Want to know in this one thousand people get brother qualification also two people for feather green lotus this by coming in to practice ling ya double root is not to heart.


This woman’s heart is full of confidence. This ChuTianGe must have invited her.
ChuTianGe eyes Xia Menger touching heart suddenly clear before this girl is waiting for him.
Although ChuTianGe also failed to see anything from the feather green lotus body, he dared not disobey the master’s order.
This school sister is now the first disciple of the Ghost Valley of the Third Elder Luo Tianzong, and Chu Tiange invited her to worship at the Ghost Valley Gate of the Master. If she is willing to take you to visit the Master in Kema to complete the ceremony.
Chu Tiange’s oral style turned out to be quite polite
This is also Guigu’s command. Although he doesn’t know what the strange girl Xia Menger is doing in secret, she has always acted in a very measured way.
Of course, in the end, it’s because Xia Menger is so fond of ghosts and valleys, otherwise how can she be wanton and call ChuTianGe to make sure things are lost?
Chutiange did invite but the goal was not pride, Ling Yashuang, but feather and green lotus.
Summer dream son secretly to feather green lotus played an expression of eyes, the little girl suddenly to react just ready to should be suddenly several long laugh successively.
Haha, is it really curious that Brother Chu came to choose the wonderful and brilliant qualifications and actually worked?
Yes, since Brother Chu values the candidate, it can’t be wrong. This kind of good thing can’t be monopolized by one brother. We all have to have a hand in it. It depends on our affairs that this pool will eventually choose.
Brother Yan Dashan, this is the assessment brother, but brother Luo Tianzong Chu wants to go before, but it is not authentic.
This Younger might as well consider a brother in discussion to worship at the Seventh Presbyterian Gate today. If Younger is willing to worship the Seventh Presbyterian Teacher, I think the Master will be very.
In the master, the ten elders of Luo Tianzong also sent invitations to the younger sister.
Elder Luo Tianzong, representing the strongest party of the Sect, turned out to be the one who invited the target with feather and green lotus together at the moment.
Such a change is beyond superman’s expectation
Ling Yashuang, the girl’s face is gloomy, her eyes are cold and flashing, and she is full of incredible colors at the same time.
These people actually invited a little girl with no color at the same time. Are they blind? They can abandon such a talented person.
A feeling cal jealousy breeds in her mind.
Yes, it’s jealousy.
Although ling yashuang doesn’t want to admit it, it is true.
Looking at the feather green lotus surrounded by people, an inexplicable chill is instantly generated in this female heart.
All this glory should belong to her, but now it’s really hateful for this little girl to walk around in the head.
Chutiange’s face was extremely transient, and his eyes were slightly cold at the moment. He glanced at the other seven elder brothers and said lightly, "Your younger brothers mean this. We have chosen our younger brothers on behalf of the master because of the rules for many years."
This time, I have invited all your younger brothers now, but I can’t rob this pool on purpose. Although the tone is dull, Ruth’s chill is impressive.
The elder master Luo Tian Zongzhen, who is called Luo Tianzong’s pulse. Two elders, one pulse, three elders, one pulse, four elders, one pulse, ten elders, one pulse, eleven elders, one pulse, thirteen elders, one pulse and fourteen elders.
The rest of the elders are subservient to this man, and two of them are the most powerful elders. Chapter five hundred and forty-three Accidents will happen.
However, the Three Elders’ Guiguxiu came from behind and reached the level of the nine sections of ashes. It is also very important for them to be slightly superior to Luo Tianzong.
In addition, it is true that other factions are scrambling to win over the object. After all, whoever can get the strength of Guigu can instantly become the strongest force of Luo Tianzong and then take charge of the clan.