If it weren’t for the ferocity of the white snake hand, I really want to eradicate all the evil spirits present.


Don’t shoot the magic cloud knife when you see the purple light shining golden light here in Meng Fei. The master also sacrificed 24 blue flying knives. The material is not gold, iron, wood or stone, so he hovers overhead and knows what a warrior is.
The extreme yin sea Lord is still black and angry, and eleven long banners show several naked devil heads with deep white teeth.
The ghost king vigorously saw that the white snake didn’t talk or ask questions any more. He offered a skeleton hammer, a blazing green fire, and rushed up ten feet. Five skeletons opened their mouths and sprayed black smoke.
The white snake didn’t move, still holding the green mountain peak with a solemn face, staring at the fairy house that was covered by the glow in the sky, but it seemed as if it didn’t dare to approach or dispel the glow in the sky.
When they saw the inferior situation, although the treasures were sacrificed, they were afraid to rush into the fairy house first, for fear that the glow of the sun was terrible, and secondly, for fear that the rest of the troops would peep, so they wouldn’t wait to see who couldn’t help but be the first bird and follow suit.
In this way, it is pros and cons for Meng Fei, and all the people are offering treasures to the sky. Qiu Chuji is even less aware of his own situation. True teaching is to pour out people and to use his own means to bury this group of old people at the bottom of the sea, except for a menace.
Nai everyone didn’t act, and Meng Fei couldn’t think about it.
Hum extremely Yin sea master finally took the lead in reciting the mantra in his hand with a cold hum, pointing to a long banner and rushing from behind, and on the spot, a large area of black smoke surged.
There are several ferocious evil spirits in it, and the hags are all tall and big. Ruo Xu shadows roar repeatedly, and thick brown smoke clouds are sprayed in the mouth to form a bowl-sized mushroom shape that emits a strong stale and thick odor.
After hearing this, all the people present were so bored that they couldn’t resist the protective qi that they closed their five senses and dared not breathe.
What’s this uber doing? Master Xuanwei is puzzled and asks Qiu Chuji questions.
Qiu Chuji Yinyinxiao This Uber finally can’t help but think about the spiritual sacrifice, refining the Xuan Yin Shaqi, polluting the fairy house, exploring the reality and looking at the forbidden being original in this Xiaguang, and watching these Uber’s evil methods. Fortunately, they don’t agree with each other, and they are not as United as our people.
Let’s not move, and watch these genies act. If these genies are forbidden to enter the fairy house in this glow, we can let them eat what they want. If they don’t join hands with each other, it won’t be a problem for us to kill a genie alone.
Besides, where is the evil voyeur of the Fairy House? I am only entitled to enjoy this Fairy House if I am dedicated to upholding justice. We really teach you, of course, to help you eradicate these evil voyeurs with one hand, so that the three thousand worlds in the Northern Ghost Domain can enjoy peace forever.
After listening to Qiu Chuji’s words, Teacher Extinction means that she nodded slightly. She is also a Taoist priest who has made a lot of merits and enjoyed immortal relics in her life. Of course.
Where is Qiu Chuji’s words? It’s the first time that Master Yin Hai took the lead, and it was also calculated. He spent thousands of years in Beihai, and he didn’t know that light day attracted so many masters.
Knowing that you can get the fairy mansion’s hope, you can muddy the situation first, but you can steal some treasures with your deep magic power.
When I was a little while, the mushroom-shaped brown clouds flew to the Xiaguang Ruiqi one after another, and the Xiaguang Ruiqi was suddenly dispersed, revealing a lot of the true face of Xianfu.
This fairy house is like a huge city, resplendent and magnificent. Two thirds of it disappears into the virtual space, leaving a gate to enter. The rest is seamless and the golden light is not made of any material.
The two thick doors, which are as high as dozens of feet, are full of colorful light and faint Brahma singing.
At the gate, there is a plaque with three huge characters engraved on it. Meng Fei’s mind is moved. It’s ancient astronomy, which is older than the ancient celestial characters. Of course, Meng Fei doesn’t recognize it.
The extremely cloudy sea has polluted the glow and spirit. He has lived here for thousands of years and got the evil way. Of course, he knows much more about spying on this fairy house than others.
