Huang Yusheng has some words looking at Xu Xuan’s mind, and the questions haven’t appeared yet. Where do you remember? Earlier, you said you saw it in a dream, but this kind of thing has always been a great saying, and … where did you go with that confident expression?


"Could this be what you call cheating?" Huang Yusheng asked some sullenly, but this is what he had no other way to read properly, which is impossible. If he is such a person, he may have achieved something long ago, so if he didn’t try Xu Xuan here, the college entrance examination would still be an unattainable thing for him.
After studying for a few days, although there is no income, Xu Xuanyuan has prepared several poems and he has memorized them. The rest is to find someone to recite some ready-made articles on those topics.
After this, the two people will be silent and go to Yali, the second floor of Linxian Building. If the doors and windows are closed, the sound insulation effect is quite good. The young children will occasionally come in to change their tea and try to be as light as possible without making a sound. For these young people, reading will eventually make them admire and deliberately fall on their hands. Both of them seem to be somewhat envious.
After the "poisoning" incident in Linxianlou, it is like an eye life, from which there is a bit of urgency and seriousness. This is Xu Xuan’s daily life, but some things behind it have also matured.
After Zheng Yun was taken away by the government, Xu Xuan didn’t ask again. If Liu Shouyi didn’t make moves, he would definitely give the other party some necessary lessons in his own way. But in this case, lady white snake noodles are also a thing to consider
Women’s opinions on Xu Xuan are not due to Zheng Yungen’s deliberate leaking out, which has affected people’s health. lady white snake obviously has a bad feeling, and Xu Xuan had the idea of going through the door to apologize, but after all, he didn’t do something like this. Since he didn’t feel wrong, there was no need to explain it.
"I heard that several shopkeepers have been released … yeah," said Xu Xuan, leafing through the books in his hand.
"Oh …" Huang Yusheng’s head drooped not far away, and the back end of the brush was chewed by him, and his eyes were falling in front of him. The expression on the paper seemed a little distressed, so he had no intention of Xu Xuan’s words until he repeated it to himself. "Huh?"
I didn’t care about Huang Yusheng’s attitude. Xu Xuan casually turned over a page of paper and glanced at it. After a while, he probably finished reading a few lines. He silently read a few words before stopping to continue talking about the previous topic. "After this incident, several restaurants will probably be scared, so the pressure on Linxian Building may be less in the short term, but this is not absolute. After all, they will also operate as usual until this storm and pressure come."
When Huang Yusheng comes, the biggest purpose of Xianlou is to cope with the backyard test. Therefore, business matters can be decided by Xu Xuan. Although the Huang family is a big businessman, it is not necessarily related to Huang Yusheng. Therefore, if it involves business matters, he is mostly silent.
So the two of them chatted for a while, and then it seemed that it should be a big thing, but they couldn’t see anything.
"Let’s go out and do something together in the afternoon."
This is an invitation to Huang Yusheng, who has been suffering in the Linxian Building for the past few days, so he nodded his head as if he were going to fall. "What to do?"
"Of course, I’m trying to make trouble for those restaurants."
"An eye for an eye for an eye" is definitely a must … how can someone not strike back? "Huang Yusheng said, picking up a pen to write the names of several big restaurants. The handwriting was crooked, and it was probably only for him to know that he had written a wrong word, and then he painted it in black cakes. In this process, he murmured," Yuping Tower must be the first to kill … "He said, taking a pen to lever off the words" Yuping Tower ""and then bamboo "
"Zi Xia building this small fish shrimp role … yeah don’t kill will make us very weak"
When we get there, there will be nothing left on the page.
"So how do you do it?" Xu Xuan looked at the page and then shook his head and smiled.
"Simple!" Huang Yusheng’s expression was very excited. His family had elders to worry about business matters, and it was not his turn to take the helm. Therefore, his heart had long been irrepressible. His business silence in Linxianlou was also necessary because there was no help. At this time, Xu Xuanzheng asked for his advice and naturally felt very happy.
"Find a group of ruffians to make trouble in those restaurants every day … of course, you can’t be too polite, such as giving money for dinner, but you can throw some flies into their dishes to discredit them."
Huang Yusheng said that he was quite excited when he scratched his right hand, but then he noticed that Xu Xuan’s strange eyes were slightly stunned. "What’s the matter?"
"Please look for a fly in winter."
"Er, well," Huang Yusheng thought for a moment and then said, "Well, it’s good to waste this. You can always find it everywhere and stink it up."
Xu Xuanwen also smiled and didn’t answer the phone. The situation is not the same as that of later generations. Restaurant management has always lacked norms from official forces, and there is no similar supervision by the people. Therefore, even though Huang Yusheng’s method is feasible, the effect is not good. The key is that this method can be emulated and it is likely to encounter similar troubles. It is not meaningful.
Huang Yusheng spoke salivating and paused slightly. "There is also a real method. Can’t you write poetry? Putting some good poems out will definitely bring great popularity to Linxian Building. I tell you that those readers are the best, especially those who are more influential. This brings great fame. "
"You have to find out whether I am a restaurant or a brothel … the conventional means of poetry and elegance are almost the same. If you want this, it will affect each other. It is too difficult."
Huang Yusheng frowned. "What do you think?"
"I really have a countermeasure for the idea, but how to implement it later needs to be considered and considered. If it is done well, the effect will be amazing."
"What is the way?" Huang Yusheng looked at Xu Xuan and asked curiously
Xu Xuan threw a piece of cake into the import and then smiled "directly dig up the foundation of those restaurants."
