitable will of human beings to survive in this land for thousands of years!
In a sense, this sword of the king is the combination of human consciousness.
Now, here and now, Duke stabbed Medivh with this sword! to be continued
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Chapter 132 Salted fish eats itself (champions dome burning dawn and more)
Lothar has too many doubts in his heart.
What should be beheaded and die? Duke will come back from the dead.
What, it looks like Duke planned all this?
What did Duke do to kill Sargeras in one fell swoop by grasping this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?
A series of doubts almost broke Lothar’s head.
On the other hand, Lothar’s heart is also filled with emotion.
Actually won!
This is a desperate self-attack. Although Lothar has been cheering up the soldiers, Lothar has always done a good job in her heart. Even if she doesn’t succeed, she will show human backbone to these demons who kill thousands of knives. Unexpectedly, it has become another important milestone in the history of human demon war.
No matter how powerful it is to possess Medivh and Sargeras.
No matter how many powerful moves help contain Sargeras’ power.
Killing is killing
Kill the Burning Legion Lord, the Demon King, and the fallen Titan Sargeras for hundreds of millions of people in Azeroth, which is Duke Marcus!