I’m sorry I went the wrong way, but I can’t escape, saying that Yuan Ye is very irresponsible.


The mysterious man blocked Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji’s hand and didn’t let him go, so that Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji was not there, and they wanted to rush away, but it was impossible.
Not long after, another person who was covered with a black cloak flew from afar. At the same time, the man stepped on the white clouds, which were about 30 people. These 30 people looked either short dwarfs with hemorrhoids on their faces or dirty faces, or their heads tilted and their eyes tilted like idiots with snot from head to chest. No matter the quality, it was simply ugly.
Master, this is the ugliest place in Fiona Fang. Thirty people come to bow down to the first mysterious man.
Shit, what do you mean, let such a group of ugly men stay with me? Are you jealous that I am handsome? You can find so many. Yuan Ye is disgusted at the sight of that group of men, and he doesn’t want to take a look at Duanmu Yunji’s goose bumps behind him.
Whether you are small or obedient, you are not much, and many are still men and women, regardless of strange sounds. The mysterious person looks at Yuan Ye coldly. The first mysterious person doesn’t even show his eyes, but he shows it.
What? I’m so handsome. You mix me with them and tell you that I’m angry. Yuan Ye is angry, pointing to the mysterious man, holding his chest straight and acting like a righteous man.
Hum, you have a good backbone. I’ll walk you all the way, said the mysterious man. Suddenly, the terrible coercion in the previous step suddenly appeared around Yuan Ye.
Wait for me to surrender. Yuan Ye jerked back and immediately bowed. Just now, the sense of honor has already changed.
Smelly self-protection, you have no backbone at all. Duanmu Yunji stamped her feet in the back.
What do you care about? Yuan Ye looks back and throws an eye at the same time.
Who cares if you are spineless? I don’t care about my business. I don’t care if Duanmu Yunji stomps her foot and no longer Yuan Ye.
Hum, little girl, you’ll know your business soon. The first mysterious person smiles.
It was the second mysterious man who bent down and poured bottles into the mouths of those ugly men, while still giving Duanmu Yunji Yuan Ye two cold bottles to die or drink.
If you don’t listen to your resistance, you will die. Duanmu Yunji is suffering. I don’t know what is inside, but if you don’t drink it, you will die. At this moment, Duanmu Yunji hesitated out of the corner of his eye, only to see that Yuan Yeqing’s body was shaking and Yuan Ye’s face was getting paler and paler. In Duanmu Yunji’s eyes, Yuan Ye was a beggar who always took advantage of her, but in front of him, Yuan Ye actually made Duanmu Yunji feel scared.
Yes, seeing this small bottle reminds Yuan Ye of the miscalculation of 13 after drinking the demon crazy that day.
Yuan Ye threw the bottle and jumped up with a jerk.
Seven feet of death
The body rotates, the foot shines golden, and Yuan Ye’s legs just rotate and kick at the second mysterious person.
Hum, the mysterious man’s eyes are full of contempt, and his body suddenly disappears.
Peng Peng’s six consecutive punches easily blocked Yuan Ye’s first six feet. Yuan Ye’s body rotated, and the seventh foot kicked almost at the same time.
Seven feet? The mysterious man sneered and grabbed Yuan Ye’s ankle with a fist. Yuan Yelai spun his body and stagnated at this moment.
Haha, the mysterious man smiled cruelly and squatted on the ground, grabbing Yuan Ye’s small legs with his hands and slamming them into his knees.
Yuan Ye’s bones and muscles, which are comparable to the sacristy, were broken. Yuan Ye’s left leg was abolished and the pain was called instant.
Ah Duanmu Yunji also exclaimed with wide eyes.
The mysterious man, the poor worm, smiled and grabbed Yuan Ye’s mouth with a bottle of something and threw it at him.
Little girl, do you drink it yourself or suffer like him before drinking it? The first mysterious man smiled and looked at Duanmu Yunji.
Duanmu Yunji didn’t have much opinion when she came. Yuan Ye didn’t drink it, she wouldn’t drink it, but now Yuan Ye drank it. Duanmu Yunji knew that she didn’t resist at all and immediately drank it.
Ha, ha, ha. Let’s not disturb others for a moment. You have to make a clear record for me.
It was the second mysterious person who immediately bent down but couldn’t help but take a look at Duanmu Yunji. The two mysterious people left directly.
Hey, what are we drinking? Yuan Ye is worried. Look at Duanmu Yunji, but judging from the taste, this is not a madman. Yuan Ye’s nervousness immediately relaxed a little.
I didn’t know Duanmu Yunji was glaring when Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji saw all the ugly men groaning. Everyone was flushed and sweaty. When I saw Duanmu Yunji around Yuan Ye, everyone was like a beast.
Lenovo just now the mysterious man said that Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji thought of one thing for a moment.
Damn beast, I will never let you go. Rao is dignified and elegant, and his recuperation is extremely high. After nine days, Xuan Nv Duanmu Yunji couldn’t help swearing at this moment.
Ah, is an aphrodisiac a poison? Yuan Ye hurriedly took Duanmu Yunji and asked.
I didn’t know such a disgusting thing. Duanmu Yunji threw herself into Yuan Ye’s arms with a glaring.
Ah, what ah, Yuan Ye is depressed, only to see that many people have stripped themselves clean and rushed over like beasts without thinking ability and desire.
I want to touch my woman. It’s a pity that you have miscalculated one thing. I haven’t done an aphrodisiac yet. Yuan Ye suddenly sneered and immediately took a sword from the ring and chopped more than a dozen roads of firm but gentle blood in a row. When the blood flew wildly in less than six breath, thirty wild animals were killed by Yuan Ye.
Yuan Ye’s strength, even if he breaks a leg, kills 30 ordinary people who don’t know how to dodge.
Good Kill Good Kill Duanmu Yunji held Yuan Yejian’s chest tightly and put his head into Yuan Yehuai Reagan without looking at it, but Duanmu Yunji knew what she had given birth to, but suddenly Duanmu Yunji realized a problem. She also drank an aphrodisiac, but she drank it later.
Suddenly Duanmu Yunji pushed Yuan Ye to protect his chest and looked at Yuan Ye warily.
Yuan Ye seemed to know what Duanmu Yunji was thinking, but Yuan Ye’s face turned red slowly and pounced on Duanmu Yunji, and she threw herself into the attractive lips and kissed her deeply. At the same time, Yuan Ye’s powerful hand held Duanmu Yunji’s soft waist tightly and wouldn’t let her push the other one, but she reached into her clothes and touched the strong twin peaks.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Duanmu Yunji suffers, and she has no ability to protect herself at all.