In the tunnel, Ghost Dou watched the car swing and the metal cracked. It seemed that there was a fierce collision. Ghost Dou was worried about Chen Feng’s safety and rushed into the car to help Chen Feng, but just as he ran to the crack in the car, a pale hand reached out from the car to catch Ghost Dou.


Ghost fight got a fright, but after seeing it clearly, I found that I was Chen Feng. At this moment, Chen Feng was scarred and her clothes were broken. Just like a beggar, Chen Feng tried to live on the ghost fight shoulder and said that he finally killed the abnormal beast demon. I have never seen such a abnormal beast demon. Now I know how tough the senior beast demon is, but I don’t know how abnormal the holy beast demon can be.
The ghost fights to hold Chen Feng’s head, and when you look into the carriage, you will see that pangolin beast demonizes several stars and dissipates in the air, and now it has spread to the thigh, and even the thigh has disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Chen Feng looked at the horror of the maglev train and felt sad. Once the high-speed train had an accident, the death rate would be close to 100%. Now there is no survivor here. He said, let’s get out of here quickly and the police will hear the news and come here later.
It was a ghost fight that quickly picked up the ocean and Chen Feng stumbled back to Taiwan along the track.
This thrilling battle finally came to an end, but after the three of them left, a middle-aged man ran in the rear compartment of the maglev train. The man’s hand camera was pale and bloody. He filmed all the previous process in a trance and said, what is that monster and who are those three teenagers with incredible power?
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This middle-aged man is a reporter who is going to interview by maglev train.
However, just before the time, the head of the maglev train suddenly exploded, and the train rushed to the track at a speed of 4 kilometers per hour. The first two cars crashed into the tunnel wall and immediately fell apart. The rear cars overturned the track and the sealed mixed glass was severely deformed and damaged. In an instant, the iron pipes of the cars were crushed and broken. Many people were killed by these broken iron pipes.
Fortunately, the middle-aged man broke his leg bone and was seriously injured. When he struggled to climb the carriage and wait for rescue, he witnessed something that he would never forget in his life. He saw a monster three meters tall tearing the alloy carriage easily, and then three teenagers fought with monsters of all kinds of incredible forces. One of them could penetrate the alloy carriage, and the other one was fast and left blue light.
Xuete, is it my concussion and hallucination? The middle-aged man knocked his head hard and almost knocked himself out, but the hallucination didn’t disappear, and then he tragically knew that all this was true.
Finally, relying on his many years of experience, he took out his camcorder for the first time. His intuition told him that the news in front of him was enough to stir up the world. Think about it. There are three superman teenagers hiding in the bustling city. Is the Godzilla-like monster world more shocking than this news?
After seeing that the blue-haired boy was hit by the shock wave in the monster’s mouth, the middle-aged boy panicked. After all, from the human point of view, he longed for the boy to win, and then another powerful boy hugged the monster and rushed into the carriage. Because of the angle problem, this video camera was not taken, but the middle-aged man could see the tragic degree of the battle from the shaking degree of the carriage.
Finally, the boy came from the broken carriage. Obviously, the battle was won by human beings. The middle-aged man almost cried, but in the end, he held back. Who knows if the three young superhuman will clean their brains and delete this memory from them? After all, this is the scene in the film.
Looking at the three teenagers helping each other away from the middle-aged man, he dared to climb from the rear carriage. His leg bone broke when the train overturned and he could crawl slowly. When he climbed into the combat carriage, he didn’t see the monster’s body. He wondered, Is this all an illusion?
The middle-aged man hurriedly hit the camcorder and clearly shot the pre-battle picture. In this case, where is the monster body? The middle-aged man is full of doubts. At this moment, a sound beast demon sounded behind him. At the moment of death, the body will be decomposed into several parts and returned to the atmosphere. This is a magical death process. Oh, I’m sorry, the beast demon in my mouth is the monster you just saw.
A sound suddenly sounded in the deep tunnel, especially at the scene of hundreds of deaths, which will definitely make people jump. The middle-aged man panicked and looked back and saw a polite young man in a black suit behind him. His mouth was smiling and gentle, which made people warm but his eyes were white, leaving a trace of regret for his perfect appearance.
Who are you? The middle-aged man dared to ask if he could see the other person, which was his experience for many years.
Hello, my name is Xin, and I’m a gentleman in the supervision center of Ilo City. I bowed to the middle-aged man and said that it was the first time we met, but I believe it was the last time we met. I wish you a happy dream.
What is a dream? What is a dream? I want to ask a lot of questions about a middle-aged man, but before he finishes asking, I stretch out my hand and press it on the palm of his head. The middle-aged man’s frightened face suddenly calmed down and his eyelids closed heavily. It didn’t take long to snore.
The heart reached out and groped for the camera in the middle-aged man’s body. After he touched it, he smiled. When he squeezed the camera with his palm, it was crushed into several pieces to record the image, but it also completely disappeared from this world.
What dream did you let him have?
A girl’s voice suddenly came in the tunnel, which was smart and soft, as fresh as a clear spring in the forest.
It’s a very simple dream. Let him experience the accident again in his dream. It won’t happen in the event of power, beast and demon. Then this dream will be deeply imprinted in his mind and overlap with the present memory, so that he can tell which memory is the true heart or the elegant smile. It seems to be so polite to everyone.
Then, a whirlwind suddenly rolled up in the tunnel, and the outline of a girl gradually emerged as the whirlwind dispersed. Now the girl is clear in front of her heart, not blind, but can see the girl’s appearance, so it will definitely surprise her.
The girl’s slim figure makes her height about 165. Her long bright black hair hangs over her shoulders, and her face is flawed. Her delicate skin is white and red, which can break her eyes and eyelashes. She has a pair of smart eyes, which are more hazy and beautiful. The stars and the moon are like a breeze.
It’s a pity that he was blind and witnessed the stunning beauty in front of him, but his heart was still calm and he smiled and behaved gracefully. After he lost his video camera, he had no evidence to explain his two kinds of memories. In the end, he would make my dreams instead of his current memories for fear of his mental problems. He would regard everything he witnessed as a concussion and cause reverie. Hehe, when dreams are real, there is a way to distinguish who is true and who is false.
The girl is not in this problem. Do more entanglement. Looking at the depths of the tunnel, it’s Chen Feng. The girl’s eyes flashed a cold light. I can’t sleep. She said, Is that Chen Feng, who joined the organization? Is it just that people have two basic superpowers? I am optimistic about the blue-haired ability. Although he also has two basic superpowers, he has rich combat experience and can keenly think about the battle plan and find a battle mode that is beneficial to himself in the battle.
You seem to have mistaken the object of observation. Now our target is the young boy named Xuan Yin Dun. He woke up with a wry smile and said that the Amadeus project is the key to the world. Now the only clue lies in the ghost fight. Now we are going to take him back to the headquarters through contact power. Your adoptive father attaches great importance to this time.
I know, I will take it seriously. I will not wake up three times this time. n1 girl is very angry. She is also very cute and charming. It’s a pity that her heart can’t see it.
Don’t call me code name. Execute n13.