Now that you know that I’m from the mystery world, what can we say and drink a cup of tea? Yuan Ye frowns and stares at the old man.


Hehe, little friend, I just heard that many guards of Lin Heng family were killed. That person is you, right? Looking at Yuan Yewei with a smile.
Well, at this point, I have nothing to hide. It’s all me, Yuan Ye. It’s the same posture without hiding.
Don’t get excited, Xiaoyou. When there was no change in the front passage, many of us entered your mysterious world. All of them died except Wu Yikang’s department. Of course, these people also killed hundreds of millions of people in your world and took their souls. Did you come to me to freeze the ice and kill my family guards like this? Did the mysterious world guards go to you and kill your relatives? Did you come to seek revenge?
Well, Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Why do you say that?
The old beard said, of course, your strength will kill me if I freeze six, but you still came and killed me after you came. A dozen family guards could do such a crazy thing if you weren’t killed by guards who went to your world.
Yuan Ye corners of the mouth sneer at the old man is really clever, but he doesn’t know that his roots are here, but Yuan Ye has his own plans. He doesn’t believe that Lin Heng family members, especially those who are seriously injured and in urgent need of retreat, will be fine. Just play along and immediately sink a path. Yes, tell me what you are, and you Lin Heng family members have nothing to say.
Little friend, listen to me. The blue one waved Yuan Ye to be patient and added, Your strength root can’t finish dealing with me. In the end, the Lin Heng family just killed a few people and then died. What’s the significance? When I went to your mysterious world to kill people and get my soul, it was my Lin Heng family, but it wasn’t our family’s meaning. Little friend didn’t know that I was almost absent from the Lin Heng family, and all family matters were controlled by three clan children. When I ordered the guards to go to your world to kill people, I was very ready to completely rule your family. Yi Kang is still in the sky, and everyone such as Zhan Wei is from Huangfuxiaoxuan. Since you want revenge, you can kill these people there, so the enemy will have less revenge and it will be easier. I will also be behind you. I believe you will have a better chance.
You help me Yuan Yeyi stare big eyes.
Give a reading.
Ps, it’s early today, isn’t it? It’s a small explosion-81 Taoist negotiations.
It’s true that you can hide from us in front of the powerful Taoist deities, and once you are identified by others, you know it, but I can help you to show your magical powers and somehow make them mistake you for an ordinary practice. After my help, that is, in front of the top ten bodyguards, your strength will not be different if you have not exercised sixteen attributes and respected dzogchen. Although they can’t be different now, such strength is possessed by my Lin Heng family talents, too. It will be suspected in case you meet three other elders, who are powerless. You don’t think they can see anything yet. Once you meet them, they can immediately see that mixed attribute in you. It’s not our mixed attribute. I’m afraid I can’t hide it, but the elder will pray that you won’t meet him because he will see through you at a glance. But you can rest assured that after this ordeal, all five of us will be closed for a while. Although it doesn’t take decades, it won’t be more than ten years in a few years. Now the blue in front of you is always talking like a friend chatting.
Had said Yuan Ye looks up at each other, although he is calm and obedient, but the more the alarm bell rings in Yuan Ye’s heart.
Little friend, if you have any questions, you can make a long-term trip, but it’s very sincere. The blue old smiles to say
It’s a lot of questions. You help me, the mysterious people, to deal with you. Lin Heng family members or heads of families are extremely unreliable in my heart. If I can’t say no today, it’s hard for me to believe that you will not be at the mercy of Yuan Ye’s eyes.
Ha, ha, ha, good. If you don’t ask me to agree with me directly, it’s really not practical in my heart. The blue old man seems to have expected Yuan Ye’s question. I don’t know if you heard that every patriarch of the Lin Heng family signed a soul contract. Once the soul contract was signed, life and death were in the hands of others. After that, the patriarch decided to go to another world, but the world was extremely dangerous, even the patriarch couldn’t guarantee that he would come back alive. Therefore, before going again, he secretly passed the soul contract of us on to three children, which was Xuan Yanrui, Huang Sec Jie, three people, we each control a part of our souls, and they control that part of them, and they are all loyal to them. This is also the root cause of the tripartite struggle. Of course, some people’s souls are still in the hands of the clan chiefs. These people are almost neutral forces. These soul contracts bind us to the three biggest things. We must never violate these three things, otherwise it will be tantamount to betraying the contract and the soul will be directly annihilated.
