Take charge of the heavenly king’s order

What joke?
What is an old man?
Is the ancestor’s brain broken?
Except for the proud king, all the French kings were shocked on the spot, disbelieving, angry and surprised, and many expressions were seen by their ancestors.
Lao Gou doesn’t know what the heavenly king’s decree means, but the French kings are unforgettable, because it makes them more afraid than what they fear, which is a token specially designed to bind the congregation.
Once the old man is in charge of the heavenly king’s order, it means that in Tianyi Gate, except for the ancestor, the old man can cover the sky and punish the sky
This is Wang Yan, Wang Kang, Wang Kang, Wang Yong, and Wang Yi will never agree. The four spirits are even more frightened.
Although you are afraid of the majesty of your ancestors, the French kings dare not object, but their expressions are over, which shows their dissatisfaction.
How to decide your opinion on the seat
The demon emperor suddenly asked coldly
King Wen of various laws couldn’t help but look at each other.
It’s no small matter if you hold it in the hands of an outsider, it’s hard to convince the public.
Dou Wang suppressed her anger in her heart. At this time, she couldn’t help but fall to the ground and sink a suggestion.
The founder, the King of Heaven, asked the current founder of Judah to personally represent me. This old man, Zhi De, can be cautious in doing things for heaven and returning to his father.
Inflammation king followed worship way
Who else don’t you?
The demon emperor’s face reappeared and sneered and turned to other humanitarianism.
The founder is cautious
Kang Wangyi and Wang Lishi help.
The founder is cautious
When the four spirits look at each other, they also bite their teeth and persuade them to
At this moment, eleven apologetic kings have come to say no, which makes the old man feel quite embarrassed
But the demon emperor is still calm, which is obviously earlier than expected
What about you three?
Although the king has already shown himself privately, the demon emperor asked again
Xiao Wangli, the King of Zoroastrianism.
And the king, of course, Bai Zushi meant that he should cheer for Lao Zi and solemnly worship at once.
Xiao Wang is also a saint.
It’s not surprising that the touching voice of the heart king sounded immediately after, because she followed the king.
The black bear is also the guardian king of Saint I teach.
Unexpectedly, the hidden king did not hesitate to express his strength.
Although it seems abrupt, all the people present, including Lao Zi, know that the hidden king’s move is profound.