Acacia even Yu Weiyang didn’t find those guards, even more so. She couldn’t help sighing in her heart, but she couldn’t figure out whether it was because she was so excited when she heard such a tragic story that she had to go to see it. In fact, she knew that she really didn’t see anything because she was conscious, and she really wanted to see it, which made her feel even worse. Besides, she couldn’t find anything, and she was not afraid of death or blood.


Yes, she is not completely afraid of blood. It is this kind of tragic death. Blood is always a special taste that makes her unbearable. Every time she smells it, she always wants to vomit her insides. It feels that she smells not blood but resentment. Are these people resentful when they die?
What? What exactly? Acacia asked, but she didn’t even know what she wanted to ask, so how could she find the answer?
Acacia is not worried, not afraid. I will always be by your side. Yu Weiyang took Acacia into his arms and patted her back to give her peace of mind.
Weiyang, these people are very resentful, but what can I feel that they have lost their souls? Acacia almost speaks.
Is Yu Weiyang secretly surprised and resentful after listening to one leng? He didn’t find out that he knew that resentment affected Acacia in this way. He would eliminate that resentment. But he didn’t find that this resentment came from those dead people. Thought of this, his eyes flashed with one hand patting the other hand on Acacia’s back, but he quietly stretched out on Acacia and fell asleep with a little Acacia.
Placing a defensive array around acacia, he flashed back to the small village, and the fire continued, but this time he was looking for resentment.
A long time ago, a red bean was said to be the first red bean in the world when Pangu Tiandi created everything. After thousands of years of practice, she gradually realized her own consciousness.
Then it found that it had been called red bean, also called acacia bean, and it was sent by affectionate people. It was given to each other by couples of lovers. It was also counted by looking for a marriage. Although many of those lovesickness messages turned into injuries and were added to lovers’ hearts, they finally turned into hate, sadness, despair and betrayal.
It has seen the world, saying that love has also deeply understood love, which is both pleasing and sad.
Although she has seen and tried her best, she is even more puzzled about what love can make people so bitter, so painful and so hurtful that people still do not hesitate to join it. Finally, when it was given to a man by a woman again, it decided to try it, which was praised by thousands of people, but it was painful. So after it was taken over by that man, it became a woman, and she was going to try what she knew would hurt, hurt and suffer. Those people still threw themselves into it.
She fell in love with the man named Wei Yang, who is holding her now.
It’s a pity that this man is not happy when he holds her, because this time this represents acacia red bean, which is called farewell in his eyes. The red cotton woman gave him the name acacia red bean, but she abandoned him forever and devoted herself to others’ arms. Red cotton is his wife and his life to love her.
He doesn’t want to know anything. He’s only been away for two years, so she won’t wait for him. Two years ago, when he gave her acacia beans, he vowed that I would miss you all the time and never forget you. He also said that I would always miss you, miss you and love you in my heart. Even if my body can’t go back, my soul will definitely think about going back day and night.
But only two years later, he came back and she left.
What did he ask? She didn’t answer. She threw herself into the arms of the man who came to pick her up with a happy face. He knew that he was a duke and now he is a duke. He is rich and decent.
Is that it? he asked again. She smiled and didn’t answer.
So he hated him, hated the red cotton betrayal, and hated the duke who took advantage of the danger to win love. Maybe he also hated his own ability. Anyway, he hated it so purely and fiercely.
I’m going to kill the dog man and woman, and I’m going to give him a warm love, and he’s talking about it, and silence is a nod, so do it if you want.
He went, but unfortunately, although he had been on the battlefield, he was not one of those guards, so he was caught and pushed to the dog and man.
I’ll let you go this time, and we’ll never get involved again. Don’t disturb our lives again, will you? Red Mian said, looking at the lovesickness that has been with Weiyang.
Weiyang has been enchanted. He can’t listen to the red cotton words, which means that he recognizes that this woman is really cool thin and once again deeply humiliated and hurt himself. He hates it even more.