The heretical master gathered together to kill several people and refined their souls. This 9911-pole magic banner was forbidden by filth, but it was sent to the field. This glowing glow is an extremely powerful fairy method, which is specially wrapped around the forbidden gods.
Method tactic refers to the black smoke, long streamers, spectre, hags, all of which are back to the long streamers, and a black line suddenly rushes into the wide underground door, turning colorful divine light as if afraid that the long streamers and filth will spread to the extremely cloudy sea, and the main players will disappear and sink into the sea when they disappear.
All the people in this fairy house are forbidden to look at the extreme Yin Hai Master first, and they are all ready to see him suffer. Where do you know that the magic banner is so powerful that it easily forces the glow of the sun, and before the glow channel is closed, the white snake first disappears into the door with a long whistle and a flicker, and the speed is several times faster than that of the extreme Yin Hai Master.
Meng Fei would have paid attention to the movement, and vigorously the ghost king quickly changed his eyes, and the shield was offered by vigorously the ghost king. He followed and broke into the door.
The main character of Magic Cloud Knife is withdrawn, and it’s also a little anxious to see a bunch of people entering it. The white fog flies into a white light and flies towards the door. Twenty-four mouths fly blue and hover, wrapping themselves in the wind and rain.
When the demon was killed and exterminated, Master Tai saw that the Magic Cloud Knife Master was left alone, where could he stop the Magic Cloud Knife Master in the middle by pressing the polar Xuan gas cylinders to emit white light?
It is the most mysterious one among many treasure hunters that the Magic Cloud Knife Master has lived in invivo for a long time. However, there is no doubt that the heretical middleman is extinct. Teacher Qiu Chuji has long discussed that if one of them is alone, he will join hands to remove the fetter of competing for the fairy house.
Master Magic Cloud Knife is also eager to guard against extinction at the moment. Suddenly, the teacher saw the white light blocking in front of him and knew that it was not good. He quickly stopped his body to ask questions. A huge thunder and fire thundered like a golden ball.
Among them, there are purple flashes, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, snakes, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons
Ow, ow, ow, roar like a beast, and it is scattered around blue mist’s department. The main body of the magic cloud knife is a person, a beast, a monster, and the life-size body is bombarded by many flying swords, and half of it is bloody, and the insides and large intestine are exposed.
The Master of Magic Cloud Knife didn’t expect that this group of Taoist priests would suddenly hand in. He has lived in invivo for a long time and rarely traveled abroad. I don’t know that the extinct teacher hates demons and deserves it. Today, he is possessed by bad luck.
Qiu Chuji, this group of veteran exterminators is not a good bird. The exterminator is also a top player in the Northern Ghost Star Domain. It is an anomaly that dozens of immortals are strong against one immortal and sneak attack on the magic cloud knife master. It is not nullified on the spot.
Seeing that dozens of people have joined forces to blow up the magic cloud knife, the blood and five zang-organs are all weird, and the black Rao is a bunch of sophisticated minds, determined and well informed, and I couldn’t help but stare blankly.
The demon cloud knife master was hit hard by this, and that long animal face was twisted and ferocious, screaming and exterminating the old thief, Lao Zu Ni. Today, I want you to die and eat your souls.
Hum, you are still boasting when you are very close to death. You really teach Taoist friends to quickly destroy the body of Uber Yuan, so that it can no longer be destroyed in form and spirit, and you can no longer endanger the extinction of the world. The master’s hand is turning over and commanding the two poles, and the air is white and the air is blue.
This white gas is the mysterious gas at the two poles in the Aquarius, and all the fine gold objects will be adsorbed to the Aquarius. Even those with advanced skills can barely control their flying swords to resist the attraction of the mysterious gas, which is ten times more difficult than usual.
The magic cloud knife master suffered a big loss because of this, otherwise, he would not let the true Sect explode the protective white fog and destroy half of the yuan body.
As soon as the extinction teacher saw the magic cloud knife priest, he knew that it was not anyone who moved his mind.
After listening to the call of the extinct teacher, a group of nuns who are really old-fashioned have all come to their senses and are ready to send the most powerful magical power.