You are the old man’s enemy, Dong Ming has just reunited with three souls and seven spirits, but you have heard a lot about Tai Chi fairy stars from the ghost king, and he is not a fool. He immediately sensed something bad from xiao yue’s real smile.


This cave is still in the closed period. Although he has recovered his mind, this remolded King Kong body has not yet merged. Unless he is willing to completely give up this ghost’s thousand years of hard work, he remolded his body, so don’t even move first.
What’s more, it’s hard for him to escape even if he ingests this body.
Enemies can’t talk about it, but the ghost old monster’s good days in Taiji Xianxing are over
Talking to you, the dying man, is also a hindrance. Your grandfather is a powerful man, and he is in the hands of the holy king of buddha magic. At this moment, your mother, the eternal gods, swear to obey the holy king of buddha magic forever, but the real person can consider letting you live, but you are old and he will eventually die.
Isn’t the holy king of buddha magic a good friend of Dad?
Although xiao yue reality knows the story of the origin of the ghost holy king very thoroughly, he didn’t know what happened in recent days, but he didn’t know that Dong Ming, a little boy who just reunited with three souls and seven souls, actually knew such a thing.
However, xiao yue’s real eyes changed, but he changed his mind. He no longer said that he shot cold mountain in his eyes and raised his hand, so he shot kunlun mirror as a white light crashing from the mirror.
Unexpectedly, kunlun mirror failed to ingest the hole ghost in one fell swoop, but a dark darkness was outside his front five feet away. Now it is like a small black hole around him, and kunlun mirror is forced to resist the divine light.
You can’t hurt me. My dad’s dying. Even if you have Gu Lingbao, you won’t touch me.
It’s no wonder that the cave ghost relies on the fear of destroying the Sun-sen Rota, which he said in his mouth, but the ghost holy king has the sharpest two magic weapons at hand. Although it is a huge attack power, it is the best defense magic weapon. It can take the initiative to protect the master. This time, the ghost holy king sent him to cross the fairy city, but he didn’t trust himself. Baby specially left him this treasure of hades for self-defense. It was really sent.
However, it is hard to predict that the ghost holy king will come to the pounce before he has seen Swire Lingbao.
At the beginning, kunlun mirror Tongtian Sheguang destroyed Ri Senluo Tower to block xiao yue’s reality, but after several breaths, it was very obvious that Ri Senluo Tower generated a big circle of darkness, which also made his heart bet and laughed. You said yes, Gu Lingbao couldn’t take you, but look at me clearly. Is this magic weapon a garbage like Gu Lingbao comparable to haha?
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Tai Chi figure now
Stay xiao yue real people will say, "kunlun mirror’s great power will show up, and the divine light will be like a sharp arrow directly piercing the guardian hole of Morita, and it will be covered with divine light in suspense."
Because he has not yet been physically fit, how can he stand up to such an earth-absorbing force of Swire Lingbao? Three souls and seven spirits are all trapped in a moment by a white sky-high divine light rolled up and brought into kunlun mirror.
You thief dare to touch me, and my dad will kill you. I never thought that it was a magic weapon to destroy Morita, a top-level defense weapon. I didn’t even resist kunlun mirror’s incense in the hands of both real people.
He came to be a wandering soul and lived for nearly ten thousand years. It was hard for him to roar before the ghost king spared no effort to save the chance of rebirth but was killed by such a poisonous hand.
Succeeded in inhaling the cave ghost into kunlun mirror, xiao yue’s real person didn’t have time to go to the cave ghost threat. At this moment, his mouth hung a sly smile and didn’t stop. He immediately called his hand to the cave ghost polar valley. His destination was buddha magic Shengwang’s lair, Jiuyou Valley, but now it’s just one. That prescription is the place where xiao yue’s machinations were thoroughly implemented.
Crossing the fairy city, thousands of demon soldiers and magic generals have surrounded the huge city in three groups, and the evil spirit has been covered with color even for days.
Including Li Yueling, an impostor, seems to be waiting for an opportunity to launch a world-famous war in the Three Saints.
Qi Qiao, listen to the king. Today, crossing the fairy city must be destroyed, but if you release Cihangxian first, you can consider letting all of you too old kings die quickly.
Otherwise, don’t regret eating raw meat, blood, magic fire and burning soul. buddha magic St. Wang Ran was ashamed. When he spoke, he saw that he stretched out his right hand and suddenly a dark cloud rolled like a shady one, and now it instantly enveloped the cross-fairy city. The earth-shattering ghost howled from that dark cloud.
It’s a strong impulse to prick people’s eardrums, but it’s also a strong impulse to rise from the bottom of my heart. Those demon soldiers and magic generals who are surrounded by crossing the fairy city are all screaming wildly. The ping-pong sound of weapons in their hands feels like they will tear the enemies in front of them.
Buddha magic people don’t attack me, I don’t attack you. This is another bitter cause. It’s a big joke that you want a real person to be kind to Hang Xian after listening to that treacherous villain in Kuangsha. It’s because others planted it.
When did the holy king of buddha magic become so stupid? He crossed the fairy city in a large forbidden defense circle and suddenly flashed a blue figure. The forbidden defense circle was instantly removed and the points were teleported, and such repair strength was really worthy of praise.
You know, the forbidden defense circle on the periphery of Crossing Immortal City is made up of 20 swire Jin Xian. Even if you are familiar with the law, it will take a long time to lift the ban, let alone teleport.
The man’s appearance outside the defensive circle is also extraordinary, and his height is remarkable. Although he is wearing a blue cassock with white eyebrows and white hair, his skin is strangely tender, which seems to be a little more delicate than that of a three-year-old child.
This person’s fingertip is also a blue light beam with a thick pestle, which pierces the dark clouds in Xiancheng. Although the blue light beam is small, once it touches the dark clouds, it immediately stops the howling of ghosts one after another, which is the stirring of tens of thousands of demon soldiers and magic generals.
The Seven Clever Reality buddha magic Shengwang has never seen the Seven Clever Reality, but it seems that they, such top-ranking masters, can know each other’s depth as soon as they touch each other.
It is also possible to see that many people who can crack the residual soul Sanskrit with one finger can’t find five people, and the Seven Clever Reality is definitely one of them.
On the other hand, Li Yueling smells that the seven clever real people have arrived at this figurine, and he is not in a hurry to explain that he doesn’t really want to stir up the Three Sages, the Taikoo Immortals, and put it off as long as possible until xiao yue real people successfully complete the plan over there. This is what Li Yueling thinks.
Today, seven clever people will explain it to Li Yueling’s liking.
Similarly, Li Yueling’s eyesight today is also seen from the Seven Clever Reality Field. Although it is not yet possible to define his cultivation strength at a glance and go to a kind of realm, at the moment Li Yueling is sure that this Seven Clever Reality is definitely the strength of the buddha magic Saint King, and he is therefore more concerned about the Taikoo Immortals becoming his own hands.