Zhang Jun hurriedly explained that he saw an acquaintance say a few words, and he said that he started to wipe a little water drop that fell in front of her.


Ah hum, Fang Xia came by the door in broad daylight and saw all this. She was cheerful and awake. They paid attention to their own image. After all, this is a public place. Yang Jiahui turned red and went back to her chair. Zhang Jun also scratched his head and muttered that it was not intentional to meet.
Where did you meet Wang Junlai? Then he turned around and asked
No, no, Zhang Jun stuttered
Haha, there was a hearty laugh in the room
At this time, Lao Hou and Lao Cao are also full of food and drink. While picking up the pieces of the table, Lao Hou said that the army should rush into Kyushu when it’s time to do it. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
A burst of laughter in the room immediately attracted a lot of onlookers, of course, all of them were from other big rooms. No one understood the mystery when they entered the room and were outside the door. Looking at them, many people thought that the smell of alcohol in this room must be caused by alcohol.
They were tired of jumping, and then they went back to their chairs to rest, and the onlookers gradually dispersed. They didn’t want others to be happy enough, because today they bought a daily limit stock. You know, a daily limit is a million net profits for their tens of millions of funds. Isn’t this figure worth jumping once?
Section 167 Ice and fire for two days
Zhang Jun is also very happy that although his capital is very good compared with others, he has bought 10 thousand shares and made a net profit of more than 30 thousand yuan. For him, this is a four-year salary. Every time I think about it, I don’t feel happy. This smile comes from my heart
He looked at Yang Jiahui and found her sitting on the sofa and continuing to knit a sweater. Zhang Jun said that this sweater has been knitted for four months and has not seen anything yet, but she is still quite serious. He wants to tease Yang Jiahui, but it is good for so many people in the room.
The market did not end because of this. In people’s expectation, the longer the stock index is, the higher it is. At this time, the momentum of climbing the peak is also increasing a little. This means that the buyer’s strength is constantly increasing, which is tentative. Now it has completely changed its position. Although it has consumed a lot of bullets from many troops, the offensive is still unabated.
Lao Cao’s snoring in the room has gradually started because people are in a good mood, and Lao Cao’s snoring is as beautiful as loud music. With rhythm, it seems that the signal is blowing, and he is calling on people to charge forward to the 55-point highland.
Although the stock index is slightly higher in the tail market, it can be seen from Tianyi that today is an out-and-out zhongyang line stock index rose by nearly 6 points, and the number of daily limit traders in the two cities also reached nearly 60%. Unfortunately, some stock makers are quietly looking at the samples while the stock index is rising, and they are resolutely carrying out.
Zhang Jun suddenly remembered that Zhang Lianwei said that day that he was looking forward to beating the stock market. I really didn’t know that this stock had fallen by 30%. It can be easily seen that the banker has already rounded up the killing broadsword blade. After that, Zhang Jun, a corpse, couldn’t bear to look again. He just wanted to see his own stock when he heard Yang Jiahui say who bought the stock.
Zhang Jun, a colleague, simply said that he didn’t want to say too much because he was afraid that Lao Hou would go to this matter. After all, he was a colleague of the same unit.
In the end, there was no suspense in the stock index. Everyone went to the big room with a smile. Zhang Jun and Yang Jiahui were still walking at the end. When they came to the hall, they found that there were still so many people here than in the first few days. This is how these people want big market, and they will flock.
They didn’t pay more attention. Yang Jiahui took his hand and walked straight to the bank of Liaohe River. This is the place they frequented. They are very fresh and quiet, and they can see people in the game.
As they walked all the way, they suddenly found that the old man was still fishing in the distance, so he couldn’t help but go over and see the old man. He looked at the float on the river, and it was like the stock index fluctuating together. They also quietly looked at the railing, and the float was not big when it floated on the water. The old man grabbed the fishing rod and pulled it tentatively for a while, and then he followed it several times before shaking the fishing rod in his hand. A fat fish followed the fishing line and drew a beautiful arc in the middle. Then the old man unloaded the fish and threw it into a small bucket. In the process, he threw the fishing line again.
