And Jiang Xing outside the boundary is also looking at Yuan Ye in penance with a cold face.

Little bastard, cramming for the last minute, even if it’s a hundred times faster to practice, can you be strong enough to go there in just one year and wait for Jiang Xing to gnash his teeth? I can’t wait to chop the guy inside into pieces at the first time.
Boom at the moment Jiang Xing gnashed his teeth, he suddenly roared at the bottom of the lake with a burst of energy, and soon the energy of this world was violently fluctuating.
And as this roar sounded, I saw the energy around heaven and earth, and I was as crazy as a traction. I condensed Jiang Xing in this area and found that Yuan Ye was in the place where these energies condensed.
What’s the matter? The sudden change made Jiang Xing Zheng immediately mumble and stare at the boundary. Yuan Ye is now nearly ten feet on the surface of the water. There is a dark hole in the center of the whirlpool. All the energy of heaven and earth is rushing in here, more than seeing a thunder and lightning force through this dark Jiang Xing.
How can the energy shock in heaven and earth be so similar to the robbery in heaven and earth? How can it be that even if the energy in it is rich for more than a year, it will break through the human respect? This is terrible. Jiang Xing exclaimed in surprise. He suddenly remembered something, and his eyes were shocked. He growled, This guy is a god-class test genius. He can’t kill the ordinary people as soon as possible, otherwise he will be a great disaster sooner or later. This guy has been underestimated.
Jiang Xing knows in his heart that every robbery is very different. This Yuan Ye is so difficult now. If you raise one robbery, you will have a headache. If you raise two robberies, I’m afraid you really can’t live.
Just as Jiang Xing growled, the shock of this world became more and more intense. Thick and rich energy constantly penetrated from the world, and then poured into the whirlpool of Chihu. From a distance, almost all Chihu was wrapped in this violent energy, which was spectacular.
This change has caused a lot of consternation in the vicinity of Chihu Lake. Looking at the sky, the turbulent energy is faint and intimidating, which makes many people with weak strength feel scared.
The changes of heaven and earth have not weakened with time, but have become more and more intense. Later, it seems that there are almost several colored horses that are constantly plundered from the sky.
And as more and more energy pours into Chihu, a majestic breath awakens slowly at the bottom of Chihu like a dragon, and that breath is strong. Even Jiang Xing’s strength is slightly moving. At one time, many strong people around Chihu are induced, and their eyes are turned to Chihu.
The strength of Chihu City is going up again. It’s time to die. Look at a huge city in the north of Chihu City, which is no less than Chihu City. A middle-aged yellow robe coldly looks at the direction of Chihu and disappears directly into this city.
This breath seems to be the second robbery. This guy has such strength, and at this time, Chihu Jiang Xing looks at Yuan Ye. Chapter DiYiQiEr of Yin Cold is the promotion of people.
With the increasing movement of Chihu Lake, the smell of Chihu Lake bottom is getting stronger and stronger, and the rotation of the huge whirlpool in the sky is getting crazier and crazier. The waves are bombarding the surrounding rock walls deafening and thundering, and the sun is shining for a while, and the weather has become cloudy directly.
Peng suddenly saw at a certain moment that the water surface was plunged into the sky like a bomb, and the water column burst into the sky like a bomb. It rained cats and dogs in Chihu, but this huge water column caused a thin figure in Chihu. At this moment, this thin figure slowly emerged with its feet lightly stepping on the body of Chihu Lake, as straight as a gun, and it permeated from its body and was as majestic as a sword piercing the sky above its head.
People feel this momentum strong Yuan Ye corners of the mouth is also set off a smile.
Booming is in this huge whirlpool of Chihu Lake, and it also condenses energy to the limit. The terrible energy coercion is that Yuan Yeou feels a little heart quiver when reading.
Yuan Ye looked up but saw a black hole the size of a millstone in the huge whirlpool, and then a dragon’s head slowly stretched out from the black hole. The dragon was painted black, although the fist size was terrible and intimidating from its surface, which made Yuan Ye unable to help but face a change.