"The restaurant depends on the foundation?" Huang Yusheng frowned and repeated doubtfully, "What is that?"
Xu Xuanwen smiled. "Restaurant meals all need ingredients. They have been in business for many years. There must be a fixed source of ingredients. If we can cut off these roads, it won’t be long before they can close the door." He said that two fingers in the depths of the table ordered a little. "This is called a radical."
Liu Shouyi, the county magistrate, was not in a good mood because the flying pigeon was leaked.
"If you really want to feel a little difficult about Li Xian’s hand officer …" Liu Shouyi took a sip of tea and took this opportunity to relieve the fatigue caused by continuous work. "Of course, it is not because he is a junior officer who feels reserved, but the person behind him is really a big trouble."
"Shen Shixing … Ah" Liu Shouyi shook his head and smiled when talking about this name. The tone made people somewhat uncertain. "His eyes are in front of the adults in the capital, but … I know that others are the best at sophisticated communication, so their popularity is excellent … but their actual ability is not scientific."
Laojiu listened to Liu Shouyi’s words and didn’t express his views at this time. On the one hand, he didn’t know much about officialdom, and on the other hand, he didn’t care about it.
"Others’ capital adults can’t be unclear, but he is obedient enough. This is better than" Liu Shouyi said finely for a while and then sighed ".If it is just the official Shen Shixing, it is enough. If the capital adults are ready to do things smoothly, he can reach a height in the future, which is likely to exceed everyone’s expectations.
Laojiu smell speech finally looked up and saw Liu Shouyi’s eyes became a little surprised. It seems that Liu Shouyi is afraid of the young man named Li Xian because of such things.
"But after things … it can’t be said too dead …" Liu Shouyi said here and paused a little. "Ah, it’s too early after all."
"Real …" Laojiu was silent for a moment and then said, "These things can make Xu Xuanlai do something behind the adults’ needs. It should not be too much of a problem to do something secretly."
Liu Shouyi gave Laojiu a slant head and laughed for a long time.
"all right"
At the end of the year, the restaurant business is often the best time because of frequent parties. From the experience of many years, it is generally the same as before many festivals. Although this scene will last for a short time-because the Chinese New Year is a big event for everyone, the really important moment is spent at home with their families, but what the restaurant expects is to have a climax before the official arrival of the reunion. If this ticket is earned, then the hard work of this year will be well explained.
However, because the shopkeepers of several big restaurants were directly taken away by the government in front of the Xianlin Building, the problem appeared.
The management mode of eye restaurants is relatively backward. Generally, all operations are carried out around the owner of the restaurant, that is, the shopkeeper. The quality of the shopkeeper will greatly affect the operation of the restaurant. For example, the daily income and expenditure need to be confirmed and audited by the shopkeeper. Without this link, other operations will be affected
For another example, it’s really weird for the young couple to work with the store. On the one hand, the store hires them to do things, on the other hand, it’s also necessary to guard against whether they are lazy and will take things away from the restaurant, which requires the shopkeeper to make necessary restraint. Therefore, it’s normal for the shopkeeper to be watched in the office for several days in a row, so the restaurant is unstable.
Rumors will also be heard outside, such as the attempted murder of shopkeepers in several major restaurants being caught. Obviously, someone is deliberately pushing behind it, so whoever does these things really needs to think about who is the opposite of these restaurants. Even so, it is generally innuendo, but it still makes the original situation worse.
The sunshine in the waterfront house has been shining with the breath of spring, dyeing the treetops, the corners and the top of the horse head wall of Huizhou architecture.
Li Xiansheng was in a bad mood. A tea-pouring maid accidentally splashed hot water on his hand and got a slap in the face. Then he put his hand over his grievance, put his head aside and tried hard to suppress his voice. He was about to rush out in a moment, and the crying sound could barely be suppressed, but tears overflowed.
"Waste one thing … keep you? Give you so much money every month, is it all for dogs? Even such a small thing can’t be done well! "
Li Xian was born at this moment, and there were some gaffes in the past. Some nights ago, since he came back from a place called Jiangling, he had been shaken. Later, he stayed at home and never went out again, so he had to keep it reluctantly. But at this time, the confrontation with Xu Xuan failed in an unexpected way, and finally he became a little hysterical. The original otherness also made him laugh and get angry like thunder.
"Okay, okay, Li Xian, talk less." Deng Xuan frowned and persuaded a little bit. Although Li Xian’s eyes were angry, Li Mu was probably trying to vent his anxiety through such a move. This is understandable, but even Deng Xuan felt that it was not so appropriate.
By the end of the year, these people are not from Huizhou, so there will eventually be some homesickness, even people will have similar ideas, so it is more important to appease the Lord, otherwise the original situation will not be very good, and it is not a good thing to leave Germany.
At this time, Li Xian also knew that what he had done had deviated from the original purpose. Although it continued to the Xu family, as before, there was no special progress. The deadlock had been broken, but if he gave up like this, all previous efforts would be wasted, which would also cause a devastating blow to his image
More importantly, in the dispute with Xu Xuan, money is spent like running water, so if you don’t care, there will always be a day after spending it.
"That guy, where did he get his money?"
This kind of doubt has always been due to the fact that physical problems have not been exposed before, so I consciously ignored this time in the past, and it was time to face it when money was in short supply.
"I don’t know. Previously, I have made several estimates of the funds that Xu Xuan can move, but this estimate has been repeatedly overturned, and I still haven’t seen the other side … We have spent more than twenty-two thousand silver dollars here." Deng Xuan said these words in a bitter tone and recalled that when he came to Rock Town, he always felt a sense of irony and thought that he was a little annoyed.