Double heavenly sword suddenly pierced.


It’s not good to frighten Ji Changfeng to leap.
He escaped Yuan Ye’s sword in the half, but he had no place to borrow it in the half.
It’s over. Yuan Ye sounds coldly, and at the same time, he really kills it.
Jin po JIU Jian yuan
The golden S sword instantly pierced the long seal and dodged in half.
And nine sword yuan with a terrible explosion instantaneous drill firm but gentle explosion than thunder.
Gold s flash cuts through a long record and a long seal, and can stand in front of you with both hands desperately.
Blood splashes, nine swords, and the strength is devastating, and it penetrates the palm of the hand with the green S halo one after another, and then the degree is almost undiminished.
Poof bursts and pierces Ji Chang’s sealing mouth, heart position Ji Chang’s sealing body surface, green S halo gradually dispersed, and then a stream of blood gushed wildly, and Yuan Ye stared at Yuan Ye with horror and resentment.
I lost Ji Changfeng and felt the vitality dissipate rapidly, but his brain could still think. His eyes were still dim and he was still staring at Fang’s indifferent figure, and his consciousness was gradually blurred.
Then Ji Changfeng’s body fell from half to Peng.
The body fell hard on the square sand, and blood was everywhere.
Peng Yuanye fell from half to the ground and roared in a low voice. He fell from a falling body at a height of about 100 meters and could withstand it purely by his body.
And beside this precipice, the long sealed body of sand and stone is in tatters.
It’s a pity that this pair of gloves can be used as a weapon against a sword. Now it’s broken. Yuan Ye shakes his head slightly. I look exactly the same, and the same person attacked Guan Renxian. It was a man who set me up. But now I’ve killed Guan Qing’s long record and sealed two top-ranking masters. It’s also a complete opposition of Qing Jianzong. No matter whether the attack on Guan Ren can come to light or not, I’ve already made a complete enemy of Qing Jianzong. I believe this is the man who set me up. Even if I know what’s going on, it can be resisted.
Yuan Ye’s eyes are full of memories of his happy face at the moment he left.
I’m glad to hear that although I can’t think of anything against you, I may be wrong, but maybe I should pay more attention to you.
On the other hand, after Yuan Ye’s long seal left the war circle, the official Honglie returned to Qingjianzong, and finally the attack gradually stopped. Xiaoyao Mountain obviously didn’t want Qingjianzong to break completely, so both sides chose to stop.
Qing Jianzong died on both sides of Xiaoyao Mountain, and some people were injured more in Xiaoyao Mountain. However, for a huge strength, the basics are neither painful nor itchy. On the contrary, they care more about each other and the two sides compete for the focus. One is to kill Yuan Ye, and the other is to protect Yuan Ye. No one can know this knot for the first time.
No matter how long the death news shocked Qing Jianzong, Yuan Ye quietly came to the place where he called himself a sneak attack and assassinated Guan Ren.
The traces of fighting are two different kinds of firm but gentle strokes from here. It is rarely said that the fighting is not long. Yuan Ye looked at the scene carefully and hoped to get some information from it.
These two traces of firm but gentle, a broad and tough firm but gentle, should be Guan Ren’s kind of Yuan Yeguan Ren’s firm but gentle. Forget it. Chapter DiYiQi Ghost beast vision.
And this kind of fine, tough and sharp is really like Yuan Ye. I will carefully look at the places that are similar to the traces of my own firm but gentle. If I imitate them, I will definitely break the array. The scene will leave clues only if I can find them carefully.
Well, this is Yuan Ye’s eyes narrowing and following the trace of imitating his firm but gentle sword. Yuan Ye saw a firm but gentle sword that looked thin, tough and sharp, but it had a great radian. Then when the radian was exhibited, it showed a broad and tough side, which was more severe than Guan Ren’s broadsword.
The sword requires extremely high arm flexibility, and the key point is accuracy, so the sword marks are generally sharp, thin and tough, but the degree is different, but even the broad sword is relatively broad and tough, and the main attack mode of the sword is to stab and swing the sword marks in a straight line.
However, the knife requires extremely high arm strength, and the key point is fierce, so the knife marks are generally wide and tough, even the most official broadsword is not as wide as the knife marks, and the main attack method of the knife is that the chop marks are deep and will bend.
No matter how good a person conceals himself, he will always imitate the strength of others’ moves inadvertently. People will always be more or less violent. This is the clue that Yuan Ye came to observe. Of course, this clue is extremely difficult to find.
This is a master swordsman who changes his sword but imitates other people’s fighting moves, so his strength will be greatly reduced. In this way, he can easily hurt Guan Ren in a few moves, and the official Honglie’s anger is definitely not light. This can say that the other side’s power is far away, Guan Ren is less, and the honor list is 30, and Yuan Ye’s eyes will never blink again and again. The honor list is 50. This time, there are three people who come here with knives, thunder knives, Li Hongfu’s ten thousand buildings, rising sun knives, crazy blue knives, and thousands of lakes.
Yuan Ye’s eyes were blindfolded, and he doubted him in an instant when he came to see Le Wen’s face. Today, he is ninety percent sure that Le Wen is framing him, but he is not absolutely sure that Le Wen Yuan Ye is going to pay more attention to him in the future, and he will be able to feel it if he wants to move his hands and feet again.
Because of the confrontation between Qing Jianzong and Yuan Ye, he had to hide his whereabouts, but Yuan Ye didn’t intend to leave Chi N Mountain. There are still many things involved here, especially if he wants to find out whether he is happy to frame himself.
Therefore, Yuan Ye came back from the killing place to facilitate the vines to return directly to the N beast in the cave, and then the vines were broken. Today, the N beast is completely wary of Yuan Ye, which is more than a person and a beast.
After the cave was dark and there was no N energy, the N force was also shallow. These days, Yuan Ye directly took a large number of high-grade N energy from the ring and then fell into deep cultivation.
Now Yuan Ye’s most important thing is to cultivate the strength of wood spirit to the peak, just like the strength of gold spirit. The strength of wood spirit is the first stage, the second stage, the three-point sword, the third stage, the nine swords, but the strength of wood spirit is not three stages, the first stage, the two stages, the first stage, the glory and decline of wood, the same as that of Jin Jianyuan, the energy of the most wood spirit is very few, and the binding force is also very weak, but just like Jin Jianyuan’s later stage, it can be condensed together with nine roads, but the strength of wood spirit will In the final stage of wood spirit, it is always an idea in Yuan Yexin. After Jin Jianyuan’s fusion, the attack power of nine swords increased sharply. After Jin Muxun’s wind fusion, the binding power of ten thousand trees increased sharply. Once these two unique skills are fused again, it will be such a terrible thing that Yuan Ye can absolutely grasp the second kill of the king master, but this great power also means that it is difficult to reach the sky.
Today, Yuan Ye is in the stage of continuously enhancing the wind energy of Jin Mu.
Time and time again, the realm of cultivation has also been constantly improved with this cultivation. After more than four years, it has reached the top 40 strength of the Tao Zun San zhuan primary honor list. Although it is not as good as that mountain month, it is still a genius that Wan Zunxing has never met in a thousand years.