The small hole pierced by the fangs of the spider emperor is not big, but it is definitely not small. It has a diameter of four or five millimeters, which is enough for us to cast our eyes on the opposite side at close range.


And it doesn’t matter if we look closely at it, Chen Mo and I will become confused. It is indeed a tomb inside, and we have seen a stone coffin. All the evidence is superficial. This is something that emperors can enjoy, but the problem is that we also saw something unusual by the way. The walls of the tomb are well preserved with murals, and the characters in the murals don’t look like one we have seen before
Chen Mo hit the nail on the head. "Why do I think this mural figure is a samurai?"
Yes, it’s the mural figure of the Japanese samurai. I say how familiar it is? I’ve been confused just now. Chen Mo solved all the doubts in my heart in one sentence
However, when a doubt is solved, it is even more confusing. This is China territory. It seems that it has been occupied by the Japanese for more than ten years, and I haven’t heard of any important people buried here in the past ten years. Besides, this funeral style was out of fashion at that time.
We don’t have the scientific means of carbon element test, and we can estimate that this tomb will be at least hundreds of years old if there is no mistake.
Everything is like a mess. I can’t find the slightest clue in my heart. I don’t have any affection for ghosts in this country. For thousands of years, we have been stealing from our ancestors. Our ancestors were generous, but I didn’t expect to be bitten by an immature baiwenhang at the end of the day.
Of course, at this time, the plot of the ethnic group is not the biggest idea in my heart. Before more doubts, we have encountered many ways to explain things, but those are our lack of knowledge and we can finally get a reasonable explanation.
This matter is completely different. Why would a tiny Chinese person bury our territory? And the specifications are still the same as those in our country?
After thinking for a long time, I didn’t find a clue. Finally, I felt that I had to go in if I wanted to know the answer. I set out to observe a tomb again and found that it was not very big, with a dozen square meters. Of course, when I said that the specifications were not big, I meant that it was compared with the specifications of five-color soil.
In the middle of the tomb, the coffin platform is all stone, and then there are some muddy objects piled up in a corner of the tomb. Although covered with mud, I don’t want to know that it is buried, but I haven’t seen anything else.
One thing I have to say is that I don’t know whether the drainage system was not done well at the beginning or what happened later. This tomb has been soaked by water and is still muddy.
This discovery makes us a little happy, but at the same time, we are a little worried. We are happy because the ground has become like this, and it is impossible to see anything without stimulating the hidden weapons machine. After all, we are grave robbers, not archaeologists. Although some of the buried metropolises were soaked in water, there will be no problems. We can’t take all the buried people away and choose something valuable.
I’m worried because this tomb has been soaked. Who knew the walls were still so strong from time to time? If we go in and make a slight noise, it is likely to collapse, then our lives will be in danger.
However, this small hole is too small and we are not close, so we should look carefully to see if the wall has been soaked in water.
"Forget it, forget it. If we make this brick door, it will definitely make a noise. If the wall has been soaked for a long time, then we will probably have problems when we start the door," I thought to myself.
"Well, Chen Mo, it seems that there is no danger in it. Let’s hit the brick door and go in!" Mouth said to Chen Mo, at the same time, the dagger in his hand was inserted into the brick seam.
In a short time, we made a brick door with a height of more than one meter and a width of about fifty centimeters.
The silence could not help but drill me into it, and he said, "Don’t worry yet."
"What’s the matter? Just quit. Didn’t we all watch it? There is no danger in it. Why don’t we go in? " Chen Mo asked doubtfully.
He said yes, it should be impossible for the grave owner to leave danger here, but the test of nature may appear again. We must not be careless and be careful.
"Who said there was no danger of mud? Maybe the wall was soaked in us. What if the tomb collapsed? Besides, this is the tomb of five-color soil. Have you seen the soil silkworm since we came in for so long? This thing is the most dangerous thing, but we don’t know where to hide now. We must not be careless. "I earnestly explained to Chen Mo and cited two of the most serious cases.
After listening to my words, the silence became serious. Holding the spider king’s fangs, he could not help but tighten his hands and looked at me at a loss.
"Come on, the tussah nose is very effective. If we might have been found in this tomb, we haven’t seen the tussah action now. They said they shouldn’t be here. You just wait for me and I’ll check a wall." Then I went inside.
Who knows that at this time, the silence grabbed my mouth and moved for several times before saying, "I’ll go. This is not an easy thing. If there is any problem, you may not have such a fast response speed when you go in."
Chen Mo is worried about me. He would rather take the danger himself than let me take the risk. But how can I let him go to such a thing? With a wave and a big smile, he said, "Who said I want to go in? Now that this brick door has been hit so much, I need to reach in here and touch the wall. Soon everything will be clear? Is it necessary to take that risk? "
"I’ll tell you earlier!" Chen Mo was very dissatisfied and handed me a dirty look. At the same time, I felt that he was relieved.
I don’t say much. I went to the brick door and put my hand out. After reaching out of the brick door, my elbow bent and touched one side of the wall, but when my hand bent, my face suddenly changed dramatically
Chapter 479 Mummy
I felt that it was not a cold wall, nor was it wet and muddy, but something similar to a skull. The only difference was that there seemed to be a thin layer of skin on this side, but this skin became very dry and as hard as iron.
