Lin moved to a mountain in the distance of Gu Jian Gate and then sat cross-legged for a long time before he opened his eyes and smiled slowly.

It’s time
Lin Dong murmured softly, and then turned his eyes to the ancient waste stream. The seal that covered up the brand has quietly dissipated. Presumably, that kind of special fluctuation should also be noticed by the far-gulong ape, and then it is time to watch the drama.
Second watch
I’m still more than 200 votes away from the first place. I haven’t given up yet. Do you just give up?
More than 200 votes is not more than one person, one vote, and we can rush.
Wash away even for a short second.
Everyone accompanied by Wu Dongchong a RO Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Gu Jian regret dragon ape.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Gu Jian regret dragon ape
There are three people sitting in a grand hall in Gu Jian Gate. One of them is the three elders who took a beast from Lin Dong in the waste stream.
Teacher younger brother heard that the ancient waste stream Zhongyuan Cologne ape was moving in the hall today. A white-haired old man took a shallow sip of his teacup and then looked at the gray-haired old man’s way
Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with that beast, so that we can come back before. The grey-haired elder nodded his head, and his gloomy face still has some laughter left. I want to be excited about it again.
Hey, Lao San rarely sees you like this. It seems that you have won a lot today. His smile on his face obviously attracted the attention of two people in the hall. Another red-haired old man couldn’t help laughing loudly.
Well, some elders with gray hair smiled, and then the palm of their hands turned over, and the beast was now in its hands, and the vigorous energy fluctuation immediately attracted the attention of the other two people
this is
For this beast, obviously, these two are not familiar with it. When eyebrows are all wrinkled, they say
I don’t know the origin of this thing, but I can feel that if I can refine it, I might be able to step into the same gas-making environment of the head brother, and the gray-haired elder smiled and said
Smell speech that red hair is always envious.
Hehe, teacher younger brother is a good chance. The white-haired old man smiled, but his words haven’t been finished yet. His eyes suddenly froze. He felt as if all the halls were shaking at the moment.
What’s going on
The gray-haired old couple are also aware that when their eyebrows are wrinkled.
The white-haired old man frowned tightly, and soon he seemed to feel something. Suddenly, his face changed and his body flashed, and he rushed to the hall. His eyes were dignified and he looked at the west side of Gu Jian Gate. Where did the peaks tremble and fluctuate?
What’s that? The gray-haired old man and his wife followed closely, looking at the western heaven with consternation.
It seems that the white-haired old man who came at me from Gu Jian Gate was slightly heavy and fierce, and a long whistle suddenly made a series of figures of Gu Jian Gate like locusts, and now he has a vast training ground in front of him.
People listen to orders to enter a state of alert. Once suspicious people enter the Gu Jian Gate, they kill white-haired old people on the spot. Their eyes are horribly sharp, and the cold sound is ringing in Gu Jian’s younger brother’s ear.
It’s the head
When I hear this white hair, I always drink when Gu Jian’s younger brothers are all drinking together.
After the command, this white-haired old figure is also slowly rising beside it, and the gray-haired old two are also looking at the western sky with a solemn face.
Is it finally here?
At a mountain not far from Gu Jian Gate, Lin looked up and looked at the western sky, where a familiar and violent breath had spread. Obviously, things were the same as he expected, and the ancient dragon ape still sensed the fluctuation of all animals and came after him.
Good show
Lin moved his eyes and looked at the increasingly huge figure in the line of sight, and his mouth smile became more and more intense.
At this moment, the earth suddenly trembled. Gu Jian’s younger brothers all looked to the west with a hint of surprise, and then their faces gradually turned pale, because they saw a huge head of dozens of feet, stepping on the towering giant trees, with a violent breath, and rushed straight at them. From the eyes of the scarlet beast, they didn’t come to visit after they could know it.
Far gulong ape
Screaming and screaming, at the moment when the gate of Gu Jian Gate rings, Gu Jian’s younger brother is a feeling of disaster.
Far cologne apes in the middle of the Gu Jian door owners gray hair elders two people also looked horrified at the great apes who came through the steps of shaking the earth, even though they were superior in strength, but at the moment their scalp was numb.
How did this beast come to my Gu Jian Gate? The gray-haired elder said sharply, They are far away from the Cologne Ape. When did they even dare not step into the Far Cologne Ape to hunt the monster beast? How did this beast come at their Gu Jian Gate today?
Gu Jian’s younger brother heard that all Yuan Dan’s territory immediately rushed to Gu Jian to occupy the position of the large array. At this time, the head of the Gu Jian Gate was also extremely gloomy. At this time, he had no time to think about what this beast would find the door when it was urgent. It was necessary to quickly guard against this beast or it would be destroyed by it. The gate of Gu Jian Gate would collapse immediately.
It’s obviously a great prestige for a man with long white hair, so even at this moment, many younger brothers rushed to the gate and immediately rushed to find a prescription seat around the huge stone sword with dozens of feet.
Two teacher younger brothers, the three of us joined forces to dominate the large array. This beast is the strength of nature, and it must rely on the large array force to be able to match it. Seeing all the people, the white-haired old man once again folded his way.