Zhang Jun whispered in her ear that I found this old you in common.
I don’t understand Yang Jiahui.
If you look at that expression, your expression is the same when you are trading stocks. You don’t change your face, you don’t jump on Mount Tai, you don’t bend over, Zhang Jun said with a smile
I hate it when she says that, and then she walks on, holding his hand. Unconsciously, she comes to the small gazebo again and approaches Zhang Jun. This time, she forcibly pulls her into the small gazebo to sit down and says that Jiahui is in this position again. Guess what I saw?
I saw you inside. Zhang Jun said that she deliberately looked down the neckline. Yang Jiahui didn’t understand, but when she saw his bedroom eyes, everything turned white. She said, be careful. When she finished, she plunged into his arms.
Early autumn in northeast China, a gust of wind blew through them, and they felt a cool autumn wind brought people coolness and happiness. Look at the autumn wind, which took the leaves from the mother’s arms. The leaf doll was very happy, sometimes like Sun Wu doing somersaults, and sometimes like Hua Hudie dancing in the middle. The leaves fell to the ground in the autumn wind, and a thin layer of golden carpet was laid. They sucked in the autumn wind and brought fragrance in the kiosk. It was a wonderful feeling.
They have been completely immersed in the autumn wind at the moment, and Yang Jiahui is a little cold. She drilled into Zhang Jun’s arms and said, I’m a little cold, so you hold me tight. Zhang Jun was happy and put her in his arms. Their hearts were closer and their faces were tightly stuck together.
Look at your Hu Du Zha people, said Yang Jiahui Jiao.
Those stubble that didn’t come to Zhang Jun were gently stroking her face, although they were not pricked, but they itched. Yang Jiahui was sometimes tickled and giggled, but he didn’t escape, but quietly enjoyed her being touched by him in his arms like a clever kitten.
They hugged each other tightly in the cool autumn wind to warm each other. At this time, the flame of love can warm these two people’s bodies and minds. They don’t feel cool at this moment, but feel warm all over. Yang Jiahui gently looked up and said, Ah, you have never said those three words in such a long time.
I love you, Zhang Jun whispered knowingly in her ear.
Who can hear such a small voice? Yang Jiahui is obviously not happy. She turns her head and looks at the distance. It’s not going to meet him.
I love you, Zhang Jun. Get up the courage and shout into the distance.
Now young people, not far away, pronounce an old lady.
They looked up and looked out along the cracks in the tree. Two elderly people carrying food baskets were talking and walking. They also looked here from time to time. They smiled and didn’t mind too much.
Zhang Jun looked around and there was no one quietly. His courage was getting bigger and bigger. One hand gently reached in from her neckline. Yang Jiahui’s small hand gently tapped him and she was still quietly lying in his arms.
In the eyes of two young people, it always passes quickly. Before you know it, it’s getting dark and the wind is getting stronger. Yang Jiahui looked up and kissed him. He said, take your hand. It took Zhang Jun a long time to smile before he took it.
It’s not a long way home. Zhang Jun took her to her home for dinner. Yang Jiahui obeyed him. At this time, she was not like the god of war in the stock market, but a charming and lovely young beauty.
As soon as the army came over, they heard people shouting far away in their neighborhood
The two of them follow the sound, and it seems that it is the boss who sells fried dough sticks. His wife is waving to them. Zhang Jun said sadly that Jiahui must be a stock thing again
Yeah, that’s right. Yang Jiahui seems to be very indifferent
Before I got near Gao, the boss smiled and said that I teach stock gods.
I’m not talking about Zhang Jun.
The proprietress said at a side that we want to teach beautiful women about stock gods, hehe
Yang Jiahui looked at it with a captivating smile and said what’s the matter.
Well, some time ago, you weren’t allowed to buy stocks, but you all blamed yourself for buying a stock, and now you have set a lot of stocks. I want to ask what to do, said the proprietress
How much is the ticket for Yang Jiahui?