There is no extra gap between the two people’s sight. The shame of others has caused Shura to break out completely. Is it because this woman is dead that you are willing to take a look at me?


Desperate, she pushed Xiaoxiao with a palm of flint and a touch of plain color, and took Xiaoxiao in her arms and quickly jumped out.
Hey, you’re so ungrateful. Xiaotian grabbed Panther, Panther, jumped up and avoided Shura’s attack.
The nose is full of his cold breath. Xiaoxiao suddenly turned around and hugged his waist and refused to let me go. No matter whether you are a person or a ghost, you can’t leave me again this time. Even in hell, I will go with you.
Duan Fei lowered his eyes and his chest gradually became wet. He raised his arm and tightened her without saying a word.
She’s the only one in your heart. What am I? What do you pay? Shura screams and kills them all. Kill them all for me.
The four dharma protectors looked at each other, and when they heard hooves coming from afar, they all looked at each other with a tacit understanding. They came to Shura, and we had to leave immediately.
Kill them all, I can’t get you, and none of you can get Shuragan. He can’t listen to what they are saying, and his eyes are burned by the beautiful picture of happiness in front of him, and his heart is burned.
The door owner offended four people and took Shura to display her flying skills.
Xiaoxiao remembered something like looking up. She was so anxious that she caught Duan Fei’s skirt and our son’s antidote was in Shura’s place.
Duan Fei stretched out his hand and held her little face and smiled and shook his head. I was at ease.
He smiled strangely and calmed Xiaoxiao. You know, I know her. Their children know that they have learned something and what has happened in the past six years.
She suddenly reacted. I can’t believe you arranged all this.
He didn’t answer her question, folded his eyes and turned to look at a group of people running this way.
Duan Yi sank his bridle and his handsome face was covered with a layer of unpredictable cold charm. He looked at Duan Fei, who was high above the king, but he already knew that his heart was lost and he was about to lose something. It was a complete loser to let him look at it.
I want to take their mother away from Duan Fei, and I still can’t refuse her indifferent tone.
Xiaoxiao hurriedly covered her tears of excitement. This is the scene she met in her dream. I didn’t expect him to actually come back.
Her hand was grasped by him, and it was still so cold, but it could warm her heart.
Two people so confrontation with gas instantaneous condensation.
For a long time, Duan Yishen reminded her to hang her eyes on one side of her lips. If you make her sad again, I will not hesitate to take away their mother’s words. He turned his horse and didn’t even look at Xiaoxiao for fear that he would regret it.
Not that he gave up, because he knew that his persistence would not make her happy.
As the shrill whistle sounded, the snow came running with perfect whiteness.
Holding Xiaoxiao’s turn-over horse like before, put her in front of her and let her lean in her arms. I haven’t seen her for several years. Even though it’s already two children’s mothers and the people behind her happen to be so intimate, Xiaoxiao blushes, especially when he is holding the reins with both hands. I don’t know whether it means it or the scope of his arms is narrowed to fix her in her arms. This makes Xiaoxiao’s heart beat faster like a little girl at the beginning of love.
Aoxue looked very excited and ran away, while the Panther and Silver Wolf followed it leisurely. Xiaotian was knocked to death in the Panther body with a face of dissatisfaction, complaining about the evil and the draught, and he didn’t forget to dig wells. You are very much in love with me, so you forgot to hum me, a big benefactor. Now young people really don’t know how to repay kindness.
Fei Xiaoxiao hugged him and bowed his head, which was embarrassing and hard to hide. He said that we had a couple, and they were so beautiful because they looked like you.
Duan Fei pursed her lips and smiled, pulling the reins with one hand and encircling her slender waist with the other, so that she could stick closer to her ear and whispered that in my eyes, the child is the most beautiful.
Xiaoxiao’s heart is like smearing honey, and his face is red, so people can’t help but take a bite.
Xiaotian couldn’t help shivering. Cover your ears quickly. Why should your hearing be so good?
Non-Xiaoxiao turned around and hugged his girl in love and made Xiaotian panic and close her eyes quickly
Never leave me again, okay? I don’t want to be crazy for another six years.
Duan Fei gathered his eyes and looked at her with care. He nodded gently. This time I promise you the afterlife. 164 You are our mother.
The cabinet master is back.
Junge first screamed for a full quarter of an hour, then hid his face and cried, especially when the wind cried like a child, hiding in the corner and burying his face in his palm.
He will never forget who he is still alive as an individual.
At that time, he was young and frivolous, and his martial arts had offended many prominent people in the Jianghu. Later, he was tricked and tied to a dungeon by those enemies, and he could live like an animal every day. Those who seemed to be righteous and chivalrous would bring him to shame if they were happy. He made fun of him.
He can’t forget the first time he saw the cabinet master. His sword glowed with cold light and blood dripped down the tip of the sword.
He just stared at his back in the body, but Shuer stopped slightly tilting his head and asked 1
Do you want to leave
He cried at that moment.
From then on, he vowed to follow the cabinet master wherever he went, no matter what he did, he was his pioneer, he became a demon, he was his ghost.
He was dragged into the muddy abyss by the simple sentence "Are you leaving?"
Shoulder shuduo hands.
He hurriedly wiped away his tears and turned to frost to smile at him. She would make fun of him as usual, but she changed her provocative and gentle comfort. We should guard and follow everything. If we want to live, it will be a day instead of yesterday.