As Tang Rui gloated about his tactics, Liu Yuan directly interrupted him.


Tang Rui looked at Liu Yuan with consternation and found that he looked at himself with a positive expression.
The calm appearance was not calculated to be angry at all.
In Tang Rui’s eyes, Lu Yuan suddenly said, "Have you heard a word?"
Tang Rui suddenly asked, "What is it?"
Liu Yuan smiled and said, "Villains … usually die of many words."
Tang Rui turned black and was about to refute the referee, but he didn’t give him a chance.
The referee is obviously not in the mood to listen to them.
After the pets of both sides appeared, the referee spoke directly.
"Competition …!"
Almost the referee’s words disappear when they fall to the ground.
Tang Rui was not surprised by this scene.
Because he has seen several land-based battles, he knows that this little light mouse tactic is to fight instantly and get close to the enemy at an excellent speed.
Then the enemy can’t react, and the situation will end in an instant.
Don’t. He just said so much. It’s really showing off in front of Liu Yuan.
The real battle has been instantaneous since Tang Rui released the breeze.
Because the breeze finch has accumulated skills since it appeared.
Almost when the referee announced the match was the same
Tang Rui followed and shouted, "The breeze is raging!"
The cool breeze in the sky suddenly fanned its huge wings when it was ordered.
A blue tornado immediately appeared beside it and wrapped its body.
Almost at the moment when the tornado appeared, Xiaoguang’s iconic golden figure appeared behind the breeze-billed finch
Six styles and feet!
Xiaoguang raised his foot and kicked the cool breeze finch wrapped in a tornado.
This foot instantly kicked the cool breeze finch flying for a distance.
However, the breeze-billed finch soon stabilized his body with a face of fear and looked into the middle school with a side kick.
If it weren’t for the spiritual power needed for the preparation of’ tornado’
There is absolutely no way for it to cast a tornado in such a short time.
And if there is no whirlwind, it will definitely not be good for Xiaoguang.
Looking at Xiaoguang, he was able to kick the breeze-billed finch wrapped in a tornado.
Tang Rui was dying in his heart.
Fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, he was prepared.
Otherwise, it is really possible for him to release the silver pet beast and be defeated by Liu Yuanqing bronze pet beast.
If so, he will lose face.
But the most dangerous situation is over, and now it’s his turn.
Tang Rui laughed and said, "Lu Yuan, your light mouse is fast, but it has a fatal weakness when it fights against my cool breeze finch … that is, it can’t fly!" "
"Ready to accept your first failure! This is that price you pay for look down on me! "
Tang Rui himself said this, and Liu Yuan was reluctant to meet him.
But when he looked at Liu Yuan, he found that Liu Yuan was looking at him with a strange face.
What’s this look on his face? Did I say something wrong?
Lu Yuan couldn’t help laughing and said, "Who told you that Xiaoguang can’t fly?"
In Tang Rui’s stunned eyes, the cool breeze and steel-billed finch has already launched an attack on the semi-small light.
The sharp beak poked directly at the little light.
If it were for him, he wouldn’t fly a pet beast. In the face of such an attack, he seems to have no choice but to fight hard
But it’s a pity that it has mastered the navy’s six-type light.
Six-style moonwalk!
The cool breeze finch can’t believe that it’s so easy to hide from the cool breeze finch’s attack with a light foot in his eyes.