Do you hate because of love? Acacia watched this man become obsessed step by step. She has seen and learned for thousands of years that when she loves someone to the extreme, she will hate it to the extreme. In her opinion, Weiyang hates red cotton to the extreme. You still love her very much, don’t you?
No, I don’t love me. Now I want to kill her. I hate Weiyang. My eyes are red and I swear. But when I hear Weiyang swear like this, my heart is so sour that I almost shed tears.
Another assassination failed. This time, Hongmian didn’t let him go again. He was going to miss him and save him back to his place. She finally couldn’t help but say, don’t hate her, okay? Don’t think about her, okay? Don’t let her in your eyes, okay? Let me love you, but let me enter your heart.
But Weiyang didn’t listen at all. His heart is no longer him but the devil.
Finally, the hatred made him unable to stand the temptation of the devil. The devil used magic to kill people and suck people’s souls to practice. He became unscrupulous, and there was nothing in his eyes but hatred, and he couldn’t see it. He was always with him for love.
That’s why you want to be a devil and kill both of them, and then what? After they die, are you happy? Are you happy? Acacia cried and asked Weiyang, but he didn’t.
Acacia went to see Hongmian. She knew that Hongmian was not greedy for the man’s money or anything else. She really loved him, and he really loved Hongmian. Although Acacia never asked them about it, it seemed that she knew that they were still happy even after death, and Wei Yang really killed them, then he was really a devil. Nothing would happen in his heart.
You really want to kill both of them. There is only one way for you to go. That is to kill me and suck my soul strength so that you can kill both of them. Acacia sat in front of Weiyang and brought him breakfast. After watching him eat breakfast rudely, she said faintly and sadly
You Weiyang wondered at Acacia and didn’t understand this sudden little woman beside him. He never understood her.
I am acacia bean at the beginning of heaven and earth. Although I am stupid and fall into the world of mortals, I still want you to absorb my soul strength after all the years. In this world, you can get wind, wind, rain and rain. Don’t say revenge is killing all heaven and man, but you can also miss Wei Yang sadly. Tears are full of eyes, but I ask one thing.
Acacia words made Weiyang moved. He imagined that the two men could be tortured to death, but he couldn’t help but be excited. Immediately, his eyes braved the red light and asked what the requirements were.
Let me enter your heart and let me stay there forever. I feel the strong beating in Weiyang’s heart. Now she finally knows what will hurt and know that it will hurt, but still love because it hurts. It’s not love. True love hurts, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t feel bitter.
Acacia looked down at the dagger that had been inserted into her chest and burst into tears, but when she heard Weiyang’s almost urgent good word, she smiled again. It would be enough to be able to enter his heart, that is, it would be hurt and painless, that is, it would be painful and painless, that is, the soul would disappear, but it would be enough to think that he would remember to keep himself in his heart from now on.
Is this true love? I feel my soul dissipate. I feel my soul strength slowly enter his body and become a part of him. She is so happy that she will never wake up when she enters his heart.
Acacia died. She wanted to die. She died at the hands of the man she loved deeply, but she was happy because she entered the man’s heart.
Hong Mian died, but she was happy when she died. In her opinion, she was happy when she met him in this life. When it came to Yin, they were still together.
That man died, too, or he knew he was going to die from the first time. When Weiyang didn’t let Weiyang do it when he looked for them for the last time, he died, but when he died, he smiled. He told Weiyang that you loved and took revenge, but you never knew what love was. Maybe you had it, but you killed her yourself.
Wei Yang died too. After witnessing the deaths of the two men, he suddenly realized what he had done. When the hatred passed away, he was just a pair of bloody hands and a sinful soul. He regretted it, but it was too late, so he took the girl named Acacia with him. He also killed him, thinking that if it was really cloudy, he would go to find her. He wanted to tell her that he regretted it. He wanted to tell her that at this time, there was no red cotton in my eyes, and there was no red cotton in my heart. I don’t hate her and love you now.