At this time, Meng Fei also seems to be in a high-level serial bureau that has long been designed.


Now Meng Shaoshao can be sure that Han Feng’s identity position must be a very secret. He even won the trust of the cold light tiger and others. Just now, when the imperial emperor was preparing for magic, Aubac was entangled in the protector of Princess Ziyi in Meng Fei. Purple flame may not know Han Feng’s position, or he may have known it for a long time, but he did not know it.
The handsome man always doesn’t know that the experts of Huaxia China staged a realistic drama to make the cold light tiger and others give up the defense against him, and he hit them in suspense and let Meng Chan hit them with a blow.
Meng Fei finally realized that the war between Tianjun, which had been raging beforehand, was far more complicated than he had imagined.
The old general, a generation of famous generals, is admired by the world. How could he even lose his reputation and abandon his military glory at the expense of his honor? In such a despicable conspiracy as the Snow Front Empire, Princess Ziyi came to protect her in China’s celestial masters. A pair of dark blue eyes stared at the famous Raymond Empire star Aubac.
A look of shame passed away from the depths of the eyes of the old man with white hair and beard. The old man held a long knife hand and became firm again. He said with an expression, for a veteran, he no longer needs to come to the enemy’s approval. May the people of Raymond Empire remember the glory of Aubac.
At this time, Aubac is the best person in the three assassinations. He walked to the front of the cold light tiger Tracol and protected them. They gently waved a dead body in the distance and a long knife flew into his left hand. Both the right and left hands pointed slightly to the ground. A strong fighting spirit wrapped in iron and blood broke out, and his eyes were burning with hot fighting spirit.
It’s a pity that your plan has failed today, and no one will remember the honor of a conspirator who destroyed fairness.
Bei Gong, a witch, sneered with anger in a pair of amorous eyes, and stood beside Princess Ziyi, disdainfully sneering that the four countries would join forces with China, and you didn’t know it? Hum, that’s just a stupid joke. A few crazy people are digging graves.
She was right in the first sentence.
On the comparison of strength at this time, Meng Chan, the heavenly king of China, was not seriously injured. Although Han Feng was not injured, the magic cost a lot. It is unpredictable for two people to deal with each other’s three heavenly kings, but it is faintly lower.
But fortunately, there are also many gods-level masters on the Chinese side. In addition to a few people who died before, there are ten strong sects in the mysterious silence. In addition, China has an advantage in numbers, and Meng Fei, a master who can almost resist Aubac Xiaotian Jun, occupies a big advantage on the whole. Plus, the change of Tianjunshan must have attracted the attention of some masters in the old capital. When others come to the cold light tiger and others, the plan will inevitably fail.
Meng Fei quietly gathered around Meng Chan, took a bottle of Dan medicine from the iron sheet and wanted to keep it in Meng Chan’s hands.
Who knows Meng Chan didn’t pick up Dan medicine, but looked back quietly at Meng Fei, which gave Meng Fei an unspeakable illusion, as if the teacher and friend were strong in saying something to himself. Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirty Winning the battle.
Meng Fei leng leng to continue to persuade Meng Chan hurriedly Dan medicine who knows at this time, Huaxia Tianchaojun went step by step.
Why don’t you three join hands, and that friend who has been hiding in the sky also appears? Meng Chan firmly asks Tian Jian’s heroic spirit. Today, generate will let you know what Bai Huaxia Tianchao represents to protect the country.
Meng Chan’s voice just fell on everyone’s indecision, but when he saw his backhand holding the heavenly sword, the sword went up into the sky and the blue sword awn went up into the sky, and he cut off the low and middle clouds, breaking the sharp and harsh, leaving a long-lasting scar in the dark night as if to tear the black void.
A ray of red flame from the sky slammed into the blue sword awn, and a huge shock wave spread in the middle to spread the blue-red flame.
Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect you to find me rolling down with a slightly surprised laugh in my day.
This tone contains an undisguised murder laugh and a fire light at the same time.
The violent and rapid fall made this light rub against layers of Martian smoke in the air, and Meng Chan stood quietly on the ground.
This blow seems to have inspired the momentum of the mountains and rivers of heaven and earth, but it has not yet arrived. People on the ground feel that the pressure is overwhelming, giving people an illusion. It is like a huge and majestic Gu Shan that has been crushed to the bone and flesh, and the individual seems to be squashed.
This momentum is actually another master of Tianjun.
The Chinese people present in China are all frightened to disgrace. Princess Ziyi’s eyes are filled with a little consternation. At this time, the other party actually came again with a master of Tianjun.
The strength contrast between the two sides can be instantly turned around, and a new force, Tianjunqiang, joined the two contrast, even though there are many Chinese dynasties, they are in absolute adversity
Meng Fei eyebrows stirred up plumes of light scattering eyes suddenly filled with dignified look.
Because Meng Shaoshao found this person familiar with his breath, he almost saw the degree that he would never forget.
This day, Jun Qiang was the mysterious assassin who hunted him down in the Imperial City that day.
At that time, the mysterious assassin was forced to flee like a stray dog in Meng Fei, and had to consume a lot of Shou Yuan’s fairy-opener to block the assassin’s move, so he took the opportunity to get away with it through the iron piece.