Yingmei’s eyes were red and her body trembled slightly. She could feel the surging emotion in the middle of the back.


Come back, Lin. Dust is really a sigh.
Brother Lin Dong, we have been waiting for you, waiting for you to come back and take us to kill Yuanmen.
Several brothers shouted in unison, and their eyes were full of deep hopes and expectations.
Lin took a deep breath of cold air and suppressed the fluctuation in his heart. He looked at the sparkling eyes for a long time, and then his lips always emerged with a smile.
Zhang Jiao doesn’t know that Daozong can now return me, the stubborn disciple, to look at Ying Xuan and say slowly in a hoarse voice.
At this time, crazy S came in the eyes of every Daozong brother, and then many people came back with tears in their eyes. Brother Lin really came back
As long as you don’t blame me
At this time, it is an exciting force for a Taoist Sect to be able to return to Daozong at this time, even if he is in a mysterious state of mind.
Brother Lin dong
When Ying Xuan’s words fell, the several brothers suddenly rioted and then swarmed, but they directly lifted Lin Dong and then threw him to the sky with the road of Xin Bi Hu.
Not far away, Ying Xuan looked at this scene and finally sighed. I suddenly regretted that decision.
He looks as if he has grown old for many years. He has carefully protected the Taoist Sect and the younger brothers who are like the descendants of Judah. He has paid too much for this Sect, but now it seems that he is a little cautious and wrong.
Dad, it’s not wrong for you to do it. We don’t blame you for smiling. Seeing this picture of him, my heart is slightly sour and I gently hold his old palm and low track.
Aside, another slender jade hand hesitated a little, and then stretched out to hold Ying Xuan in the other hand, which made Ying Xuan dazed and turned his head to see Ying Xiao biting her red lip. Although she still didn’t say anything, the cheek that had been cold to him for three years was also soft at this time.
At this moment, Ying Xuan always shed tears. The little girl finally put her opinion on him completely.
Outside the Taoist Sect, a mountain peak condensed into a mirror, which happened to be the scene of anti-sh Taoist Sect. You can clearly hear the call of Judah here.
Liu Qing, the elder of Zhuli, and others stared at the mirror scene. Although they didn’t know exactly how to move this sect, the feeling that everyone felt was able to be detected by them, and they were all booed at once.
The sable looked at the center of the mirror and sighed softly. He knew Lin Dong’s feelings for the Taoist Sect, and this Sect really deserved his concern.
When are you going to cry?
Little mink point nai turned his head and looked at the red eyes looking at the mirror constantly wipe tears even sleeves are wet Enron way
I want you to take care of it
Anran’s nose is full of tears in the red tone. Brother Lin has finally come back. Our Taoist brothers have been waiting for him. We all believe that he will definitely come back.
Although it is a good thing to expect, it is not appropriate to place all your hopes on him. If you don’t practice hard, whoever saves you will be a small mink. Light way
Hearing the little sable’s words, Enron immediately opened his big eyes angrily and gritted his teeth. You’re talking nonsense. All of us have been working hard to cultivate ourselves these years, and no one has been lazy.
The sable glanced at her, but she didn’t answer. This lazy picture will gnash her teeth with anger. Ah, ah, you really hate it. Why do you hate your brother so much when Brother Lin is so good?
The sable was amused, and soon his handsome face was fierce. Do you believe that I killed you?
Seeing the sudden and fierce face of the mink, he screamed in horror, rushed back behind the blind elder, and then leaned his head and stared at the mink angrily.
The sable couldn’t help laughing when he saw it. Xiaoyan came near and grinned. Hey, hey, you seem to be playing with this little girl, second brother.
Sable leng leng immediately coughed lightly and kicked it in the past. What are you talking nonsense, stupid tiger?
There are some strange smells in Xiaoyan’s big smile.
Daozong’s riot lasted for a long time, and finally it gradually became gentle. The Lord of each temple also laughed and drove people away, and all these guys who were still reluctant to go rushed to practice.
Lin moved in distress situation and looked at himself. These guys were also too excited, but this warm feeling has never been seen for many years.