This discovery made me feel terrible, and I couldn’t help but scream and step backwards until Chen Mo caught me.
"What’s the matter with you? Is there something wrong with the wall? " Chen Mo was very confused and asked, so he was ready to touch it himself.
"Don’t move, come back and get ready. Maybe we’ll meet Zongzi this time." I took wood blade Jr. and Wu Leifu in my hands and shouted at Chen Mo.
Chen Mo is usually very courageous. No matter what danger he encounters, he is always obedient. But these ghosts are as fearful as he is. Maybe they are born with fear. Ghosts don’t need personal experiments to know fear from the moment they are sensible.
He stepped back a few steps and stopped at the same level as I was afraid, holding the spider king’s fangs in his hand.
We know that most zongzi wake up when they are asleep. I just touched its face, and now even a zongzi who has been sleeping for hundreds of years should wake up.
But things didn’t develop in the way we thought, as if there were no zongzi in it, but I did touch it with my own hands. I have no doubt that I have been out for several years and I know this kind of thing deeply. There is nothing wrong with what I just touched. It is definitely a human body.
We didn’t stop until we slowly retreated to the surface of the cave. This already belongs to the security area. Even if there is anything here, the two of us can return to the ground in a very short time.
"What’s the matter? Why didn’t zongzi come out? Is there no zongzi in the root? Did you touch it wrong just now? " Chen Mo asked doubtfully.
At this moment, I really doubted whether I touched it wrong, but I soon dismissed my idea that it was as dry as iron, and there was almost no difference between the skin and the skull. What else could it be if it wasn’t zongzi?
No, not all the bodies in the tomb will form zongzi. If you don’t meet that chance, a large part will rot, even the bones will rot, and a small part will become mummified, but it is necessary to become mummified. Although this condition is not as harsh as the transformation of bodies into zongzi, it is not possible anywhere.
"Mummy? How is that possible? This tomb has been invaded by water. How can it become a mummy? " I think this is really incredible. If water enters, gas bacteria enter. How can there be mummies?
Chen Mo was puzzled when he heard my words. He frowned and thought for several times, but in the end he didn’t say anything.
Suddenly there was a flash of light in my heart, and I couldn’t catch what it was. I was so anxious to catch the back of my head, but things were always like this. The more anxious you were, the easier it was to get into the dead end.
"By the way, it is possible that the mummy has already formed the water. It didn’t take long for it to come in, so it doesn’t make sense? The mummy has dried up, even if the tomb enters the water, it will not rot unless it is a place that has been soaked. "Finally, after racking my brains for several minutes, I still caught the idea that flashed in my heart.
"Walking inside should be …" By the middle of the time, I woke up. All this was just my guess. It was just my guess that there was no evidence. At this time, it seemed inappropriate for me to hurt my foot and Chen Mo to rush in together.
Chen Mo is not stupid. When I spoke just now, he thought a little and understood what the reason was. He flew out when I wasn’t looking, and said, "Guess it’s better to be practical. I’ll go and see first and I should get the answer soon."
The reason why Chen Mo did this is naturally clear to me. I want to hold him, but he has long thought of running out before he can speak to me. At the same time, I am very resistant and very anxious. I still have a faint expectation in my heart. These different emotions are * * together, giving me a very strange feeling.
Chen Mo’s body is extremely flexible, and he doesn’t intend to recklessly run to the front of the brick door. After a short body, he directly rolled into the tomb without being affected by the brick door at all.
I was worried when I saw him, but I couldn’t help but downplay a lot of his skill. Even if I really met Zongzi, I think it is possible to escape.
After rolling into the tomb, Chen Mo didn’t stop to sweep his body, and he rolled out again at this moment, but after he came out, he found the brick door and didn’t come back to my side.
Look at this situation, I seem to have guessed the result, but I still asked, "What’s the matter, Chen Mo? What do you see? "
Chen Mo turned around and was not afraid to leave the brick door on his back. He shook his head and said, "It’s a bit like a mummy wearing it, and the calf skin has disappeared, and the calf skin is not very good. It’s moldy."
My heart is greatly relieved. It really is a mummy. It seems that I thought too much before and actually treated the mummy as a dumpling.
After walking to Chen Mo, I didn’t stop and walked directly to the brick door, but Chen Mo grabbed me and said, "There is more than one mummy in here. I can confirm that one of them is like this, but he doesn’t know. Shall we just go in now?"
Chen Mo’s concern is unreasonable. We should be more careful under normal circumstances, but what can we do at this special time and this special place except take special measures?
"Don’t worry, it will be fine." I gave Chen Mo a reassuring look and then put my hand to the brightest and went in toward the tomb
After entering the tomb, my eyes were naturally the first to observe these mummies. There were twelve mummies, each of which was the same statue before the silence. The calf was soaked and the calf was also affected. Most of the skin was covered with mold. It seems that it won’t be long before these few skin tissues will disappear completely, and these mummies will become a pile of bones.