I wanted to stamp my feet and shake the earth, but Ruan Shu remembered that I was wearing high heels today.

After Ruan Shu’s engagement, Mrs. Ruan threw away her neutral flat shoes. Although they are not famous brands, Ruan Shu is also very distressed.
I can’t wear high-heeled shoes prepared by Mrs. Ruan when I can’t work.
The skirt is also a lady’s face, and it is also the latest coat of Chanel.
It is even more beautiful when a beauty dresses up.
Ji Nanyao screamed at the first sight of the bad cause in his body.
Trying to put people on the sofa
The second time she said that the sofa was wide, big and comfortable. Since then, he has actually liked this sofa. When he has nothing to do, he just sits and thinks about … her.
Ruanshu certainly doesn’t know what Ji Nayao is thinking, but she feels that his eyes are so hot that she can’t look at him today.
Ji Nanyao thinks she is walking too slowly, and when she is near him, she can’t wait to stretch out her hand and pull Ruan Shu to react. The person has already sat firmly in his thigh.
Ji Nanyao held her waist in one hand and played with her little hand in the other. "Did you miss me?"
Ruanshu wants to withdraw your hand. Ji Nayao won’t let her say "don’t want to" for a while.
"I really don’t want to?" Ji Nanyao put a little effort on his waist.
RuanShu try to be brave shook his head "no well …"
The lip has been blocked and the breath has been taken away before the word can be said.
Ruan Shu-rou had no resistance in his arms and no resistance.
Feeling that I was vaguely looking forward to this kiss made Ruan Shu both restless and ashamed.
I cann’t believe she thinks so
I blushed and my heartbeat didn’t dare to look at Ji Nanyao’s face. Ji Nanyao’s teasing voice sounded in her ear. "Do you want it or not?"
Ruan Shu’s asthma is severe and her heart is beating fast, but she can’t bear to part with that kiss. She really misses him.
But after hearing his banter, she didn’t want to talk about it. This guy is so bad that he always bullies her in private.
Ji Nanyao’s lip will stick to it again and look down at Ruan Shu. "Soft, is this to let me kiss you on purpose?"
Ruan Shuxin was ashamed to be exposed and wanted to find a crack in the ground to get into his hand. He lamented "Who wants you to kiss me? I hate you to death."
"Daughter’s family said that hate is like it. It seems that soft likes me so much that I can’t extricate myself." Ji Nanyao gently pinched her ear.
Ruan Shu was so embarrassed by him that he wanted to push but craved this feeling.
But he really hates it. Every time he guesses, she hides her heart and even dares not think about her heart. It’s terrible.
If she marries him later, she will be bullied to death by him.
Chapter 7 Ruan Puppy gives you a minute to think about it
"Say you like it or not?" JiNaYao deliberately blowing gas in her ear.
Ruanshu stared at him, but he tickled his heart again and was forced to say, "Like it, like it."
"Coincidentally, I like you, too."
Ruan Shu "…"
Is there a Nobel Prize for Cheeky?
She thinks he’s sure to get another one
When Ji Na Yao’s lips reached her lips from ear to ear, Ruan Shu took a breath and became dizzy, so he closed his eyes and waited for him to fall a deep kiss.
Ruan Shu’s heart beat like a man’s breath and fell to her ear. "I can’t wait for softness."
"Can’t wait for what?" Ruan Shu regretted being an adult after asking. What else don’t you understand?
Ruanshu quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be dead. She didn’t hear anything and asked nothing.
Ji Nanyao chuckled, "If you don’t open your eyes, you agree."
Ruanshu glared at him with his eyes open. His face was red and white. I don’t know if he was angry or shy.
Qi lifted his foot and kicked his calf. Ji Nanyao didn’t hide from her, but Ruan Shu couldn’t bear to kick it after a few kicks. How painful it is for her to wear high heels in front of her head.
I was distressed and angry, and my heart was chaotic. I just pushed him up and walked out. Ji Nanyao took her hand in the previous step.
Ruan Shu shook off Ji Nanyao’s wrist and pulled him into his arms. "Isn’t it an interview to tease you?"
Ruan Shu twisted his waist. "I’m not here to interview you today."
"Who else do you want to interview?" JiNaYao smiled and made RuanShu feel weird.
"You care about me"
"I am your man, can’t I control you?"
"You’re not yet." She hasn’t married him yet