However, when Li Yueling was dragged into the center of the mine explosion, he was already breathing a lot.


You know, the lightning explosion center formed by this god’s thunder is ten times more powerful than the combination of thunder and robbery in three days and five punishments. Don’t say it’s a fairy body, even if it’s a sacred body, I’m afraid it will be annihilated in an instant.
Unless you are sanctified in the flesh.
Chapter three hundred CangDi visit
Li Yueling didn’t reach the sacred place of the flesh, but his blood of the Lake Emperor made him escape, because Li Yueling was not a blood clan, but he didn’t have a blood clan. That special talent for regeneration was extremely strong in the firmness of the flesh.
When Li Yueling was sucked into the center of thunder and lightning explosion, he sacrificed the misty heaven.
Haze heaven destroyed a magic weapon of celestial defense. When the miraculous thunder disappeared, Li Yueling blocked the moment, while Li Yueling blocked the moment when the miraculous thunder disappeared.
Li Yueling is almost completely damaged. Although a self-defense treasure has been destroyed in the second half of this year, it is impossible for him to protect himself in such a terrible offensive, even if he is replaced by a famous person on the pick list.
In fact, the real Leishi can hold on for a little longer, even if Li Yueling’s imperial blood achieves the flesh, I’m afraid it will be destroyed. However, the real Leishi didn’t get much instant opportunity after the joint attack of the heavenly ghosts.
Li Yueling won, although it can be said that it was extremely dangerous, but it was always won.
With the absolute advantage of magic weapon, Li Yueling has just been promoted to pick up the fairyland to repair the strength, and has turned over the Leishi reality, which ranks among the top ten in the pick gold fairy list.
As soon as Li Yueling got out of trouble, he swallowed a gas-invigorating panacea, instantly locked in and watched Leishi’s real god.
In fact, if LeiShi reality escapes from the Yuan God at that moment, if Li Yueling immediately chooses to escape, it will be absolutely pursued. Not only did he not.
He was full of doubts about Li Yueling’s death, but when Li Yueling appeared in good condition, it would be difficult for Leishi to leave.
For Li Yueling, that is, of course, taking advantage of his illness to kill him. Why don’t you let him go and wait for his revenge in the future?
Lost the only chance to escape, the big ghost almost broke in Li Yueling’s lock on Leishi’s reality at the same time, and surrounded him very closely.
Although the real Leishi lost his body, he can still cast some magic tricks, but he can’t use magic weapons. What’s worse, he was also traumatized when Yuan Shen fled, so he can’t escape in the face of the big ghost camp.
Seeing that Li Yueling drifted leisurely and Leishi was desperate, he accepted the fact that Li Yueling was able to bear great destructive power in the center of the thunder explosion, and he was still unscathed.
A pick Jin Xian who has practiced for thousands of years is already immortal. It is also his bad luck that Leishi real people have made this field.
Cherish LeiShi reality to your own life. Yuan Shen didn’t move, and the ghost locked it. Once he moves, he will definitely fall into an instant spike field.
You must be very angry Li Yueling fly near blunt LeiShi reality light way
The magic weapon to win, Lei Shi, is really angry from the bottom of my heart.
You fart. Li Yueling smiled at me with a hint of ponder at her mouth. You won the battle for life and death.
I’m not a great saint, either. Today, whether you’re angry or not, you’re at the end of your life. Li Yueling went deep into the roots and said,
Especially a guy like LeiShi reality who almost killed himself.
Confidant LeiShi’s real enmity is resolved by decisive method. Of course, it is necessary to take advantage of his illness to kill him, but he can’t be allowed to find trouble again.
Not only that, but Li Yueling has finished the account for seriously injuring his beloved Cher sister. He has already thought about solving the Leishi reality in his mind.
We must uproot the Tianshi Sect, and let Tianshi Sect never be there. The Emperor Xianxing is now.
LeiShi reality I feel today is doomed, and there is no resistance.
It is not so calm to die, and at the same time, his heart is also thinking about it. Today, the debt has been really recovered, but once the master knows about it, Li Yueling will not live for a few days.
I can’t wait for that day to see it with my own eyes.
Leishi reality closed his eyes and died, but it didn’t make Li Yueling soft-hearted. Just because he was ready to understand Leishi reality, he completely destroyed his yuan god, which made Li Yueling have to stop listening to the distance.
It’s naughty of a good disciple to kill someone like this. Stop it quickly, and the teacher will do as you say. The sound of Emperor Cang has just sounded, and his figure has suddenly teleported and stood in the way of Li Yueling’s Leishi reality.