Shocked the royal family in the palace, and Zhang Wei nodded his head toward Shen.


Shen should also nodded his head.
In this case, a hastily staged coup completed the first stage of the process and achieved great success.
Most of the relatives of Zhao Gou and Zhao Shen have been taken away, and some of them live outside the palace. The royal family is not an important role, so it can be dealt with later.
After Shen’s order, Zhao Shen, Zhao Yun and Zhao Kai were imprisoned in the East Palace with a lot of men, women and children, and Shen should personally arrange someone to supervise them.
Strict supervision
San huang Zhao Dun was seriously ill and had no resistance. He was forced to wear the imperial crown and the throne of the emperor. He was forced to accept the prostration of Shen and others and was automatically made the third emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty.
He tried to resist, but the fact that he was sick and weak made him make an effective resistance even if it was Zhao Yun or Zhao Kai.
However, he is dishonest and tries his best to resist this insult and control Shen, who has been advised for a long time and is not bored with him.
So he immediately called the doctors who had been under control to coerce the doctors to boil the medicine, which could paralyze people’s bodies and give Zhao Dun the medicine.
Drink these drugs, Zhao Dun will be full of strength, and he will temporarily become a paralytic cripple who can be manipulated by them.
And all this is tied up. Yu Yunwen is watching.
Yu Yunwen was so angry that his face turned red and he screamed at the top of his lungs. Even if he was blocked, he couldn’t stop his voice.
If the eyes can kill people, Shen and others have been crushed by him.
But he can’t. He can watch as he tries to defend the Zhao and Song royal families, and his dignity is trampled to pieces by rebellious thieves.
After Zhao Dun was automatically made emperor, several imperial edicts were automatically issued.
First, the post of Yu Yunwen Department abolished the post of Shu Ren, and the post of other departments was changed from Shen Gai to Shen Gai. The post of state affairs, Lin ‘an city defense envoy and Tang Tang’s deputy envoy was taken over by Zhang Wei, Lu Yongyan and Shang Zuocheng were taken over by Zhou Lin.
Second, Yang Wanli, the former deputy envoy of the Yugoslav capital defense, and Hu Quan, the former deputy envoy of the Tang Dynasty, are both guilty of treason and should be arrested immediately. If they resist, they will be shot.
Chen Junqing, assistant minister of the Third Sanyuan Ministry of War, Wang Shipeng, assistant minister of the Ministry of Industry, Shang Wang Dabao, etc. also have the crime of rebellion, and they are immediately dismissed and arrested.
Fourth, the Lin’ an army immediately stopped resisting all the terms and conditions of the promised country and tried to stop the war and restore the good-neighborly and friendly situation between the two countries.
After the promulgation of the four imperial edicts, Zhao Yan had the strength to look at Shen’s face covered with the emperor’s treasure seal one by one, and his heart was very angry, but there was nothing he could do
Shen should have breathed a sigh of relief after the imperial edict was sealed.
He knew that everything was about to settle.
And then there is the fact that the main warring factions who have mastered the army have not yet noticed the situation, and they will catch them all and seize the soldiers.
This process has certain risks.
In particular, the Yugoslav capital army is still controlled by Yang Wanli. At present, the whole coup force and the main battle force are still disproportionate, and the main battle force occupies an absolute military advantage.
Zhang Wei and Lu Yongyan volunteered to do the most risky thing-remove Yang Wanli, the deputy envoy of the city defense, and control the city wall army to control the situation of the city defense.
"This move is quite dangerous, and all arrangements after the event must be careful. Today’s success or failure is a stroke."
Zhang Wei and Lu Yongyan nodded their heads in white.
Then they dressed in official clothes and took a group of imperial soldiers to the front line of the Yugoslav capital and asked Yang Wanli that the emperor had something to find Yang Wanli.
Yang Wanli was in the city wall for another material inventory, preparing for the coming day and the decisive battle with the army. It was strange to hear that the emperor was going to summon him.
Didn’t the former Yu Yunwen go? The problem is not solved? Still need him?
Yang Wanli was unprepared for the people in the palace and saw the court messenger in the room.
Then I was surprised when I saw Zhang Wei.
"Zhang Jingfu? What brings you here? You … When did you change your job? "
Yang Wanli clearly remembers Zhang Yi’s position and the court envoy, and what was ordered by the emperor of Trinidad over a hundred thousand miles?
Zhang Yi laughed out.
"Yang Tingxiu, don’t blame me. We have different positions, and the owners can’t talk about it forever!"
At the same time, Yang Wanli didn’t react. Lu Yongyan suddenly drew his sword and sealed Yang Wanli’s throat with a knife.
Yang Wanli couldn’t believe that Zhang Wei quickly covered his neck, but he couldn’t stop the spurting blood and the sharp pain gradually losing strength.
He knelt down and threw himself forward and twitched for a few times.
Yang Wanli died like this. Lu Yongyan’s knife couldn’t make a sound.
Several clerks around were frightened, but before shouting out, they were hacked to death by the imperial soldiers who followed in.
"Order the senior generals in the Yugoslav capital army to come over."
Zhang Wei sat in the original Yang Wanli chair. Lu Yongyan wiped his knife and put it into the sheath.
Chapter 1139 When the coup is going on
The soldiers went, and soon the senior generals in the Yugoslav capital army came one after another.
Then one by one, they were frightened by the situation in the house.
They saw Yang Wanli and a room that was killed in the bloody soul, and Wen himself entered the scene of some horrible murder.
Zhang Wei has no intention of saying anything to appease them and tell them not to move.
He told them that Yang Wanli was a sinner, and the emperor had a letter to read, and he showed it to the officials who came in.
It is true that senior generals all know the imperial edict. This is what the emperor Zhao Shen asked Zhang Wei to do. They secretly speculated that Yang Wanli had committed a capital crime and needed to be secretly executed by the emperor.
This is obviously not something that can be publicized to the outside world. They can look at Zhang Wei anxiously and secretly look at Yang Wanli’s body.
When dozens of senior officers arrived, Zhang Wei raised a letter to the generals.
People are kneeling in fear and trembling.
Then they were shocked to learn that there was a coup in the court. The original emperor Zhao Shen was abolished by the Empress Dowager, and the new emperor was Zhao Shen III-Zhao Dun.
After the new emperor succeeded to the throne, he announced that Yang Wanli and other hawk officials were guilty of treason, and the Ministry would be arrested and executed, and no one would be spared.
Yang Wanli, an official of the main war faction who mastered the soldiers, committed a felony and had to be arrested, but he resisted arrest and was beheaded on the spot.
His family will also be sent to the prison for execution, and no one will escape.
Moreover, all the leading faction officials who have committed treason will be controlled and relieved of their posts. Now they are in charge of the military and political affairs, and Zhang Wei is the deputy envoy of the Tang Dynasty and Lu Yongyan is the deputy envoy of the Yugoslav capital.
The new emperor ascended the throne officials changed their strategic attitude when they changed to the Southern Song Dynasty court.
Times have changed.
But in the eyes of the officers, it is another picture-coup
Interest rate … Just a coup?
The emperor changed?
Senior generals feel that the world is too crazy, and they are vaguely restless, and they feel that it is unacceptable and that it all comes too suddenly.
Zhang Wei was keenly aware of their emotional changes and immediately announced another new order.
"Stop the Yugoslav capital and prepare to accept the ultimatum of the country. As soon as possible, the country will reach an agreement to end the war. You will not fight this battle."
As soon as this sentence was exported, senior generals were stuck. The original agitation disappeared and the dissatisfaction in their hearts disappeared. All of them were covered up by this matter of "No War".