Which three things Yuan Ye asked directly?
First, don’t tell the secret of Tao Zun. This guarantees that there will never be other forces. But I, the Lin Heng family, fight against the second, the master, that is, Huangfuxiaoxuan, Yan Rui, Huang Secjie, and the third Lin Heng family, don’t kill each other.
I heard these three things badly. Yuan Ye immediately admired the three inviolable things that Lin Heng, the head of the clan, had never met before. They seemed simple but contained great wisdom. The first one ensured that the outside world would never threaten the Lin Heng family. This ensured that the family would be prosperous for a long time, and there was no time for the powerful ruling group to suffer. The second one ensured that the three children would get rid of these strong absolute rules, and it was possible that the external worries would directly kill the rebel roots in the cradle. At this time, the third one ensured that the three children would be tit for tat. It is decided that even if the three children are in conflict with each other, it is impossible to kill each other. This ensures that the influence of the Lin Heng family will not be weakened. Three inviolability can absolutely guarantee that the Lin Heng family will still rule this frozen big 6 even after millions of years away. Of course, this is based on the fact that Yuan Ye has not come, and everything will change subtly, and this change will become more and more obvious as his strength grows stronger. Yuan Ye is strong enough to threaten the top-level guards, and even if Yuan Ye does not get the Tao Zun level, once he has cultivated ten attributes. Even if you can’t cope with the five elders, Yuan Ye, a quasi-statue of dzogchen, also believes that he will be the external worry of the Lin Heng family in the first world war. Secondly, once the elders in front of Yuan Ye’s eyes are close, even the most important thing is that Yuan Yeke can directly assassinate Huangfuxiaoxuan, Yan Rui and Huang Secjie. Once these three people die, I’m afraid they will be buried with the guards and elders who control their souls. This is no small achievement.
Seeing Yuan Ye’s eyes flashing off, Qingshan Lao nodded slightly and added, it seems that you are also a very intelligent person. Speaking of this, you even guessed that I was looking for you for a good reason. You can kill me. The Lin Heng family directly killed Huangfuxiaoxuan and won’t suffer from the soul contract. I want you to think about who is controlled by others because of his own soul. As Lin Heng’s patriarch leaves Huangfuxiaoxuan for the frozen big six, the contradiction is becoming increasingly fierce, while my soul is controlled by Huang Secjie, whose hand belongs to Huang Secjie’s camp. Huang Secjie promised me to want me. If you can get rid of Huangfuxiaoxuan, you can give it back to me. It’s up to you to say whether this condition is worth me to find you. Now those four old guys are forced to stay and heal. I’ll take this opportunity to discuss it with you.
That is to say, if you get rid of Huangfuxiaoxuan, those people whose souls are controlled by Huangfuxiaoxuan will also die. Then Huang Secjie will lift your soul contract and Yuan Ye will punch a hole and look at the blue old man.
Yes, the blue old man immediately said, you even don’t know. Among these three people, Huangfuxiaoxuan has the most control over the soul and the strongest strength. Without Huangfuxiaoxuan, Yan Ruigen alone can’t beat Huang Secjie, the strongest Huangfuxiaoxuan’s death.
Well, since we have to talk about our identity first, we should also be honest with each other. I am the patriarch of the mysterious world, Hao Tianzong, Yuan Ye, and now I must respect dzogchen with sixteen attributes. You can go to the mysterious world and respect others for a fight. Except for living Wu Yikang, everyone in the mysterious world was killed by me, and even their strength exploded, because their number has long been seen by others. It is the same whether they say it or not, but he said that if the other party wants to show sincerity and harmony, they must also say that Yuan Ye is very interested in these levels of strength.
When Yuan Ye went to the mystery world, except Wu Yikang, all the people were killed by homicide, the eyes kept staring at the blue old eyes and saw a flash of cold in each other’s eyes, but soon they returned to that indifferent attitude and smiled, saying that Hao Tianzong, the patriarch of Yuan Ye, was worthy of being a genius, Junjie, who was able to honor dzogchen with sixteen attributes and kill ten attributes, and dzogchen, the old lady Pei, was the three elders of the Lin Heng family, Wu Xinsi, who honored the strength of Zhongbei domain Xin, who honored the peak in the main spirit.
Yuan Ye, the peak of the spirit, frowned with doubts.
