The territory has a population of 665263.


Territorial Army Warrior Trapped Camp Warrior (peak of solid state) 112 samurai army (first order of condensed soul state) 5 intellectual state warrior
Territorial popularity 2 (leading people’s state)
Minxin energy 77177
You can gain popular energy 54546 every month.
Virtual buildings in the territory 【 Lord’s Altar (Seal) 】, 【 Class Barracks 】, 【 Iron Shop 】 and 【 Energy Mixer 】
After the capture of the county, the Tong has automatically divided Su Yu’s territory into Beishan County.
However, most areas of Beishan County are not controlled by Su Yu, and the population is only the combined population of the county and Heishi County.
The popularity of the territory has also changed. The original popularity of Blackstone County plus the 7-point basic popularity of the county city is the popularity of the new territory.
The people’s hearts and minds have little energy, just over 70,000 points, which is not enough for Su Yu to make any big moves and development.
"It seems that it is urgent to recover the population of other counties in Beishan County as soon as possible so that the whole territory can enter a stable development stage."
Su Yu muttered to himself. He stared at the territorial attribute data and secretly analyzed it.
With the population of the territory coming, Su Yu’s monthly energy value will also increase greatly!
"By the way, you just said that this dragon Yu Pei can interfere with the system. Do you know what it is? What is the origin? "
Su Yu picked up the table dragon pattern Yu Pei asked the system.
This thing was carried by Su Yu since he was a child. He also had a piece in his previous life, so Yu Pei was also left to him by his mother, but Su Yu’s mother died of cancer in her previous life.
Su Yu came across and found that the owner of this body was also wearing such a piece of Yu Pei, and the style and feel were similar!
The original Su Yu is just a coincidence. As a result, I didn’t expect this Yu Pei to have great ability to interfere with the normal operation of the system!
[The territory level is too low and the system limit has not yet been scanned]
Unified presentation
"Then will you be disturbed by it again?"
Su Yu slightly narrowing her eyes to ask
He remembered that he had just said something like "I want to be a minister". This Yu Pei interference led to a bug in the Lord’s altar and forced Zhuge Liang to summon.
If this Yu Pei really has such a myth, Su Yu would rather fight for a year after each call and keep making it cool!
A call is a proper god!
Even if it cools down for a year, it’s a good deal!
If you are lucky enough to summon a holy general who can call the shots, wouldn’t it be a fortune!
[drop! Host, please don’t worry. After Yu Pei’s energy fluctuation has been recorded, we will resolutely put an end to similar incidents! 】
Unified tone is very serious.
Come on, I’m worried about this bug, okay
Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile. I really want to benefit from this bug to strengthen myself!
It’s really cheating
Fixing bugs is really fast.
Since there is no quick shortcut, let’s develop it down to earth!
Su Yu put the dragon pattern Yu Pei away personally, and we are not sure about the origin of the dragon pattern Yu Pei. Then keep it first, and then explore the true face of Yu Pei when the territory level is high.
Su Yu sank his heart to understand the situation after he captured Beishan County and gradually scrutinized his development direction.
The capture of Beishan County suddenly caused Su Yu to speed up his pace because of the appearance of the orc king Andrew, which also disrupted many of his own layouts and plans, and needed to re-improve his layout and take care of the movement of the Imperial City.
In addition to controlling the overall situation, Su Yu also has to plan a series of things such as possible emergencies in the territory, subsequent army expansion and formation.
To be honest, so many things have overwhelmed Su Yu’s head, which really makes Su Yu feel a little tired and difficult to cope with.
It’s not easy to be a good Lord.