The entry of Freedom Night Shield 2.0 into the market also shocked Master Qiu.
Master Qiu shouted at Qiu Leqiu, "A few months ago, this young man was still a young man who needed our shelter. I didn’t expect that he would directly become a future billionaire with a scientific patent just a few months ago. It’s incredible that his billionaire road is steady."
Qiu Leqiu also sighed and said, "No one could have imagined that this kind of thing would happen. This billionaire appeared so fast that people were caught off guard."
Aside colchicine water listened to these words, but his eyes were very dim.
For Qiu Shuishui, she is not a billionaire, but an excellent one. She likes people to be so excellent, which makes her very proud, but her proud baby is not lost to her, but pulls another woman into her arms.
This feeling is normal for autumn water.
Of course I’m sad
But what about her?
She’s not the only one who loves but can’t get it.
capital of a country
Lezheng family
Le Zheng Tianya smoked one cigarette after another in the living room.
Xu made him want to slap himself.
Le Zheng Tianya’s proudest thing in his life is that he is very accurate in judging people and often invests in those children as angel investors so that those young people can have the ability to develop, and those young people have never let him down
There is a saying in the circle that money has magic power and whoever invests can make money.
This time, Le Zheng Tianya is willing to be a patron of Xu because he has seen Xu’s ability.
But I didn’t expect this guy to provoke Ouyang family.
No matter who is happy at the end of the world, everyone will definitely give up this chess game.
I am so happy that I regret it now.
He regret that he didn’t take that courage to invest in those young people, and that he didn’t give Xu a thorough backing.
He didn’t think that Xu could make the whole Ouyang family soft.
Although he doesn’t know what means Xu is, it is enough to prove Xu’s strength
Such a powerful man once wanted to be a servant for himself and then get his support, but he didn’t do it himself.
Lezheng Tianya has successfully invested in several projects, but this thing has completely fallen.
It’s like he bought a stock, and as a result, the stock will plummet, so it’s not far from the difference between selling it or selling it at a low price. But I didn’t expect that after selling it or sending it out, the stock suddenly broke out in terror and rose directly to the height of ordinary people’s difficulty in enterprise.
Not only that, it not only made Ouyang’s family bow, but also created a boss status. It called a press conference to announce that Freedom Night Shield 2.0 officially attacked the world market and officially accepted orders from all over the world.
Because the function of Freedom Night Shield 2.0 is too avant-garde and too powerful, it has instantly entered all levels. In the view of the world’s richest people, the world’s top richest people are rushing to invest and have a large number of orders flying like snowflakes.
These orders are enough for Xu to earn as much as 300 million yuan in net profit except all the money and wages!
Moreover, this 300 million is an early order, not counting the free night shield 1.5, and a larger group of rich people are secretly watching.
If the first group of rich people make the post-reputation excellent, Freedom Night Shield will certainly make a lot of money.
Wait until the science and technology market, even if you don’t become the richest man in China, you can enter the top five.
In addition to creating a science and technology city, many other companies are also steaming day by day. With the success of innovation and technology, more people will definitely pay attention to the company. If the company has prospects and all kinds of investments are integrated, all companies will merge together to form a group, then Xu Chenghua’s richest man in summer will no longer be a dream.
Le Zheng Tianya has never seen a young man who has developed so fast.
For the first time, Le Zheng Tianya knew that regret was so unpleasant.
Le Zhengyan also refused to make something because he knew that Le Zhengyan was the end of the world, and now he feels embarrassed. Goodbye Xu Xu Guangzhou is also very sighing after knowing this.
Although this incident has not affected Xu, Xu, Guangzhou and Le Zhengyan, there is no doubt that Le Zhengyan has become an unjust person.
Le Zheng Tianya personally promised to be Xu’s patron, but he didn’t fulfill his promise.
Le Zheng Tianya sighed again and ran out the cigarette to look at it.
Depending on what is played, it is not attractive to Lezheng Tianya.
Jiang Changxi didn’t blame Le Zheng Tianya for being such a good wife and mother. He slowly walked over to Le Zheng Tianya and sat down gently. "Why don’t we let Xu come here for dinner another day to ease the atmosphere?"
Le Zheng Tianya said with the wave, "I don’t want to lose that person. What I did wrong is what I did wrong. Now the only thing I can do is to support Yan Er and Xu Xu’s small business in Guangzhou. Let Xu Bai like to ease our attitude. Besides, what I am so upset about is not because of regret, not because I don’t want to be that small and powerful. Even if I really become the richest man in China, what? After all, it’s a matter of fact. Our Lezheng family has been entrenched in Beijing for 300 years. Can we still be beaten? "
The truth that Jiang Changxi is also white is that the influence of Le Zheng Tianya is definitely much greater than Xu.
"Alas …"