Oh, there’s nothing to hide. The top ten guards are all spiritual primary Taoist statues. Our four elders are spiritual peak Taoist statues. The elders broke the peak before the patriarch. Now I don’t know.
It seems that this is also the division of your power. Now I have asked, but I haven’t said that your plan is still in everyone’s interest. I risked my life to kill people. I think you will be embarrassed. Yuan Ye looked at the blue old cunningly.
My plan is very simple. Today, the patriarch is no longer frozen for many years. 6. Many quasi-revered dzogchen-level guards want to join my Lin Heng family, but we also want to expand our strength. Unfortunately, the patriarch’s strength has signed a soul contract, so these people are not allowed to go in. Before five of us, we agreed on a way to let the Lin Heng family who wish to join me temporarily become quasi-guards, and all other patriarchs come to the bodyguard in the form of reality. I intend to let you become a quasi-guard and rank third among the top ten guards. Long Yu was protected by the elders. Elder Xuan was seriously injured today. This Huangfuxiaoxuan will go to Yu Long. Where are you going in Zuncheng? It’s good for us to wait for an opportunity to slay Huangfuxiaoxuan. But you need information to ensure that you are safe. I believe you know better than anyone that you need to help me recover. I can guarantee your safety.
Isn’t that enough? If Yu Long sees any clues when I surround Huangfuxiaoxuan, I will face him and die. No, you seal me three times. Your strength requires your strength. I will kill Huangfuxiaoxuan by 90%.
Wu Xin must wave his hand at once. If I give you the seal power, once Huangfuxiaoxuan dies, Huang Secjie will kill me and push everything on me. Even if Huangfuxiaoxuan dies, I’m afraid I will be surrounded by other elders at the same time.
Well, then I’m not interested in this meeting. Yuan Ye waved his hand and sneered at the 813 event.
Wu Xin looked at the tough guy in front of him and frowned, saying, "Frozen Big Six is not as poor as the mystery world, even though I have no treasures. I can assure you that I will make Xin Qing pay attention to cooperating with all forces. You will obey your orders when necessary. You can ask for a secret before you kill Huangfuxiaoxuan. It’s best if B doesn’t ask for it and bring me back to myself. I won’t tell you all the secrets, and it will also help you reach the realm of Taoist respect. This is my biggest concession.
Yuan Ye is no longer constantly contemplating in his mind to tell the truth. With one word, Yuan Ye will definitely not believe this Wu Xin story, but not all the departments will believe it. But no, Wu Xinhe’s identity will be exposed after the failure to assassinate Yan Rui, and then the bone lake will be eroded. This event is frozen, especially the five elders of the ten top-level guards will completely kill themselves, and they will have a narrow escape. At this time, Yuan Ye urgently needs to hide his breath in front of the top-level guards. More importantly, it is in the ice. Feng Da 6 is always fighting alone, and one person is in urgent need of help. An elder has a powerful hand on his side, so it is extremely beneficial for Yuan Ye to judge that no matter what Wu Xin plays, Wu Xin’s joint efforts are extremely beneficial to himself. That is enough. Yuan Yecai is not interested in the intrigue of Lin Heng’s family
Thought of here Yuan Ye finally nodded.
So you have promised to see Yuan Ye nod Wu Xin immediately.
I think you are kind, so let’s get along. Yuan Ye smiled and shrugged.
Wu Xin also doesn’t care whether Yuan Ye is joking or not. Then give me your horse, and I will use secret methods to hide your breath, and then tell you that I will arrange your identity. You should go to Zhengzuncheng in the northern domain immediately, where Zheng Chunhuai is the first place in the world-class guards and the first place in the four famous statues. Although the strength of the top ten world-class guards is not much different, Zheng Chunhuai is the first place after all. When all five of us are closed, the selection of quasi-guards will be held in Zhengzuncheng this time, which is better than that of the four famous statues in our four famous statues.
Call, even my identity has been fixed. It seems that you will eat before you come, and I will promise to close it. But why is everyone together? Yuan Ye can’t help but frown.
We are, after all, the same family power, so it’s no problem to choose the family guards to hold each other together. After all, it’s up to Huangfuxiaoxuan, Yan Rui and Huang Secjie to nod. Don’t worry, I sincerely hope that you will never harm you, or even if I get seriously injured and kill you again, there is no need to cheat you to any dangerous place.