Obviously, from the name, it sounds that this perfect lottery is much more powerful than the ordinary lottery.


Su Yu nodded his head.
Previously ten times larger than colorful roulette suddenly popped up in front of Su Yu.
The face is full of treasures!
The huge pointer turned the lottery.
Chapter 317 The throne and the God will
Su Yu touched Ba and looked at some options of roulette with great interest.
It’s a perfect lottery. There are many rewards that Su Yu has never seen before. The most important thing is that there is no such trick reward as "five-year college entrance examination three-year simulation" in the roulette awards.
In other words, this is a 100% lottery!
"Hey ~!"
Colorful roulette hands are spinning fast and constantly emitting different brilliance.
One exciting option is constantly skipped.
Su Yu smiled and warmed a pot of fragrant teas with a cool expression.
Su Yu is not so nervous when the number of lucky draws is more.
Su Yu didn’t expect that it was a particularly long time when the pointer rotated for half an hour before it stopped.
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
"Hey ~!"
The pointer is like a real break, and it slowly stops for a little bit.
Su Yu put a cup of tea and looked intently at it. Before he could see what the white smoke was, the colorful roulette wheel suddenly dissipated.
[drop! Congratulations to the host for winning the "throne"! 】
Let Su Yu slightly one leng from the unified display sound.
This is a thing?
Maybe my throne can be used as a reward?
Su Yu hurriedly hit the Lord’s backpack and found that there was indeed an extra throne inside.
"Hey ~!"
Su Yu’s mind moved and the throne fluctuated from the Lord’s backpack.
"dong ~!"
A perfect golden chair was placed in front of Su Yu.
It is said that it is a chair with a solid style, which is more like a large-sized single person sofa, where two green dragons lie across the air to form two handles of the throne; The throne as a whole looks dignified and smells a little wild.
Qinglong winds the golden phoenix, screams the beasts and gallops the four corners of the chair.
The throne is covered with fluffy animal fur.
It feels very soft and comfortable to sit on.
"well? Not bad! "
Su Yu sat on the throne and nodded with satisfaction.
He touched the bar, and some of it was easy to introduce the throne.
[Throne] Special objects+mounts are made from the essence of the sun and the moon, the keel and the phoenix soul. It has all kinds of tricks, such as avoiding fire and water, preventing the enemy from flying into the sea and so on; At the same time, more special functions can be activated according to the high strength of the emissary.
Su Yu leng leng muttered, "Is this thing actually a mount?"
Su Yu saw the introduction of the system.
"Hey ~!"
The wind of the throne automatically floats up and consumes Su Yu’s own vigorous gas force.
Moreover, Su Yutong introduced in more detail that the throne can not only float, but also fly twice as fast as Su Yu! It is a growth prop, but its growth depends on the growth of Su Yu’s own strength. The stronger Su Yu is, the stronger the throne is.
"Whew ~ ~!"
Su Yu’s mind is clear. Just after the throne, the Qinglong armrest suddenly spewed out power. Quantify the circular light curtain to protect the periphery of the throne. This light curtain looks thin, but in fact it can resist Su Yu’s own powerful first-class martial arts attack.
That is to say, at this time, the throne can resist the attack of the strong forces in the nirvana and does not consume Su Yu’s vigorous strength! And Su Yu’s strength will gradually become stronger, and the throne can resist more powerful fighters’ attacks.
The throne can not only defend, but also help Su Yu to attack. All kinds of wonderful things make Su Yu have fun.
It was not until two hours later that Su Yu simply understood the throne, which was probably wonderful, that he stopped and prepared to summon the generals.
"unify the Lord’s altar"
Su Yu’s mind moved and the throne drifted instantly to the front of the table. Su Yu smilingly picked up the fragrant teas that had already been cold.
It is also a function of the throne to go where you want to go if you don’t get up
However, this moving distance is limited at present, and it can teleport freely within a hundred miles.
The virtual shadow of the huge Lord altar appeared in front of Su Yu.
Su Yu indifferently ordered
"whew ~!"
"whew ~!"
"whew ~!"
The Lord’s altar automatically rotates, and the mysterious pattern of the altar gives off a faint light, which makes Su Yu familiar with the ancient atmosphere and spreads constantly to shock people.