Roar suddenly interrupted this dragon’s life is generally a roar and dive directly, while a completely black dragon is instantly displayed in front of Yuan Ye.
With a wave of his hand, Yuan Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and suddenly a white light gathered in the palm of his hand, and then he drank a palm print and retreated. The palm print also flashed a fist-sized white dragon, which was also formed instantly.
The second celestial phenomenon on Hunluo Avenue today confronts this first robbery between heaven and earth. Yuan Ye is the thunder force in the celestial phenomenon, but the white dragon roared and the black dragon collided directly.
Zizizz’s terrible madness in Chihu has directly killed life in dozens of miles of water in Fiona Fang, and the two terrible dragons are the same.
The black dragon disappeared, and the huge whirlpool that produced the black dragon slowly dissipated, from which a piece of golden shiny light scattered directly towards Yuan Ye.
Well, how could this disappear? How could this, how could he just break through a robbery? At this time, Jiang Xing witnessed all this with his own eyes. It was unbelievable to howl. It was the second robbery that respected heaven and earth. That’s not the case. Jiang Xing certainly knew the level of heaven and earth robbery, but he believed that Yuan Ye could defeat a robbery when his strength was not greatly increased. I don’t know how many times this robbery respected heaven and earth robbery threatened him. He didn’t need any celestial stone to help himself. Du Jie could carry it through alone.
But in this way, it means that Yuan Ye can defeat a robber if he doesn’t even have respect for others before he repairs. Then he can be promoted to a robber. After that, this guy has less three robbers, respect for power, respect for people and respect for roots. Jiang Xingyi feels that Yuan Ye is becoming more and more difficult to deal with now.
No, I have to get rid of him cleanly, otherwise I can’t deal with him any more. Jiang Xing’s forehead is blue and he can’t help but look around Chihu again. But seeing that Chihu can’t be called Chihu anymore, it’s an ordinary lake. The lake is also clear and only Chihu has some red energy near Shijing that day.
Soon, soon, I will kill you in a few days. Jiang Xing’s eyes are red and he is staring at Yuan Ye.
At this time, Yuan Ye didn’t meet him because he had already let the golden light attract him. This golden light made Yuan Ye don’t know what it was. Since it was a robbery between heaven and earth, I’m afraid it was a test rather than a test, but Yuan Ye was wary of being killed, but this golden light attracted Yuan Ye a great deal. It seems that this is a huge energy.
Whispering, waving two palms and two quarrelling beams continuously, but this powerful palm print seems to penetrate directly as if nothing had been touched, while the golden light continues to fall. The golden light is not fast, but it is very strange.
Well, Yuan Yemei’s eyebrows are wrinkled again, and the fourth formula of the law of death is directly displayed. The black ripples ripple at the bottom of this red lake, and when the black ripples touch the golden light for an instant, the two actually merge together. The black ripples are twisted and then turned over and rushed to themselves.
When I saw this scene, Yuan Ye was frightened to disgrace and immediately retreated, but he took a big step back, and this twisted force followed suit, and there was no way to avoid it. This twisted force directly entered Yuan Ye’s body.
There was a buzz in Yuan Ye’s ear, and at the same time, he himself was in a tremor, and he entered a metaphysical world with the twisting force, which contained a terrible will to die in heaven.
Yuan Ye, my law of death, was surprised. He felt that with this twisted force entering his body, his understanding of the heaven of death rose a lot. Today, he absolutely believes that the fourth law of death is far more powerful than the other three.
Yuan Ye didn’t expect that you had just survived the robbery, respecting heaven and earth, and you surprised me. It was all over, and Jiang Xing, who was outside the border, said with a gloomy face across the border.
I surprised you more. Yuan Ye also sneered at what the golden light was just after Du Jie ended.
Hum idiot, I didn’t even know Jiang Xing was laughing at me, so I just didn’t tell you.
Won’t say Yuan Ye suddenly smiled. I asked if you were giving you a face. Do I really have to ask you?