Because of chaos, all the demons in the world have benefited a lot. At this moment,


Jiang Shishi, who lives in the depths of the Imperial Palace, only recently recognized her sister Li Shishi, a Jin Lan, on the ancient two lesbians, and all those who experienced it in the Song Dynasty were born in brothels. Although this is a magical practice in all circles, she is also very interested in talking about the past.
After returning from Jiang Shishi’s return to Li Shishi, The Hunger, a precious female apprentice, was very fond of herself, so she took Li Shishi as her adopted daughter without saying anything. She was a demon-scattering identity and immediately became speechless.
Li Shishi is clever and exquisite, and he has won the respect and love of The Hunger. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have readily agreed to come after Jiang’s poetry proposal.
It’s almost a flash to cover the sky with strong light. Two women, Jiang Li, almost didn’t even react when they were exposed to all the strong light, and the wild power was instilled into their bodies through the light. The two women were all magic masters before, but because Li Shishi’s practice was much longer than Jiang Shishi’s, she was already worthy of repairing the strength of the magic monarch.
This strange bright light suddenly went back to the past calm on the same day, and a roar after a roar covered a deep and remote The Hunger star emperor’s palace, which was also a mess
Countless figures pull out the sky and scream as if they don’t spit unpleasant. They feel that the physical strength is rising to a new level in an instant, and the two women are also born with a sense of screaming.
I feel the change of my body. Li Shishi’s face is surprised. Sister Shi Shi, how did I suddenly rise to the realm of the devil? How are you?
Jiang Shishi just saw the crazy impulse in his heart, and Li Shishi’s words were also murmured. It’s incredible, and I’ve also been trained as a demon king.
The two women were shocked. It is natural to know that the magic master level was promoted to the magic monarch level. It is not easy to make it every ten years. For example, in Li Shishi, she has been penalizing for nearly a thousand years and has just approached the breakthrough of the magic monarch level. This shows that this is the general situation.
It’s a miracle that something big is going to happen, sister. Let’s go and see the master’s old man’s house. It’s better to ask him a question. Jiang’s poems have already dominated The Hunger’s respect for certain feelings and immediately broke the road after thinking of it for the first time.
Adoptive father in closed practice if it seems bad to bother, not long ago, bully The Hunger statue suddenly closed and didn’t say anything because it was really very sudden. At that time, even Jiang Shishi didn’t answer him. No wonder Li Shishi was worried that going like this would make bully The Hunger unhappy.
Good sister, the master won’t blame us for such things. How about this? I’ll go to the master’s office and call his sister, while you go to the three demons. Maybe they can know something about Jiang Shishi and calm down.
It’s better for my sister to be careful in everything, and I don’t know what’s wrong. Whether it’s Jiang Shishi or Li Li Shishi, they are not too big after the rapid rise of their strength. Instead, they are uneasy and say that there is no reason
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine countered
Great Sage, don’t panic. Yang Jian came to help you. Just when Sun Wu was almost on the verge of collapse, he rowed three blue light blades and took it straight. He robbed the bully by fire and cracked the raccoon, but he had to stop it just visible. If it’s a small fight, it won’t disturb them, but it’s said that heaven is the first to kill God, and it’s the only one to take charge of the fairy family, the law and the rule of law. How can it be a small fight?
I think that Erlang God was the only one who could match the enlightenment in the past. Speaking of it, his strength will never be weaker than Sun Wu’s. At this moment, he is angry and leaves no room for success. Even the evil spirits of the earth dare not touch his edge easily.
Boy, here comes a helper. In the eyes of Ba Zhu, the green mountain explodes and shoots six arms, so that the magic weapon can be waved like water, and while resisting Erlang God’s relentless offensive, he laughs fiercely.
Stop talking nonsense. If you can’t do it for a while, you might as well delay it for a moment. The more people we have, the more stupid monkeys want to stop me from waiting for the world to break the seal. It’s a big joke.
What a cunning devil! Do you want to be more than people? Erlang God heard that his forehead and his eye suddenly opened up and waved a gun, and he quickly changed a lot. A decisive seal turned out to be an avatar outside the body.
Everyone’s forehead, eye shot, thousand sharp golden hands, three pointed double-edged knives roared, and that trend was really shocking
Just outside the incarnation also dare to make a fool of yourself in front of the magic, despise cold hum, whisk and wave the magic weapon in his hand, and chop it with more than a hundred ways, which embodies the powerful magic weapon’s death ray blade, and he knows about the outside incarnation, so Erlang God is not a virtual potential.
One of the thousands of busy people is really useless, that is, being killed by oneself.
However, this time, Ba Zhu miscalculated his three components to meet Yang Jian, but I didn’t know that Yang Jian’s incarnation outside the body was unusual. As soon as the magic root was used, everyone had physical power.
More than 100 Yang Jian brazenly hit the enemy, but Ba Zhu held a big three-point force to meet them
His body is Yang Jian neck and neck, but he suffered a big loss, regardless of more than 100 ways to cut the monarch and the magic evil spirit death ray was broken. Even his body was cut by more than 100 three-pointed double-edged knives, and his body was broken by several blue knives and turned into several pieces.
At the same time, it is very careful to crack the raccoon against Yang Jian. Even after watching the former sacrifice, it is an embodiment method outside the body. He still tries to add him to the enemy and refine the magic ball that eats the sky in a big virtual reality.
I don’t want to work hard, but it’s the slightest mistake to ask for it.
This is just a flash in the pan. Yang Jian can exert this magical power, that is, the second devil can strike the enemy without knowing the situation
Moreover, this trick is limited to a lot of things. First, it can last for a while. Second, if people dodge, they can also pursue the situation that the other party must be hard-headed.
Yang Jian’s physical wear and tear is also extremely great after Jia’s display, and it will not be easier than fighting for days and nights.
See the bully Zhu was shattered into pieces of meat all over the sky Yang Jian is also a light heart way. Although this chaotic magic position is amazing, its strength is just that, but he didn’t dwell on the fact that Sun Wu, who is stronger than him, will fall into a bitter struggle.
Cracked raccoon was attacked by Yang Jian’s avatar group outside, and it was not necessary to eat too much. At this time, he just recovered.