"Look down on the delicious food you just made for us."


"If you leave here now, we can pretend nothing happened."
"But if you want to keep catching Dickett, you’re going to fight our whole mermaid restaurant."
Watching Shark Walker defend himself so hard
Dick’s face was moved.
And Liu Yuan heard this.
I have a headache and pinch my eyebrows.
After he showed his cooking skills.
Asking for someone from Walker
It shouldn’t be anything particularly difficult.
But who knew Walker’s reaction was so fierce?
Knowing that Dickett is a wanted man in the League, he still chooses to defend him.
"Chef, it’s hard for me to do this …"
Just when Walker the Shark decided to let Dick go after Lu Yuan said this.
Liu Yuan’s words made him look ugly.
"Guys, I contacted you in this way because I don’t want to take people away by violence."
"But now it seems that if I don’t do something, I should be unable to complete myself."
"how about this? let’s make a bet if one of you can beat me."
"Then I’ll take Shafer and Katherine and leave here and cut Dickett some slack."
"But if you can’t beat me … then let me take Dietrich?"
Hearing this, Walker the Shark first took a look at Dick behind him.
Dick nodded his head and agreed to Liu Yuan’s request.
When Walker saw this, he turned to Lu Yuan and said, "Since Dickett has agreed to this bet, let the chefs of our mermaid restaurant come for a while, you are a teenager from the wild … just do as you say!"
Lu Yuan smiled and said, "In this case, let’s go outside."
"After all, if I fight here, I can’t afford to pay for it once I break the restaurant."
Soon they left the kitchen and went outside.
Yinhai Fisherman’s Restaurant is built with a huge whale back.
So if whales fight back,
Will obviously hurt this huge whale.
Walker, the shark man, smiled and said, "Do you mind if we put the battlefield on the sea?"
Liu Yuan shrugged his shoulders "can"
The words fell to Lu Yuan and flew directly out of the mermaid restaurant.
Shark walker surprised eyes.
Liu Yuan actually went straight to the sea.
The rough waves did not pose a threat to him.
It’s as if Lu Yuan is standing on land at the moment.
This surprised Walker and he didn’t understand how Lu Yuan did it.
This wild little … Something!
Liu Yuan looked at the people who still stayed in the sea restaurant.
Asked faintly, "Are you going to come together or one by one?"
Hearing this, a gold lobster man came out.
He jumped directly into the ocean.
See lobster people jump into that sea.
Liu Yuan’s side lit up the royal beast light.
With the emergence of this royal beast light
Small light figure slowly came out from the royal beast.
When the qianhai mermaid restaurant made trouble.
Liu Yuan received the royal beast from several departments of Xiaoguang.
Shark walker looked at Liu Yuan’s little face and couldn’t help wondering.
Because he felt a little naked breath with a golden star level.
This level of pet animals is still released to the outside world
But if you put the fisherman’s restaurant in the sea, it will be average
Because one of them is a chef.
There are three sea warriors who are not weaker than gold pets.
The man who jumped from the mermaid restaurant to lobster.
Is a gold star warrior.
Although the blue domain is ruled by the mermaid clan.
But it doesn’t mean that there are mermaids living in the blue domain.
There are still many sea people like lobster people in the whole blue domain.
After the lobster man jumped into the sea,
Directly in the direction of Liu Yuan.
For a marine warrior like him, fighting in the sea is a huge advantage.
Its own strength can be maximized.
So he looked at Liu Yuan’s eyes and was very confident.
It’s like eating Liu Yuan.
Lu yuan yi Li hai noodles
Look at that lobster man who keeps approach him with a smile.
This relaxed look
Suddenly, everyone in the fisherman’s restaurant felt a bad feeling.
Obviously, this is Lu Yuan’s strength to himself or Xiaoguang.
With absolute confidence.